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posted... [Unknown–05:00:0] Return-Cam 
on Wed 3 Mar 2021 @ 4:49 AM (PBW Time)

Cam jumps through the swirling magic and again feels completely weightless, with the eyes full of light unable to see really anything. This time though something seems different and a feeling of being pulled left, then right, up, down and sideways all in rapid secession. Without realizes, suddenly the feeling of one’s body of flipping over from head to toe is felt , then gravity, though no sight of ground can be seen.

A sudden halting jerk!

Having traveled through a portal before, as expected, disorientation at the sounds, shapes, lights, and smells hitting the senses cloud the mind. Slowly, things become into focus.

Cam feels uneasy at first. His face feels the heat of the sun and his eyes soon take in the blue sky with puffy clouds passing by. He suddenly sits up and realize he is in the middle of an open field of wavy grass. The wind is a bit stiff with a slight chill to them. Being a city born and raised person in a thieves guild, Cam isn’t the biggest fan of being out in the open exposed. He calls out to the others, but doesn’t hear them. He stands and surveys around him. In all direction he just sees wavy grass, except for one lone tree. With no other marking to guide him, he starts moving to the tree, figuring the others would do the same if they are nearby.

About an hour later he arrives, but sees no sign that anyone had been here before him. The tree is old, but is alive with green leaves and thick branches. He climbs up to get a better survey. From this vantage point he spots west that the land rises to a low range of mountains about 19 miles away. To the north and south, just grass. To the east about mile away, he see what looks like it might be a structure of some sort. Climbing down, he starts trekking his way in that direction.

The air is clear and smells fresh. Off in the distance he hears birds calling, though he doesn’t see any in the sky. He feels totally alone. As the sun sinks further in the sky, he finally reaches the structure, but finds that it is an old tomb. He walks around the tomb, but finds no obvious entrance. On the north side, he finds a stone tablet with extremely faded markings, that make no sense to him. Climbing onto the top of the tomb, he looks around in all direction, and notices to the further east, not too far away, something that doesn’t look right in the land.

He climbs down and makes his way closer, and finds that his is on a high cliff wall, will a 300-ft drop straight down. Looking to the north then south, the ridge continues as far as he can tell. With nightfall closing in, he has to make a choice on what he do next.

Cam Nelastra

posted... Crypt 
on Wed 3 Mar 2021 @ 4:50 AM (PBW Time)

The crypt is of interest to Cam, but when night falls he is not certain he wishes to be too near to it. There are those things which creep in the night and all too often those things emerge from places just like this.

Cam keeps a wary eye on the crypt as he makes his way back to the tree. Once there, Cam climbs up into the tree and attempts to nestle himself securely into the thicker limbs. He stays still and conceals himself as best he's able while maintaining a view of the crypt. As night falls Cam allows his gaze to traverse the landscape, but his eyes never stray too long from the crypt


posted... {RoR} [Unknown – Day 0:18:00:0] Return - Cam 
on Wed 3 Mar 2021 @ 4:51 AM (PBW Time)

His stomach growling, Cam settles into the tree keeping a close watch. Though the night is uneventful, he does here night animal sounds of howls, barks, and possibly fighting or hunting of some wolves.

He wakes to the morning with a cool breeze and what looks to be dark clouds on the horizon promising a possible rain event of some sort.

Cam Nelastra

posted... Closer look 
on Wed 3 Mar 2021 @ 4:51 AM (PBW Time)

As the morning breaks Cam begins to carefully climb his way out of the tree. Once on the ground he glances around the base of the tree for any sign of tracks. It would be good to know if anyone or anything had been in the area while he slept.

After a search of the area near the tree Cam makes his way to the crypt. He keeps his eyes open for any edible plants or prey. A rabbit would do nicely.

Once he reaches the crypt Cam begins to inspect it for markings or anything else of interest.


posted... {RoR} [Unknown – Day 1:10:00:0] Return - Cam 
on Wed 3 Mar 2021 @ 4:52 AM (PBW Time)

During the night, a light rain event annoyed Cam’s sleep and made his morning pretty damp. He climbs down and searches the surroundings for any tracks that might have been left in the wet ground, finds nothing that looks fresh. All the old prints seem to have washed out from unrecognizable.

Making his way towards the tomb, he does spot a rabbit. He uses his skills and soon has a rabbit tied to his pack for latter preparation.

Once he reaches the tomb, he surveys any markings that he might find. Most are worn and faded. Even so, the ones he can see are unknown, except for one. It sparks a memory, but he cannot remember where he saw it or what it means.

As he studies the markings and racks his brain, he is nearly taken unaware when the ground begins to shift under his feet. With a quick leap backwards, the ground suddenly disappears down what looks like a sinkhole. Taking out weapons and trying to be prepared, Cam waits for anything that might come out. After a long while and hearing no sounds coming from the hole, Cam creeps closer, conscious that the edge of the hole might be weak also. He looks down and sees what looks like a underground cavern. Because the sun is nearly high, he can just make out the floor some 30-ft below, but it seems to be a sizable area.

Cam Nelastra

posted... update 
on Sat 17 Apr 2021 @ 7:40 AM (PBW Time)

Cam checks his weapons. He makes sure they are in good repair and ready to hand before proceeding any further. With another glance around him he surveys his surroundings to be sure nothing is lurking about to follow in behind him.

Once satisfied that the coast is clear, Cam inches forward slowly into the sinkhole. He moves slowly ensuring that his feet fall upon stable ground. His eyes ever on a swivel for movement or hidden dangers.


posted... {RoR} [Unknown – Day 1:10:30:0] Return – Cam 
on Wed 21 Apr 2021 @ 4:49 AM (PBW Time)

After confirming that he is still alone in the surrounding wilderness, Cam, with his climbing skills, is about to easily make to the floor of the cavern with ease. Nearby he hears the movement of water and the space smells of fresh earth and mud. Not as earthy smelling as the Elemental Plane of Earth he had just been on, but seems more real. Taking a look around, his eye sight cannot pierce the darkness into the shadows, so after lighting a torch, he begins to look around. He notices that the cavern stretches further into the wilderness to the west and the mountains, while the other he can estimate heads towards the cliff not too far off. He does recall seeing a waterfall coming out of the side. Not unexpectedly, he finds an underground river, flowing from the mountains towards the cliff. It is not too wide, about 20-ft, but it is swift. He is unable to determine the depth.

Though none of this seems to be out of the ordinary, what catches his eye, is the man made outer corner of a building’s foundation. Moving closer to the wall, he notices that the corner that is sticking out into the cavern is rounded and very smooth. As he considers the strange foundation wall, Cam is distracted by the sound of splashing water. Turning around with his hand already going towards his weapon, he holds the torch up high and see that it is two creatures that look somewhat humanoid, standing about 5 feet tall and weighing about 150 pounds. They have spindly but muscular arms and walk erect on their squat legs, trailing a long, slender tail. Their heads are lizard like and crowned with a frill that extends from the forehead to the base of the neck. Their eyes are black and beady shinning in the torch light. One carries two spear like javelins. They growl something at Cam that makes no sense, but Cam would have no problem in understanding that this was not a friendly jester, but more of a threat.
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