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posted... About This Game 
on Sun 8 Sep 2019 @ 1:45 AM (PBW Time)

  This game is meant to be run as it is. You will be playing the Inn Companions. This game is 1st edition. You have the following choices of characters, when you RTJ you may request a certain character, or you may join As Player or TBA or TBD. I am not sure how much interest will be in this, but eh, I have the adventure to hand and I miss my 1st edition stuff.

Tanis 5th level half elven fighter -M-
Goldmoon 5th level Human Cleric -F-
Tasslehoff Burrfoot 4th level Kender Thief -M-
Riverwind 5th level Human Ranger -M-
Caramon Majere 6th level Human Fighter -M-
Sturm Brightblade 6th level Human Fighter -M-
Raistlin Majere 3rd Level Human Magic User -M-
Flint Fireforge 4th level Dwarf Fighter -M-
Tika Wayland -4th level Human Fighter-F-


posted... Any name Struck Through 
on Wed 11 Sep 2019 @ 10:04 PM (PBW Time)

  Is in play at the moment.
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