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on Fri 9 Aug 2019 @ 12:25 PM (PBW Time)

Welcome to the Game, I was still in the process of setting stuff up. When I got requests. So here is the Creation stuff.

Level: 2nd
5d6 reroll 1's take the best 3. roll seven times take the best 6.
Alignments: No Evil
Races: Take into account you will be in the North.
Classes: All offical 5th edition books allowed. If its something from Eberron or Ravnica check with me first!
Posting Daily
MagicYou may have 3 Common Items to begin play with.
Extra Gold+100 Gold to starting wealth. (as you are 2nd level.
Note:Look to find magic and gold quicker.
ToolkitsYou must buy tool kits through play.
The GodsAll characters must venerate a deity.
Also-Concepts that do not work with a party will be passed upon. This is a group thing, with deadly encounters dealing with Giants, party unity is a must.


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on Fri 9 Aug 2019 @ 12:27 PM (PBW Time)

To date I have most of the Books, so you may draw items from any of them. If it is something Eberron or Ravnica related I will adjust it for the realms! You must let me know though.

This adventure will start in the north so dress warmly.
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