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Minutes of the second meeting of PlayByWeb, Inc.

DATE: November 2003

PLACE: Pbw Management Forum

PRESENT: Coin Man, JohnB, MJ

ABSENT: High Inquisitor, Randy

After concluding that meetings are needed more frequently than on an annual basis, plans were made for a meeting to commence November 2003. 

The meeting began with a review of progress in the implementation of the plan of action. After discussion of what has been done and what yet needs to be done, we concluded that we are continuing to make satisfactory progress on the action plan, and will continue working on those items not yet completed. However, code re-architecture, which may be invisible to our users, still needs to be implemented according to our technical director, and that process is continuing. Furthermore, we are open to additional user requests for features that may be made in the Members Forum and reviewed by PBW, Inc. management and the coding team.

Second, we reviewed the site's financial status and cash flow. Attention was given to the pop-up request for donations. We decided to keep cash flow information regularly updated in conjunction with our request for donations. The decision was also reached to accept JSB-Branding to provide the potential for additional income.

Third, the decision was reached that after one more attempt to contact Randy that we would consider his office to have been desolated. To avoid future difficulties when someone disappears, we decided to exchange real-life contact information including phone numbers--this register to be held off-line by MJ and information distributed to all directors. An offer was made and declined to SoulHarvest to join the directors. SoulHarvest will, however, continue his valuable assistance as technical director.

Additionally, we discussed the possibility of creating a new category for PlayByWeb business in conjunction with plans to re-structure the categories of PlayByWeb as a whole. This category would include a Director's Board, a Management Board, Members Forum, a FAQ Builder, and an as-needed Planning Area.

Discussion also ensued on the topic of strengthening our account registration system.

Meeting adjourned until January 2004.

Minutes of the third meeting of PlayByWeb, Inc.

DATE: January 2004

PLACE: Pbw Board Room

PRESENT: Coin Man, JohnB, MJ, Soul Harvest

ABSENT: High Inquisitor, Randy

Minutes of the previous meeting, November 2003 were accepted without amendment or addition.

Financial status was briefly touched on. Regular front page updates were brought up.

The president's plan of action was approved and sent to the technical forum for implementation. Members of the technical forum will be given free reign in accomplishing the outlined tasks.

The situation concerning adult-themed games was discussed. The idea was brought up that there should be two mature-theme sections, one for adults (18+) and one for the older teens (16+). Initial consideration was that these would be combined under one heading, however, due to policing concerns, two sections seem preferable. Names of these to be decided, however, we want to avoid "Adult" or "18+" so that potential use of banner advertisements remains an option, as well as reducing the assumption that games in this section are "sex only". Technical team will be creating a new database field to collect DOB information. This DOB will be cross-referenced to ensure that a user meets the age requirements for the area. Current thought is that we will have two sections, with specific guidelines on what is allowed. There is to be an interim webpage on the way to creating a board in either of those categories that reminds GMs of their responsibilities and that their game will be deleted if they are found to be knowingly playing with people underage. Unless they click to abide by the TOU they will not be allowed to progress.

We will insist that the background and joining requests for all games in these categories specifically make clear an age restriction.

Final item: after repeated failed attempts to contact Randy (Fatman), his position was declared desolated, and he was removed from the board.

Meeting was declared adjourned until the annual meeting, which will commence April 5, 2004.

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