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posted... Mechanics 
on Sun 17 Nov 2019 @ 8:54 AM (PBW Time)

  If you need this to talk/discuss about your character or anything to do with dice rolling later on.

Talia (Aasimar Rogue)

posted... System and Such 
on Sun 17 Nov 2019 @ 9:04 AM (PBW Time)

  I am utilizing the Pathfinder system (first edition and none of that watered down second edition crap). Second level ... do we roll for HP or take half plus one plus Con or get full HP?


posted... Hps 
on Sun 17 Nov 2019 @ 9:11 AM (PBW Time)

  Full at level 1
then half plus roll for the other half thereafter

ie for rogue = normally d8 becomes

level 1 = 8 plus con bonus
level 2 = 4 +d4 plus con bonus

Think this will keep the balance
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