Evil Rises Again
1. This game is a AD&D game with a twist It is in the Sci-Fi section. It will be an evil campaign (chaotic neutral also allowed). Again this is an evil campaign, not stupid evil. Example of stupid: Oh, I killed a party member because I am evil and he/she had something I wanted. Oh, I betrayed a fellow party member because it can be justified because my character is evil. This is a game for evil character to actually build something great using their lack of ethics to their advantage, not against each other. Build the great evil organization that the good people have to send adventurers out to combat. Enough said.

2. No divine characters. Meaning no Paladins, Clerics, Bards, or Druids. Other classes to be played must be located in the player's handbook.

3. Races allowed: Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Human, Elf, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc. Must! have a name and picture to enter the board! No exceptions.

After many years of seeing stars shoot across the night sky, on this particular night, it was more than just that. On this night, not only did you see one shoot across the sky, you saw where it fell. While at least close to where it fell. An it was close to your location on the planet. The wonderful thoughts of fame and riches filled your mind. An adventurer's treasure falling into the backyard of a peasant. Wasting no time within 2 minutes you grabbed what you thought you would need for a few mile hike in the forest. Once traveling a while it became clear it was farther away than you thought. Turning around was not an option as others may have seen it also fall from the heavens. It was important that you got there first and filled your pockets with all you could carry. The forest became more dense as you travel farther away from your village. It took actual days to reach the impact site. To your surprise, upon reaching the area some of the vegetation was still smoldering. Fortunately this area was remote. Unfortunately all food supplies were gone. Well then again you were very lucky to make it to this location unharmed. This terrain is full of danger wild animals, poisonous snakes, bandits, and possibly monsters. In hind sight, "oh my", what was I thinking? One would say, why would any poorly armed or unarmed peasant make this trip. The simple answer is the possible of riches. Rare metal and/or precious gems could be extracted from something falling for above. That warm thought got you to reach the base of the crater. Looking up the somewhat large hill made by the falling object pushing the earth into a large bowl shape. The trees on the outside of this crater were still intact and dense. While climbing up the outside of the crater, you here the sounds of other individuals or things also climbing the outside of the crater. This motivated you to climb faster. Once at the lip of the crater and looking down into it you could hardly believe what you were seeing. It was an large unknown, yet highly crafted object. While standing there you also were finally able to see what was climbing the outside of the crater with you. It was other people. You could all fight each other and possible all perish, but instead you all decided to introduce yourself and approach this unknown object as an united group. Strength in numbers was the popular vote seeing that none of you really had any real adventuring experience.
This is where the campaign begins
Are you up for it?
Do you have what it takes?

This games calls for players that can make and pursue goals on their own. With the exception of the very first adventure to get everyone started. The game master here is just the storyteller of what is in the world and the player of the NPCs. I will try my best to never keep you in the dark of any knowledge your character would know, but the player may not. That totally sucks.
* Please note: If anyone tries to BIG TIME screw over or attempt to kill another party member, his/her character will instantly die of a heart attack before the betrayal happens. Minor stuff from time to time, not constantly happens and is understood as the characters are evil. But remember this is an evil campaign not a stupid evil campaign. If you cannot handle that or seeing happen to another player's character then please do not apply to this board. Keep it below a R rating.