Coding Project Plan 2004 - - Soul Harvest is co-ordinating these currently.

Implemented Items are in Blue

Phase 1 - Usability upgrades

"Contact" page 2004Q1

Update PlayByWeb Inc. pages to reflect current projects, status, officers, financial information, etc. 2004Q1

Make default width of threads wider. 2004Q1

Character sheets to display text better.  2004Q1

New background choices for games 2004Q1

Re-work the FAQ section. 2004Q1

Phase 2 - System upgrades

Enhance overall script security to avoid hijacking of accounts/boards/threads. 2004Q2

New User Info (Date of Birth) 2004Q21

New User Info (Last IP Address) 2004Q2

Hide "Adult" section for users whose DOB marks them as underage. 2004Q2

Tool to view/edit a user's Date of birth Slated for 2004Q2

Generic 'age restriction' field for rules/categories. This allows for 18+, 16+, 14+, 55+, etc. to be set through the DB on a field. The code should react dynamically to the value that is set in that field (wrt DOB of user) 2004Q2

"No default category". Force the user to select a category before advancing. 2004Q2

Tool to delete thread from forums Slated for 2004Q2

Phase 3 - Usability upgrades

"Reaper warning" next to threads when it's about to die 2004Q3

"Delete" link next to threads 2004Q3

"Private" boards. When marked private in the database, they are not listed for users to add to them. (This is the ideal implementation. Until then will just have to implement a block on selecting them which shows a message) 2004Q3

Show name of group a thread belongs to 2004Q3

"Container Deletes". As suggested by MJ, force certain items to be removed before their containing object can be removed. Ex. Can't delete group if threads associated to that group exist. 2004Q3

"Rename game". Allows the GM to change the name of their game. Games have IDs, aren't indexed by name, so why can't rename? 2004Q3

Username retrieval currently goes through admins manually. Need way to securely have username and password both sent automatically (perhaps by answering 'test' question) 2004Q3

 Get logoff to actually log a person off. 2004Q3

Phase 4 - System upgrades

Add varying levels of access (perhaps moderators, superusers, etc.) with varying rights access to portions of the site. 2004Q4

Web-based content editor for MJ and Coinman Slated for 2004Q4


Allow user-selectable choices for setting the width of the display. Perhaps in user options

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