The Suburbs
Life seems so peaceful as you leave the hustle & bustle of the city and head into the suburbs. Here moms go about their day making sure their kids are taken care of while going about the day to day.

But life isn't always what it seems. Some of these ladies are ffed up with the normal vanilla life they've been leading. Some have kids who have kids who are fully grown and now just hope for someone to notice them. Another wants to give her spouse the fantasy he wants in an efffort to save their marriage.Another is happily married but noow her boss wants more and though resistant in truth she truly desires this life.

These stories and more are waiting to be explored. Perhaps it's a stay at home dad. Or maybe a woman who uses her house as a house of pleasure while the other members are away. But what would happen if her daughter in college comes home? To know, you'll just have to come in and see what's behind that velvet curtain. Trust me, I don't bite. Much.