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posted... Chapter Two - The Witch's Eye 
on Sat 11 Jan 2020 @ 11:14 AM (PBW Time)

We know what we are but know not what we may be.
William Shakespeare

Half an hour later, Jason is sitting at the bar nursing a ​Steel Rail​ that Eric, ​Chalk &  Awe’s​ team captain, insisted he buy for Jason to congratulate him on his victory. Eric is  a florid faced man of middle years, whose beefy, well-fed build and huge hands reminds  Jason more of a construction worker than the UPS branch manager he claims to be.
“You beat us fair and square!” Eric gushes in a thick, overloud voice. He gives Jason a  wink, drains his own glass, and sets the empty on the bar. He gestures to the harried bartenderess as she is hustling by. “Another round, Hon.”

Eric has been pounding  down the beers since the match and Jason wonders if alcohol played any role in the ​Bad  Seeds'​ victory.    

Jason shrugs modestly and compliments ​Chalk & Awe’s ​own skill, adding that he’s sure  luck played no small factor in the win.

When Eric turns to bawl out a greeting to one of  the locals, Jason steals a glance at his watch. It is after ten and he knows by now his wife  will be growing mildly irritated that Jason isn’t home to help with the kids. Though she  bought an expensive pool cue for him, he wonders just how supportive she really is  about his billiards hobby -- especially on weeknights.   

Midway through the second beer, another gang of Eric’s boisterous friends arrive at the  bar, giving Jason the opportunity to segway out of the conversation.

He is heading  toward the restroom at the back of the bar when Scott and Doug find him to say their  goodbyes. Doug has to pick up a prescription for his kid before the pharmacy closes  and Doug is Scott’s ride.   

“You were awesome tonight, Jase!” Scott says wet eyed. He surprises Jason with a bear  hug. “Vegas is going to be great!” He says.   

Now Jason is weaving through the crowd toward the restrooms. He’ll pee, pick up the  trophy and tournament paperwork, then head home.

But he slows when he sees a pair  of very pretty twenty-something girls -- one blonde, one brunette -- gesturing  animatedly to each other in front of a poster that is taped on the wall of the short hall  leading to the restrooms.

“Its a fucking joke!” The blonde girl is saying. “I can’t see anything in the picture and  I’m usually good at these.”   

“I’m getting a headache looking at it!" Complains the brunette. “Makes me see double!”   

“Who are you kidding, Katelyn? You’ve been seeing double since that last T&T!”  Laughs the Blonde.    

As the two girls clack off, Jason brushes past them and approaches the poster.

He sees  the painting features a large human eyeball with weird, runic symbols in the sclera. Beneath that is some text offering a money prize. And beneath that is the main feature  -- a large, polychromatic square, filled with a riot of strange, geometric shapes.   

Jason concludes the picture is one of those random dot stereograms that were the rage  in the eighties -- visual puzzles that reveal hidden, three dimensional objects if you stare  into the clashing colors long enough. Jason recalls seeing the stereograms framed in  doctor’s offices or printed in coffee table picture books or on calendars.    

He considers the poster… 


Can You 'See' What's Hidden In The Picture Below?

If you can, you're ONE IN A MILLION!





posted... Shark?!!! 
on Sat 11 Jan 2020 @ 11:43 AM (PBW Time)

  Jason sits with Eric and drinks the beer he insisted he buy him. Though at the moment he really didn't feel like drinking so much despite having every reason to celebrate. Jason likes him and didn't want to offend. Eric is a good player and a good person. He's been to Vegas before and doesn't mind the loss. As he sips the IPA, he notices the man down beer after beer. He is a bigger guy and he's sure he can put a lot away, but still he wonders if alcohol played a part in his win.

Nevertheless he knows he played well. More than well enough to beat him. Eight ball has always been a strength for him from years and years of playing. Ten ball not so much (his league splitting match games between the two). It's such a different game and he's new to it. Instead of using gentle, careful planned shots, one often has to really work the cue ball and hit it overly firm. He can do it, but he knows others are better at that type of game. In some ways it's similar to nine ball, but having to call every ball and pocket makes it tougher than that game. Jason has some experience with nine ball which helps, but ten ball is just tough and he still is no where near as good at it as he is in eight ball.

Finding a spot in the conversation to take his leave, as it's getting late and he should get home, he leaves his empty glass at the bar and seeks out his teammates and a trip to the restroom before heading out. He also knows his wife will be irritated if he gets home late, but she gets irritated so much that he's stop caring.

Finding two of his teammates about to head out, he grips both Doug's and Scott's hands firmly and lets out a surprised "Aaah" at Scott's bear hug. They are both really appreciative of the trip to Las Vegas, and Jason efforts. As well they should be. He won eighty percent of his games in the spring session and every match in the playoffs and Vegas shootout. He carries a sense of pride to know he was able to make a difference in peoples lives.

Moving on to hit the bathroom and gather up his gear, he notices two attractive women eyeing something on the wall. At first he doesn't notice what they are looking at as he's more interested in their figures than whatever has garnered their interest. Soon enough though after a brief exchange they move on revealing an odd looking poster with an eyeball with strange looking runes littering one side.

Beneath is text describing a one thousand dollar prize if you solve the 3-d image below the eyeball. Jason has never been good at these things. He has rarely if ever been able to decipher them. "What the heck." he says as he moves closer to the image. It's been a good night and he figures why not give it a shot.

Keeping his face very close to the poster he lets his eyes loose focus and he moves back. Several attempts reveal nothing and minutes pass by. But just before he is about to give up it comes to him. "A shark?" he says quizzically. "Is that the answer?" he ponders to himself.

Scribbling down the name on the poster to send the answer to, he makes a mental note to send his answer via email in the morning.

OOC: It took me 2 minutes and 52 seconds. I think the answer is shark, but I'm not 100% certain as I've never had a good knack for this exercise.

Jason M Stone

posted... Emailing for the prize 
on Sat 11 Jan 2020 @ 1:46 PM (PBW Time)

His predator pool cue in tow, Jason heads out of the pool hall and to his car. A relatively new grey Volkswagen Golf waits for him in the parking lot. It has most of the latest bells and whistles in cars these days, but he's not fond of it. It just doesn't drive as well as the older VW's did back in the 90's and early 2000's. Which is the most important thing to him. He doesn't care too much about the features, driving ability and seat comfort are the most important things to him. This newer car's steering sucks and the leatherette seats feel like sitting on a bag of rocks. Getting in he fires it up and heads home.

He always takes the back roads home so he has to watch his speed. Too many cops linger around to risk speeding and getting a ticket. He also passes by several farms and deer have been known to cross the roads he takes, so he's wary. Hitting a full grown buck is the last thing he wants to do. Despite having all the latest in safety measures in his car, a deer can royally damage a car, and potentially the driver. It's just not worth it.

He finds his house's outside lights are on, which is good. He carefully and quietly opens his home's side door and enters. His kids and wife are already in bed. All three of them have early starts to their days so this is not unusual. He tiptoes around the house trying to be quiet as he puts his cue away and prepares to go to bed.

He finds the note he scribbled earlier in his pants pocket and decides to pop off an email now rather than waiting for morning. Jason is still amped from playing pool and he knows he won't be able to sleep for a while anyway. He sits at the desk where the desktop pc is kept and boots it up. Firing up gmail, he starts a new email. He enters in Molly's address and gives it the header of "One in a Million prize".


My name is Jason M Stone. I noticed your eyeball poster with the 3-D image at Break Away Billiards. My best guess is the hidden image is of a Shark.

I can be reached at this email address and at my cell number 555-555-5555.

Mailing Address:

7 White picket fence lane.
Mayberry MA 01234

I hope I win the prize!

-Jason M Stone
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