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Coding Project Plan 2005

Implemented Items are in Blue.
Item in progress are in Green.

Database Issues
Move PlayByWeb to a new server. 3Q 2005
Create our own backup that can be restored quickly and/or partially. 3Q 2005
Revamp Tasks
Convert the alpha site to the cproduction PBW code so that updates can be made with quick turnaround time. 3Q 2005
Consistent use of ONE button for the ‘Donate to PBW' link - we have two different buttons on the front page (for example). Should be using the one that says ‘Donate to PBW' consistently, even on the games pages. 4Q 2005
Sensible placement of the ‘Donate' Link – its shows twice on the front page, we only need one really and on the games pages it needs to move into the header or footer area - so it clearly seen as a site button rather than a ‘donate to this game' button 4Q 2005
Something better than the Character page that provides a quick link to the games that you play in - some sort of personalised front sheet perhaps. 4Q 2005
Better layout of the left hand column on the front page - all the links seem to run together, I am sure there could be some separators in there somewhere. 4Q 2005
Inclusion of the Group in the header section of MsgShow (at the moment we show the game Name and the thread name) 4Q 2005
GM tools in the main game board that will allow a GM to Delete a thread or to prepare it for Archive 4Q 2005
Sending notes - Change the ‘From' function to default to the Character name if there is only one character – and default to a ‘Chose Character' if there is more than one character name (With check to make sure one is chosen) 4Q 2005
For GMs: Ideally the list of character names should be sorted so that all GMs characters are at the top of the list – them a divider then the rest of the available characters . it would (for example) save searching through a long long list when sending a note in members Forum. 4Q 2005
When sending a note – character names appear only once - the group thing is redundant as group information isn't included anywhere in the note. Would also like to see the percipient names sorted into alphabetical order – rather than displayed randomly. 4Q 2005
Option to be able to include other people in a reply to a note 4Q 2005
Option to include all GMs in replies to notes rather than adding them all individually. 4Q 2005
Management Updates
Create a tool for readers and management to help combat underage users in adult boards. 4Q 2005

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