Search for the Dragon Lord
3.5 PHB Character starting at 3rd level working through a challenging epic story. No evil alignment allowed.

If you are still interested, here is the background of the story:

On the world of Dyron, there is a group of islands called the Itwibs or Dragon Isles. The islands are the historical birthplace of all dragons. During this earlier time, this area has been dangerous and deadly. Either a person became the slave to the dragons or their food. Of course some saw this as an area of advantage, so the enterprising or just plain stupid individuals found hiding within these isle perfect to work their nefarious goals. At this time in history these people where mostly just rogues and pirates looking for a safe place to make their plans.

One such group of pirates carved out one section of an island and made it theirs. They named their hidden location Unnd. Throughout the years the pirates prospered and from their loot, they paid off the local dragons to leave them be. As can be the nature of a chaotic society, war breaks out between the factions that run the town that has become a city. Eventually after a bloody military takeover, a powerful Warlord named Fyna Rylyle took control of the city and the island. Through this take over was by some mysterious magical means, Warlord Rylyle had taken control of the dragons.

This was the beginning of the Dragon Lords. From Unnd, Warlord Rylyle and his Dragon Lords took control of a major portion of the Itwibs. After a prolong war, they subjugate the dragons, and created the Satyricon Empire. Unnd became the seat of power for the Empire.

For the next 430 years, the Rylyle Family and the Dragon Lords controlled the Itwibs, only raiding neighboring countries from time to time. Then in 1030 the Rylyle Family where overthrown by a cousin of the Emperor, Repra Vaugen. Emperor Rylyle escaped the take over and ran to a far corner of the world. Repra Vaugen took control of the Satyricon Empire and the Dragon Lords.

For the next 37 years, the Itwibs and Unnd had again become a dangerous place to live. Though the society as a whole never lost their chaotic in nature, the new Emperor Vaugen was total evil and attempted to control the populace through fear of his Dragon Lords and his secret deadly police, The Shadow.

Even under these harsh conditions, the city thrived and its power grew. Education has always been a strong corner stone of Satyricon Empire, even though it had been largely curtailed after Emperor Vaugen was put into power, many schools still operated.

During this period, loyalists to the Emperor Rylyle where hunted down and executed. Some escape to other islands in the hopes that the true emperor would return and free them from the Mad Emperor.

The adventure begins about 10 years after a political upheaval and about 3 years after territorial event. The political upheaval was the Emperor Vaugen takes complete control of his people which he called the Purge, destroying all those who oppose his mad ideals. In the process he destroyed Unnd and some of the other islands nearby. Now this location is known as the Undead Sea.

The territorial event was the Emperor Vaugen somehow lost his control over the dragons and they revolted. The event, Dragonís Revolt, fractured what was left of the empire into different government grouping within the islands. The majority now in control of the dragons once again.

One set of 10 islands that is the location of the start of the adventure are called Per-Ted.

Per-Ted is governed by a powerful merchant family named Delco, who make a lucrative business dealing with nations that are west of Itwibs. Even so, Delco family has a large military organization that keep order and help protect the islands. To the north is the Undead Sea, to the east is where the dragons settled after their revolt against the Mad Emperor, aptly named the Dragon Isles. To the south is a grouping of 11 island named Xosur and is rumored to be ruled by a heartless and possibly undead creature who calls himself the last of the Dragon Lords.

This adventureís goal is to search out, find and assist the true emperor, Emperor Rylyle, the True Dragon Lord