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Francesca (Franci) Rimini

posted... Wow that long 
on Mon 14 Dec 2020 @ 3:30 PM (PBW Time)

Wow a bit longer then she thought, she was glad that she brought a book to read, she doubted either of them knew the author as it was a muggle book.

(OOC It's Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey She'll pull it out a bit later in the trip when the talking dies down but not know...Probably starting the talking back up again.)

Answering Pierie she says, "Oh uh, I'm hoping for Hufflepuff, that's the house my Grandma was in, if not that then maybe Gryffindor. I think my uncle was in Slytherin though I'm not to sure. Grandma doesn't talk about him a lot and I rarely see him. I think my family makes him nervous or something."

She looks at the time on her wristwatch, a present for her eleventh birthday. It was a dainty watch but an honest to goodness windup watch, she'd given up on using digital or battery powered watches they stopped working or batteries dies way to often to try anymore. She didn't even try a cell phone like her brothers, Heck, they barely let her in the room with the TV, and absolutely forbidden to touch the PC, after the last time she tried...

"Is there a dining car or vending machine or something?"

Pierie Filimore

posted... More information 
on Tue 15 Dec 2020 @ 11:36 PM (PBW Time)

"There is a buffet car and someone will come around with a trolley full of several different kinds of sweets". Then Pierie giggles, just a bit, before speaking again. "It is just my opinion, I think it was your uncle that properly made them a little nervous. Unfortunately, Slytherin not only puts out some very great wizards and witches, some of them tend to allow their ambitions to overlook their morality of things. But then again, self fear, along with a so-so reputation of another could make anyone nervous. I hope what I just said does not put any of you off, but what is, is"? Without saying another word, Pierie yawns as he gets himself more comfortable.

Francesca (Franci) Rimini

posted... Houses 
on Thu 17 Dec 2020 @ 12:24 PM (PBW Time)

"No, I don't think its anything like that. There's no real fear or hatred, he's kinda like the black sheep of the family. A bit like john Candy in that movie Uncle buck, he bumbles around with the simplest things but you get that he really cares He just never around and doesn't talk about his life much. I saw him once a couple years ago try to use the Dish washer, most hilarious thing I saw there were bubbles Everywhere. Mom was not amused though and he was banned from using the appliances after that. I do think that he's a cop or something by some of the things he's mentioned. Not sure though."

(OOC: He's a Hit Wizard but Fanci at this point does not know what that is. The danger that is involved is the main sticking point and source of disagreement, with her grandma.)

"I don't know much about the houses at Gryfindor and mainly want hufflepuff because my Grandma was in that one, I guess ultimately it doesn't really matter though right? Ones as good as another."

Pierie Filimore

posted... Yes 
on Sat 19 Dec 2020 @ 4:28 AM (PBW Time)

"It is good to hear that. So many at times will get a bad rap over the actions of a few". Pierie makes himself comfortable for the long trip as he really has not much more to say.
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