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posted... {RoR} [31 Keev 22:15:0] Return – Bezor 
on Fri 19 Mar 2021 @ 4:36 AM (PBW Time)

Bezor’s meditation is interrupted by Tryllian, “Here they come.” She points off the coast and a single lamp could be seen in the dark, bobbing up and down in the waves. They both watch as the small vessel finally lands. Though from this distance they cannot make out how many there might be, the lamp is removed and begins head into the jungle. After confirming that landing party did take the trail to the caves that Bezor and Tryllian had planned their ambush, together they head down the hill for the confrontation.

Luckily, both have night vision, so moving quickly through the rough ground and weaving through the trees was difficult or too dangerous. Once they had arrived, it was time to make any final preparations.

Bezor Rumen

posted... Preparations 
on Wed 7 Apr 2021 @ 4:40 AM (PBW Time)

When he starts to see that they are getting closing in, for preparation, Bezor will cast upon himself the following spells: Bull Strength upon himself, Bless upon them both he and Tryllian, and Magic Weapon upon his warhammer. He will then take out his crossbow and hide, until they all pass and Tryllian makes the first move.


posted... {RoR} [31 Keev 22:20:0] Return – Bezor 
on Wed 21 Apr 2021 @ 4:53 AM (PBW Time)

While Bezor casts his spells and gets ready, Tryllian waits on her side of the path. She stretches the trip wire, then steps into hiding. There she makes sure her tanglefoot bag is handy and prepares her bow, notching an arrow.

It does not take long for them to hear the small group making their way towards them. Bezor notices that the sailor in the lead is dressed differently than the others, but is still carry the same type of weapons (short-spear and a short sword). The leader is flanked on both sides by cultists. Then half the prisoners trug passed. Then another sailor separating the two groups of prisoners within the center, then the final two sailors bringing up the rear.

As planned, Tryllian steps out of the hiding with a flourish holding her short bow as the leader just exits the narrow path through the trees, who stops in his tracks startled. “Thank you for your service in escorting the sacrifices, but I will be taking charge of them for you now, so please release them into my custody.”

The leader of the cultists, glances at the two sailors on either side in total confusion, at first not sure what should be done, then he says, “Kill her!”

Tryllian shrugs her shoulders while raising her bow and firing an arrow directly at the leader, hitting him in the left shoulder, causing him to grunt in pain.

Though they are slow to react, the flanking cultists charge at Tryllian. Neither see the trip wire as they hit it and fall to the ground, sprawled and in pain.

Bezor Rumen

posted... Let's Fight! 
on Fri 30 Apr 2021 @ 4:38 AM (PBW Time)

With he attack begun, Bezor fires his crossbow at the closet cultist in the rear. He then will drop this weapon and pick up his hammer, where he had place it for an easy grab. He will then charge and attack the one he was aiming for an hopefully had wounded. I am expecting that both will be surprised, so this should not be that hard to do.


posted... {RoR} [31 Keev 22:20:2] Return – Bezor 
on Wed 5 May 2021 @ 4:52 AM (PBW Time)

Hearing that Tryllian has sprung the trap, Bezor aims and fires the crossbow, the bolt hits the cultist in the left arm, causing her to yelp in pain and surprise. Her comrade turns to question her what is up, then sees the arrow with surprise.

As planned, Bezor rushes forward, grabbing his hammer going after the wounded cultist. The wounded cultist, holding onto her arm, looks at Bezor in wonder, but comes to her senses quickly as the hammer nearly takes out her leg with a solid hit that she moves with, spinning. This action alone keeps her on her feet.

Though wincing at the pain in her leg, the cultist jabs with her short-spear, hitting a glancing blow to Bezor’s right arm, but doing only minor damage. The other cultist calls for assistance and jabs with his spear, which was uses poorly and Bezor easily avoided the attack.

Bezor Rumen

posted... Hammer Time! 
on Fri 7 May 2021 @ 4:38 AM (PBW Time)

This looks like it is just turning into an all out brawl, so lets get his done. Bezor will use the hammer unless something might give Bezor another option.


posted... {RoR} [31 Keev 22:20:8] Return – Bezor 
on Fri 14 May 2021 @ 4:21 AM (PBW Time)

Focusing on the he wounded with the arrow and hammer, Bezor moves in and with a sideswipe with is hammer, slams into her side, hearing bones break. She screams in pain, but the scream is short lived as she falls to the ground unmoving.

The companion tries to attack while Bezor is focused, but his jab is weak and it glances off his armor.

Turning his weapon, Bezor swings the opposite direction and catches the companion in right arm. The blow was solid enough to nearly stagger the man along with hearing a snap of bones. Even so, the companion is able to bring the spear in a position and find a seam in Bezor’s defense, gouging the dwarf with a minor scratch.

Out of the corner of Bezor eye, he spots a third cultist, the one that was positioned in the middle of the captives, had worked his way out and was running to reinforce. Bezor knew he need to wrap this up quickly, Bezor attacks the companion cultist, swinging high and hitting him in the and dropping him on the ground without a sound.

The reinforcement cultist tries to flank Bezor and attack, but with the companion cultist out of the way, Bezor is able to defend himself without taking any damage.

Bezor continues to use the momentum of his hammer swings, following it through and aims for the midsection and gets under the defensive position of the spear and crush the man’s hipbone. The cultist weakly jabs again, but Bezor knocks it out of the way and pounds the hammer the nearly collapsed cultist’s chest, knocking him flat on his back onto the ground, unconscious.

Bezor’s condition = 48% of hit points left
Female Cultist’s condition = -50% of hit points left (unconscious)
Companion Cultist’s condition = -67% of hit points left (dead)
Reinforcement Cultist’s condition = -72% of hit points left (dead)
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