Budding Legends of Faerun
You find yourself having a dream with sharp, sudden mental images of a screaming bearded man, demanding help, whose eyes blaze with rage, and you experience feelings of strong despair, of something catastrophic about to happen soon if you don't prevent it.

The vision shifts into scenes of a black hand which vanishes, as a line of shackled people being herded by creatures with whips takes it's place.

Another shifts to scenes of a Jewel, floating over a city nestled between a mountain, and a large body of water with a sword floating over it. This is followed by a floating wooden sign reading Yawning Portal, then a large well.

Everything shifts to black, then you see what appears to be a route, depicted in read, trailing through the darkness leading to a lovely lady, dressed in light blue robes, bearing arcane markings. She is holding a staff, with the largest pearl you've ever seen and a red winged serpent curls around her neck.

Another shift and you see yourself picking up an enchanted item of great power, apparently your reward for success. The image of the items location burns itself into your memory.

Everything goes black again a red dot appears in the darkness growing larger as it seems to be coming closer. You realize its a ball of fire just before it explodes, expelling you abruptly from the dream still feeling the heat.

This will be a D&D v3.5 game set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Characters will begin at 5th Level.

We have filled our character spots for now. We are accepting Lurkers, who if another player spot opens up will be given first opportunity to fill it.

Thanks for you interest.