Encounters most Torrid
The year was 2137. Now, it was really up for debate. Areas of the planet think it is 1820, others 924, or 367BC, and still others 2259. There are pockets that don’t have a calendar at all as well as small clusters that eschew them altogether. What is known is that many different times and many, apparently, different realities have collided, or converged, or whatever, into a Gordian knot of possibilities with good old Terra Firma as the crux.
This is s a game of anything goes character wise. It will be freeform, but have a skeleton framework of rules to keep it fair and consistent. Think Gamma world meets Shadow run meets cyberpunk meets boot hill. Add in super heroes, fantasy realms and horror and you have what Rifts could have been. At least I hope we can pull it off.
Because a game is nothing without players.

With that said, get ready player one (and two, and three, etcetera).
Send me your concept so you can explore and save the world(s) after we get it squared away.

This is in the adult section because mature and adult things happen to NPCs and characters alike perpetrated by NPCs and characters alike. If you are not an adult, don’t apply to join the game.

When working on your concept please put in the GM section the limitations, if any, and preferences, that you may have for your character when writing in this game.