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posted... Want to Chat ?  
on Thu 19 Mar 2020 @ 5:31 PM (PBW Time)

  Do so here


posted... Cleric 
on Fri 20 Mar 2020 @ 1:24 AM (PBW Time)

  Linza will be a predominantly a healing cleric.


posted... Warrior 
on Fri 20 Mar 2020 @ 4:57 PM (PBW Time)

** EDITED March 20, 2020, 5:06 pm **

Caravan Guard,
fighter class. Human ideally.


posted... Welcome to the Game! 
on Fri 20 Mar 2020 @ 10:04 PM (PBW Time)

  Welcome along we should have a party of at least 4 by tomorrow. I am starting out characters a little bit higher level. So you may take max gold for 3rd level.

You are also entitled to a secondary trait of your choice and one from the campaign traits.


posted... Hi  
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 11:36 AM (PBW Time)

Hi guys


posted... Ola 
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 2:03 PM (PBW Time)

Hey there, I have a question does anyone have a particular deity they might want me to grab, for buff wise ? As I plan to go healing/buffing for this.


posted... domain? 
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 5:37 PM (PBW Time)

Any Diety with the Strength domain is handy for buffing tanks with enlarge person.

3rd lvl is awesome.


posted... mHM 
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 7:23 PM (PBW Time)

I agree anything with healing is great to me. I am your sneaksie person with a touch of magic added in for good measure.


posted... Well 
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 7:38 PM (PBW Time)

I am looking at Shizuru, since this is a Oriental style campaign.


posted... Done 
on Sat 21 Mar 2020 @ 7:39 PM (PBW Time)

Mostly, I just need to pick my trait. from the campaign.


posted... Hello 
on Sun 22 Mar 2020 @ 12:20 PM (PBW Time)

If you are wondering what traits others have.

Kuralt was a caravan guard.
Linza is Shandu's best friend.

this might help you choose!


posted... Hm 
on Sun 22 Mar 2020 @ 3:12 PM (PBW Time)

I am going to take the sibling Amekio I think makes the best sense, given her training.


posted... That works for me. 
on Sun 22 Mar 2020 @ 6:11 PM (PBW Time)

Okay can work with that.

Wei Ying

posted... Done 
on Mon 23 Mar 2020 @ 7:54 PM (PBW Time)

  Okay I believe my character is done, I will go with Old Family Friend for my trait.


posted... I aim to start Friday. 
on Tue 24 Mar 2020 @ 3:25 PM (PBW Time)

So everyone knows, I plan to do the first opening post Friday.


rolls... lvl3 hp 
on Tue 24 Mar 2020 @ 3:34 PM (PBW Time)

  March 24, 2020, 3:34 pm

Roll 1, 10 sided di(c)e 1 times. Add 3 to the result. Drop the lowest 0 di(c)e.
 2 + 3 = 5
Total = 5


posted... trait 
on Tue 24 Mar 2020 @ 5:34 PM (PBW Time)

I gave Kuralt the Combat trait Resilient for his second.

Friday then...


posted... ?? 
on Mon 30 Mar 2020 @ 7:21 PM (PBW Time)

Did I miss something?
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