Battlestar Medusa
The attack was unexpected and as a result the Colonial Fleet was all but destroyed in the opening salvos. But we know of at least two Battlestars that survived, the Pegasus and the Galactica. This is the tale of att least two more. The Gorgon, and older style like the Galactica used as a training ship. With only a few senior officers on board it's made up of mostly cadets.

And the Medusa, a top ofthe line Battlestar. Both will face their share of problems and turmoil. And like the Galactica, they'll have a fleetofcivilian vessels towatch over.Where will they head, how will they deal with the human-cylon models will be up to you.

At some point you may meet up with either or both of the other two Battlestars. Only time and fate will tell.

We have the Commander and CAG of the Medusa, but any other position is available, including senior staff of the Gorgon