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posted... For your Backgrounds 
on Sun 11 Aug 2019 @ 12:05 AM (PBW Time)

This is so you can work on common backgrounds, if you would like to.

Varra Vex

posted... Varra's Story 
on Mon 12 Aug 2019 @ 5:29 PM (PBW Time)

  Varra was conceived in violence, an unwanted pregnancy. Her mother, Lagartha, a warrior of the Blue Bear Tribe of Uthgardt barbarians, sought the help of her tribe's shaman after the evil had taken root in her belly following her rape by an orc. All efforts to expunge the evil failed, and when Lagartha gave birth to an abomination, she was banished from the tribe, though the child was not, as the tribe was fighting to return from near-extinction. The child was reared by the tribe, but ill-treated because of her orc-blood. When she was old enough, she became a servant of the tribe, not quite a slave, but not given full tribal status. As a result, Varra's childhood became filled with anger and resentment, but she learned to fight, eventually gaining a reputation of being so vicious in battle that those who once bullied her learned to leave her alone. She still did not receive full tribal status, but her fierceness had earned her a modicum of respect from other warriors in the tribe, and she was at first denied the Rights of Passage that tribal children would go through to become full adult members. Angered by this denial, Varra took part in the Rights regardless, and performed so well that the elders were forced to allow her to proceed to the final test. Sure that this final test of strength and courage would be the end of the vexing Varra, the half-orc girl was sent off to complete her challenge or die trying.

Varra's task was to kill a brown bear on her own. Varra succeeded in the test, and the bear became her spirit animal. Through the bear's spirit, Uthgar spoke to Varra, telling her that she was to leave the Blue Bear tribe, that they had become too corrupted by the hag who had led to their downfall, and that it was her destiny to lead the Blue Bear tribe back to the path that the Battle Father originally intended for them, but only if she survived the trials yet to come.

When she returned successful from the Right of Passage, the tribe was not happy, but had no choice to grant her full status. She received her tattoos and scarring as befit a warrior of the Blue Bear tribe. Over the next several ten day, Varra came to see what her spirit animal had been telling her about the corruption that had twisted the tribe away from Uthgar's laws. When she refused to participate in the corrupted rituals, the tribe leaders demanded her blood. Battle ensued, and Varra's rage was so intense that she killed two of the tribe's best warriors before the leaders stopped the fighting, choosing to banish her, instead. Varra spit at the feet of the leaders, denouncing them and their perversion of Uthgar's tennets, and left the tribe willingly.

She walked aimlessly into the forest, so angry that she did not pay attention to where she was going, and indeed had no real direction in mind. The forest, instead chose her path for her, and after four days and four nights of walking without sleep or food, Varra collapsed, exhausted. Sacred was the number four, the number of the four directions, and the elements of nature, and the forest chose Varra for their own. A treant guardian went to Varra, and picked up her unconscious form, carrying her to the north. During this time, her bear spirit spoke with Varra in dreams, and told her that it was Uthgar and Earth Mother's wish that she seek balance in all things, as only through balance would she be able to save her tribe. When she asked how she was to do this, Bear cryptically told her that a teacher had been chosen.

When Varra woke, she found herself watched by an old man sitting on a rock outside a cave at the foothills of a great mountain. The old man, a druid who refused to give her any other name than 'Teacher', informed her that her training would begin immediately. She trained with Teacher from her 14th year until her 20th.

Varra was given menial tasks that only served to frustrate and infuriate her, but through time and patience, Teacher taught her to calm the anger and resentment inside her, though nothing that he or she did could ever completely quench the river of rage that flowed deep within her. He taught her the druid ways, and meditations to help her control and harness that rage, so that she might call upon it when there was great need. Unfortunately, whenever she was injured, the rage would break loose and she would lose her hard-won control.

Erenholm Eretheal

posted... Casme & Erenholm 
on Mon 12 Aug 2019 @ 9:16 PM (PBW Time)

Casme Iradune and Erenholm Eretheal are close companions and have worked to escort caravans with elven interests for some time. She is known to be a spell sword with great promise, he a mobile priest of Corellon Larethian; both are sworn to the Temple.
The pair achieved some measure of fame when their train rolled into Longsaddle one evening. An ogre had somehow slipped into town and had captured a number of children. The town was paralyzed with worry.
The two caravan guardians used their combined talents to creep into the wchool house. Casme engaged, evaded, and distracted the ogre while Erenholm helped the children escape, then came back to his partner.
Between the two of them they slew the ogre, healed themselves, and emerged from the schoolhouse to the cheers of the town.

Savvin Talon

posted... Savvin's Background 
on Tue 13 Aug 2019 @ 3:39 AM (PBW Time)

Savvin grew up in the streets of Tethyr she was the child of a pair of artists, who had never had an adventuring bone in their body. However, Savvin, from a young age wanted to be like the city guard she saw, she wanted to run around and from an early age the little girl had a wooden sword, fighting imaginary dragons, it was a very exciting and imaginative rich environment being the child of two artists.

As she got a little older, she took a job as help at a nobles house. While their she met her lady's body guard. Kripp Trynt. He was a kind soul who enjoyed adventuring in his day, and so when he offered the eager girl lessons, she couldn't help but jump on the chance, so excited and thrilled was she. She even saved up her wages to purchase her own blade.

It was when she was attending a party, and some rebel carousers decided to cause some problem, and the young Savvin, thoroughly thrashed one of them that she caught the attention of a lord that had been attending the party's eye.He offered her a squire-ship, and she was to thrilled to do anything more than nod her head.

With Lord Winterborne she traveled along the Coast, and into Cormyr where he had a lesser family holding, and than up into the North. The girl, was pleased to find that she was good at being a squire, and she was good at protecting, her Knight. It was once that she met with a priest of Torm on the road, Deidre Deepwish, whom told her of the gods, his tenants and ethics that a younf Savvin decided it was time to travel forth and take on the mantle of Paladin.

The road was long but well worth it. She found herself taking care of people who could not care for themselves. She was after all a Solider, by trade. Savvin, has been working as a guard to caravans in and out of the North, mostly because it was a needed thing, the hint of giants, has been there, but she has not truly seen one herself.

Elkanter Nidol

posted... El's  
on Tue 13 Aug 2019 @ 5:27 PM (PBW Time)

I am still finishing up some details with the gm, but this will be for when I am done. lol.

So Bullet Points..

- El is from Selgaunt
- He is a sage, he collects knowledge
- He has traveled to the following Cities- Neverwinter, Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Caimshan and Westgate. All in the name of knowledge.
- He is a rogue, but more the I will get into this place, rogue than the I am going to rob you blind kind.

- He almost got eaten by Kuo-toa that one time.

-He enjoys dart games.
-He's very good at dragon chess.
-He wanted to be a bladesinger, but they don't allow non elves. So he went with the next best thing he fast with his blades, and hes a spellcaster.
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