A Dystopic Utopia
Several years ago the earth was hit with a tragic anomaly. No one knows what exactly it was, maybe a space event, a mysterious disease, some have speculated magic even. No one knows. All is known is what it caused. Death. Death to the worlds entire population of the elderly, and the too young. Those that were spared were blessed... and cursed. The human genome was mutated and now the survivors barely age despite the passage of time. Harmful disease was eradicated. However... the human race was sterilized in its entirety. The tragedy and changes resulted in a total meltdown of human society as life seemed to have lost all meaning with the loss of loved ones... and potential future end of the human race.

Humans are resilient and adaptable however and... a vague resemblance of a bounce back did occur. Modern, yet with only the most minimalist of governance. The populations largely self police and are left to do whatever, whenever, basically wherever they want so long as it is not violent in nature. People work and have jobs as is necessary for society to function, but little beyond, and have grown very accustomed to the nearly limitless freedoms they now enjoy or are appalled by. It is a dystopian utopia.


Player driven, there is no set in stone story line, only what becomes through player driven goals, desire, and interaction. This is a place to do whatever, whenever, wherever, and with whomever you wish.