Beware Gathering Darkness(WOD)
Welcome to New Orleans the Crescent City. Where the past walks hand in hand with modern day. Where vampires roam, and mages make homes. Where there is most certainly a presence there, a deep and dark presence at that.

Is it the Spiral pattern that has been noticed throughout the city. Is it the fact recently the Crescent Heart Caern had been attacked by Banes was any indication, there was something brewing in the City and it wasn't the renowned coffee at the local, Black Cat Cafe.

 This is a game set in the Original 
World Of Darkness.(We will be useing 20th anniversary versions) Where the characters
will be chosen from Vampire, Mage and

Character versus character will be
squished quickly. You are a group
trying to save New Orleans and deal
with your own lives and the bigger
evil within New Orleans.