Music is emanating from the band in the corner of the penthouse at the top of an elite corporate building. The air is filled with small talk and women's laughter, as heels glide across the dance floor. This is clearly a party for the one percent, if the gold glimmering floor and tower of caviar didn't give it away. Two men are talking while sipping scotch. One very well dressed man is asking the corporate giant about the security spider position, he wants desperately to attain the position or test the security at the very least. The very well dressed man is Venec Talmhach, or simply Glitch. Glitch is an elf with a very particular set of skills. He calls himself a host tester. He has made a name for himself in the highest corporate ranks. Corporate giant Sir Edwin Grant is considering employing Glitch for his masterful skills, just then Glitch drops his scotch glass and it shatters all around the men's feet, the brown liquid drenching Sir Grant's shoes. He storms away in disgust. Glitch has just been informed that all of his money have been depleted. "SON OF A BITCH", he screams,He is now flat broke and no longer a job applicant. Glitch storms out of the building fanatically searching the matrix for the hacker or hackers responsible, he can't find them, the trail is cold...

A man sits in a dark room with no windows and glares at his computer laughing insanely as money drains from one account and into another. He as just hacked one of the most successful security host testers ever to live. He drools a little when he thinks about how hell spend it all.

Glitch picks up the phone and dials up a man named Nab. "Nab, I'm calling in my favor, I need a team." Glitch looks up the men and women Nab suggests for the job, as Nab is talking. He finds them suitable. "Send them to me at once Nab". Nab thought about asking how Glitch was going to pay him much less the team he was going to send but he immediately thought better of it. Better to live today so I can get paid tomorrow he thought to himself and hung up the phone. Glitch paced the floor impatiently while he awaited the team.


Glitch sends out notifications to his nearest contact, Nab, a Johnson he use to work for while he was building up his reputation. Nab has gathered a group of runners fit to track down this hacker with what knowledge was known. You are meeting with Glitch in one of his warehouses in the middle of the night.

A hulking troll named Scarn steps through the warehouse doors, with a blade on his back, and greets the ones waiting. *grunts* "Name's Scarn. Blades and magic are my game and any job is doable....for the right price."

A caucasian human male, about 6'4" in his mid 30's, with a 5 o'clock shadow, brown hair that hangs down to his collar, with silvery grey streaks at the temples, and brown eyes, walks into the light. He's wearing dark brown leather work boots, dark denim jeans, grey shirt with collar unbuttoned and a green tie loose around his neck, under a long tan duster. He has no visible weapons, cybernetics, scars or tattoos.

He fires up a cigarette and says to Scarn, after sizing him up, "Name's Jon. Has the client shown up yet?"