Development Plans 2003

Implemented items appear in blue.

1) Categories

We noted that a number of categories are unused, and that we have had inquiries about new categories. There are also issues - like how to get header banners for the new categories, but those can be resolved..

ACTION: MJ will lead a discussion on categories, and propose a new structure.

LONGER TERM: Fatman will recode as required.

2) Financial The treasurer reported that it currently costs about US$400 per year to run PBW, and that PBW had required a small loan to survive the transition from private to NPO ownership.

ACTION: That the committee organise a PayPal related fund raising drive to cover operating costs and allow us to repay the loan. CoinMan to co-ordinate.

LONGER TERM: CoinMan to review other forms of income - Such as the Amazon and other store links to see if they can work for us.

3) Images/Pictures/Avatars

It was noted that a number of people had asked for new images and it was generally felt that the image library was getting old and tired. However - there is no real structure to the image filenames with in the system - nor is there a utility that allows us to see which images are in use.

ACTION: High Inquisitor to ‘review’ and replan image library

LONGER TERM: committee to look at ways of adding new images.

Super ceded by plans to share the RpoL image library

4) Reporting

We noted that the majority of members (who expressed an opinion) did not support the ‘Active Game’ and ‘Active Players’ reports nor did they support the voting system currently in operation at PBW. However, we also noted that the links to GMs games generated in the ‘Voted’ section was of great value when trying to research a GM.

ACTION: FatMan to remove all reports except for New Games and Oldest Games

LONGER TERM: Add a new report that makes it easy to find the games a GM runs - so that players can still check GMs out before they join the game.

5) Security

It was decided to adopt of an official policy to send replies to lost password requests only to the email associated w/ the account. Users to be encouraged to make sure their email on record is one that they continue to use/have access to.

6) Chat

We noted that the different links take members to different chat rooms and felt this was not a good thing.

LONGER TERM: FatMan to review the chat room code and see if he can get the links to all point to the same room.

7) Management Information/ PBW Inc Web Site.

It is important that members know how PBW is being managed and who is responsible for decisions and a small website, linked from the front page, would be appropriate for this. Officers will be listed by their PBW Ids, and there will be an E-mail contact address.

ACTION: MJ to build appropriate web pages.

8) Message Boards

Everybody wants the return of the message boards, although everyone on the committee recognizes that there may be problems involved.

ACTION: Instigate message boards for PBW and game related issues. Members must abide by the TOU and expect to be moderated should they not do so.

MEDIUM TERM: FatMan to write code that makes it easier to moderate the message boards.

ACTION: JohnB to recruit moderators for the message boards.

LONGER TERM: Discussion with the membership about general ‘conversation boards’

9) Personnel

There was discussion about how we could involve more people in the running of PBW. After discussion it was accepted that elections are nor feasible based on the current membership systems and that the management team will have to take responsibility for appointing people to posts.

ACTION: JohnB to write a statement that defines the management structure and how the posts etc fit together and to establish a system of recruitment that allows the membership some input to appointments.

MEDIUM TERM: JohnB to recruit moderators for the message boards, someone to review the FAQ, and other posts as appropriate.

10) Code Changes

These are the code changes which FatMan has been asked to consider. They have all been put forward in the members forum, or by members of the management committee. Just because FatMan has agreed to consider a code change does not mean it will be implemented. In some cases, it may prove that the implementation will require too much coding, or that the committee does not like the ednd result.

Inclusion on this list only means it WILL be considered at some point.

Reporting - changing the way the reports are generated - so that we get a new games list - an oldest games list and a GMs list (sorted however is most convenient for FatMan - to start with)

Pictures - redesigning the way the images are accessed and re-implementing a submissions system (along with HI [or someone else] as the picture editor)

Raise limits on # boards owned (currently 3)

Remove limit on # board participants

Add time/date stamp to all posts

Code tweak: change link to board instead of PBW main when adding characters

See posts while writing replies

message boards - putting them back again and adding some form of moderation ability.

Separation of notes for admins between those sent as copies and those sent intentionally to admin

Customizable backgrounds

all chat links point to same chat room

Closed Jan 2004 - JohnB