Curse of Strahd 5th Ed
‚ÄčRavenloft is a place not of this world or any other. A hidden realm deep within the Ethereal Plane, occasionally extending its misty fingers into other worlds. It exists as a microcosm unto itself and follows its own mystical set of laws. The land is alive. It does not breathe as a creature does, but it responds to the life within it. The land hungers for those whose evil is strong enough to draw its attention.

  • This is a 5th edition game.
  • Characters will start at 1st level.
  • You will all be from the Forgotten Realms.
  • You may choose one Common Magic Item to start with.
  • Stats will be 5d6 reroll ones take the best 3 and roll 7 times take the best six and assign to your liking.
  • Hit Points will be Max for your first 3 levels. You will roll after this.
  • This game will have a higher posting rate.As most of my players will be posting daily. If you join us, this should be considered.
  • XP will be rewarded for combat, for interaction, and for good role play.
  • This game is not good for lone wolves, or characters who do not interact. I expect players to interact with one another.
  • That said, if you are interested in this game please apply.
  • No Evil Alignments