Articles of Incorporation
Meeting Minutes
Terms of Use
Financial Statements
Plan of Action


1 April 2003 - PlayByWeb Inc, a non-profit organization took over the running of PlayByWeb.

You can join us to discuss how the site is run and managed at 'Members Forum' in the ~PlayByWeb~ section. You need to create a character and apply to join, just as you would for any other forum.

PlayByWeb Roll of Honour

Jim - Created the site and ran it for years
BigBadRon - General Forums Moderator
- Who organised the save PBW group and initiated the PlayByWeb Inc

PlayByWeb Inc formed

JohnB - First President of PBW Inc
Coinman - First Treasurer of PBW Inc
MJ - First Secretary of PBW Inc
Fatman - First Code Master for PBW Inc

Soulharvest - Second Code Master for PBW Inc
Zarquon - First FAQ Master for PBW Inc
KertDawg - Third Code Master for PBW Inc
MJ - Second President of PBW Inc
linzi - Second Secretary of PBW Inc
None - Director of PBW Inc