Age of Enlightenment
Because of real world issues game is being suspended until further notice. But it will be back.
Game mechanics copyright 2013
by invitation only
All game mechanics rules etc. stay within this game. Hopefully with enough play this game will be on the market 2019

The Setting
Fantasy Medieval Europe at the dawn of exploration. Something was discovered and something terrible happened. Nobody knows the full extent of what happened, but they know it was huge. Now that the dust has finally settled, the people can once again freely move about the land. Several things are still being rebuilt, but on a positive note, after 200 years, it is a new age of discovery and rediscovery.
during this time period many things will occur that effect world events. Characters of this time will be adventuring in the middle of all of it

The Church
While the church is being rebuilt, the leaders are taking a far more active roll in the protection of mankind. Even the faith structure itself has changed. The once strong belief in the one god Aref has changed too a belief system of the many gods.
Bishop Eric Fredin,
"Frankly we take these steps, because things are clearly not the same any more"...
please note: this is not about Judaeo/Christian faith - it is all fantasy/mythology

The Crown
Shifting through the rubble, of what was once a strong proud nation, King Richard Phillips has granted the church more authority in the welfare of the state. In exchange the church is giving much greater aid in kingdom reconstruction.
Baron John Wilson III
"Many looks for leadership. And not only for them, but for our own sake, we cannot fail".

Game Play
Please remember your character's station in life. The wrong tone of voice or choice of words (can) have your character imprisoned, fined, enslaved, killed, or any combination of the above.
Fantasy Medieval Europe is given for visual effect and feel only. This is not Medieval Europe