Pan The Great & Terrible
Pan The Great & Terrible is a Hero's Unlimited Game set in the 80's that may well traverse the Multiverse. All characters will begin play at level five we will be using Hero's Unlimted 2nd edition . This game will be Set in the Fictional City of Sanctum , MA. almost a world all it's own.

They say that the world is a cold and harsh place.

They didn't know how right they were.

Our story opens in the past, when the demigod Pan sought a place in the Pantheon of the Universe and was turned away because his mortal blood was a blemish upon him. The gods would not allow such a creature to join their esteemed ranks. In hindsight they likely should have.

Pan spent the next one hundred years seeking a way to gain godling status that he might be accepted by the Pantheon of the Universe whom turned a blind eye to his plight. Instead he found himself aimless wandering and into another dimension where he discovered an ancient stone. The stone spoke to him of powers and it pulsed with the very essence of the heavens. Pan reach for the artifact because that had to be what this was. It whispered promises of power if he could but take it. It promised him knowledge beyond that of a mortal man, it whispered and it whispered and it lured. Oh how it drew him in.

Pan touched the stone.

The knowledge and the Power flowed into him. Engulfed him, Surrounded him and invested power into him. The whispering was none other then a great old one. The power he had taken all but consumed him. Drove him to greater madness and in turn he back Pan The Great & Terrible. He traveled the world for many years lulling others into his web, creating a false sense of security and ultimately, destroyed many a hero. Many a god come to it. Consuming them and their power.

In the Victorian Era Pan encountered a woman who granted him a momentary insight into the nature of his plight. He saw what had happened, he realized how he had been played. He was furious for as a god he was mighty indeed and no longer at least--briefly muddled by madness. he entered the dimension and he confronted the Godstone the Godstone admitted it was the source of cosmic power that many a god drew their powers from--there is always a price.

The Godstone did not realize its error.

After all it was merely a cosmic artifact, set to create the gods. Set to be a sentinel against the great old ones. Pan, again played into the hands of madness. Rather then come to terms with himself, he struck out. Drawing all the power he could he unleashed it upon the Godstone, and the Godstone fractured and shattered under his onslaught.

In this moment a wave of energy washed over the multi verse, awakening others with its sheer power. The largest piece of it landed in what became Sanctum, Ma and it is hidden, it is sleeping. It is biding its time. While ages passes, while the Pantheon of the Universe fell, While mortals developed power and technology all their own. Often inspired by its greatness.

And what of Pan ?

He still travels the land mad as a magpie in a jewelry shop.

Oh, and the dark things ?

-----------------They are coming.