Rise of The Ashen King
"Rise, Rise." the voice was low humble and tinted with fantic devotion.

Energy swirled and drew into the wretched being bowing and scrapping to the figure bathed in blood in the circle laying on cloth of gold. The many small pots around him each crafted from the finest of mitril held internal organs.

The man was once the chancellor of a now destroyed kingdom. Ursurped in the height of it's rule by a tratiorius Queen, in alliance with Witharithal the Red. Unbeknowst to most a Great Red Dragon.

The cave lit up in an eerie eldritch glow, runes carved on almost ever inch of the place. The chancllor glanced up as the energies began to pulse and shift, and swirl into something magnificent. The labours of almost a lifetime for the half-elf. He could die happy now or so he thought.

Pin Points of flickering light burst into being on the corpse laying on the cloth of gold. Stirring and sitting up. The creature now barely recognized as the former noble king he had once been. Turned his baleful gaze towards the bowing and scrapping, still casting form of his once and still devote servant.

"Thorne." he greeted his voice eerie and hollow.

"My King." he gasped out in delight. "You have returned."

"Update me, Thorne on what has happened." the form on the ground rose and bowed.

"Of course." he whispered and in the dark of a night with no moon. Evil grew, in the heart of a once good man.

"Prepare my horse." he commanded, Make contact, and gather unto me faithful..it is time."

This will be a dnd 3.5 game in the fictional setting of Argentium. Please have a look at both Character Creation & World Lore to have an idea of what to expect here!