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posted... OOC Out-of Character Thread 
on Sun 10 Feb 2019 @ 9:23 AM (PBW Time)

Get to know each other and help each other. Welcome to the OOC.

This is where gamers can talk about Out-of-Character stuff and even In-Character stuff, but never Out-of-Character stuff which is discussing In-Character game stuff/tactics.

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posted... Greetings Sotoro 
on Mon 11 Feb 2019 @ 2:56 PM (PBW Time)

Welcome player of Sotoro. Your character is the first to arrive. Please import the character sheet for your character and start creating your character. If you have any questions please place them in the OOC thread and I will answer them as quickly and accurately as I can.

By the way, I enjoyed reading the solutions to the scenarios given to you. By your replies it would seem your character would most definitely be evil. Not only that. What your character did would gain her party loyalty. That is what this game is about in order for evil to grow and not feed on itself. Because of that response, you gained 1 extra free point to be added to any one of your ability scores. The secret awards were 0, 1, or 2.

Welcome aboard.

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posted... Greetings Jakinda 
on Tue 12 Feb 2019 @ 12:29 AM (PBW Time)

Welcome player of Jakinda. You are the second to arrive. I already imported your character sheet for you. You can go ahead and start with your character creation. If any question feel free to place them here in the OOC thread and I will answer them as fast and clearly as possible.

Interesting solutions to the scenarios given in the player introduction. I would definitely call your character Chaotic Neutral. What was done would foster party unity. Your character gains 1 extra free point to be added to any one of your ability scores. The secret awards were 0, 1, or 2.

Welcome aboard.

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posted... Game update 
on Tue 12 Feb 2019 @ 12:36 AM (PBW Time)

Greeting players,

Thank you for giving me the honor of hosting a game for you. I hope you have fun as this is the purpose of games. Later on today Tuesday the 13th, I will be out of town most of the day, therefore you will see my activity later :)
Now that we have two players, I will be getting this party started. Please forgive any glitches in my attempt at combining AD&D with Sci-Fi. It all sounded good on paper. Again have fun.

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posted... So far 
on Tue 12 Feb 2019 @ 5:40 PM (PBW Time)

I. Jakinda and Sotoro,
You both have your skills that the character works 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week for your Lord. As one character is 1/2 elf and the other elf, I am going to say both characters come from the same village and know each other.
* Jakinda has Groom (animal handling)
* Sotoro has Trapper/Furrier (basic wood lore, skinning)

I will give more details to each of you on this skill for your character sheets.

II. Something up in the air.
Both of you said something to the effect of liking the game concept but so so about the playing of evil. Because of that, I can make one major change if you both agree to what I am about to suggest.
The game can be good alignment with no neutrality or evil on one condition, this good has to be based on one's personal code of conduct. This mean the laws of man mean very little to your character. You do good because it is the right thing to do. Breaking laws and/or not listening to people in authority has no problem to you if you know you are doing the right thing for the greater good or even the situation.
Van Heilsing comes to mind writing this. If you both like this I will turn the game into an all good campaign. This kind of behavior is necessary, like playing evil or CN will be necessary to get through the starting campaign.

tell me what you think.


posted... changes 
on Tue 12 Feb 2019 @ 5:59 PM (PBW Time)

I like the fact that we know each other. I like the aspect that we do good for just for goods sake. I can also see this getting us in trouble for time to time. I think our skills compliment each other and can help our characters grow. I think of alignment from evil to good would benefit both of us so I am saying yes to the change.


posted... Chaos rules! 
on Tue 12 Feb 2019 @ 6:16 PM (PBW Time)

I think that most of my thief characters have gravitated toward CG as an alignment.

I did have one who was in GURPS, so no formal alignment, but between not really knowing the system (I had an indulgent GM who would tell me "you need to roll [whatever]" whenever dice were needed, but I just let my character be her (rather irrepresible) self. I mean, she managed to get herself a ship with crew just because she saw the potential and went for it. (We were going to an island on a hired ship; the others in the party were just going to *sell* the ship! Can you say "no imagination"?) Then she stole a really good bottle of brandy and gave it to the first mate (the captain was dead) to get his loyalty. Fun times.

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posted... Moving along nicely 
on Wed 13 Feb 2019 @ 2:28 AM (PBW Time)

1. Game Alignment
Then that is that. The game remains as it stands. Evil with a hint of neutrality.

2. Starting Money
Jakinda - 30gp
Sotoro - 140gp

3. Sotoro
Slight glitch, sorry to say but your character cannot have an 18/90 strength to start off with. Female elves can start with a maximum of 16 in strength. On the bright side you can start with a 19 dexterity. Please adjust your ability scores.

I changed my mind. I really see no reason why you cannot have such a strength just for the sole reason of being a fighter. You can keep it as it is. I will go one step farther. You can even get it up to 18/00 but there is a catch. Each additional point you want to increase on strength starting from 18/90 it will cost 1 ability score point. This means to get to 18/00 it would cost 10 points. But on the other hand to get to 18/91 which gives you even more strength bonuses, it only cost 1 point. It is all up to you.

4. Jakinda & Sotoro
a. Buy what you can or want with your starting money. What you purchase belongs to your character.
b. your character can start with a little more, if you so desire. There are two catches; the first is it has to be within reason of your character's skill (not class), the second is the cost of the equipment/item(s) will be added on to your character 1,300 debt to your lord. Remember both character has their own village hut within the village. Of course it belong to your lord but it is considered yours as long as you are in service of the lord.

If any question/s please let me ask :)


posted... stuff 
on Wed 13 Feb 2019 @ 4:54 PM (PBW Time)

So, would that be from the PHB? Since this is sci-fi, didn't know if there might be something else to consider.

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posted... Your on track 
on Thu 14 Feb 2019 @ 4:45 AM (PBW Time)

1. Jakinda
Yes, items are to be purchased from the PHB. You can use the first or second edition? In addition, if you want something that is not there but would fit into a fantasy medieval setting then let me know and we can possibly work something out. As for the sci-fi part, the story must unfold :)

2. Everyone
a. Everyone will start with maximum hit points at first level. No rolling necessary. Also, for any rolls thereafter for hit points, please note any rolls of a 1 can be re-rolled. I do not like 1's when it comes down to hit points.

b. Happy Valentine Day Ladies
The day of Loving emotions, I hope this day is special for you and your hearts are touch in a wonderful way.


posted... Various things 
on Thu 14 Feb 2019 @ 6:22 PM (PBW Time)

OK .. it's looking like 1st ed? I can't find that PHB (have 2nd ed on hand) right now. Will have to go digging. To some extent, I prefer the 2nd ed way of doing thief skills, but I'm not fussed either way. (Also weird how much the age determination changed.)

Any chance I could try rolling for money myself? That roll was abysmal. *grin*

In the GURPS game, there was a thing called "personal basics" that I'd sort of adopted for games I run. It would run at 5gp and include: comb, towel, soap, sewing kit, messkit (mess kit being essentially an appropriate container for food and utensils to eat with, adapted to setting).

What is the general income/outgo from week to week .. like, do I need to buy my own food for the house, what kind of weekly income can I have, etc. What is the size and basic layout of the house interior?

What sort of animals is she tending for the lord?

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posted... Answers 
on Thu 14 Feb 2019 @ 6:40 PM (PBW Time)

a. Yes, feel free to roll again for your coins. Keep the highest amount, but only one roll.

b. As for the type of animals you tend to sheep. He has lots of them. You are not the only one that cares for them, but you have yours and they have theirs. Most of the wool and meat is sold and/or traded to the dwarves from the hills. You yourself never does any of the commerce, just the groom.

c. He does not know you are a fully trained thief, he never asked what you wanted 1,300 gold for. He was just interested in having someone that was in long term employment under him possessing your groom skills. His business is growing. But remember as long as you are in his employment he can ask almost any job of you, including going to war if the need arises.


posted... annoying question 
on Thu 14 Feb 2019 @ 7:08 PM (PBW Time)

Just trying to get a feel for what I have in terms of income/outgo, where my daily food is coming from.

And how much space is inside my house.

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posted... Question not Annoying 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 6:00 AM (PBW Time)

1. Housing

Both Jakinda and Sotoro have a place of this size each. This is because of what you do for the Lord and the space is needed. As for most of the other serfs they have places 1/2 that size or smaller, families 1/2. Now the slaves they are housed in something about the same size but designed different. It is just open and has many more people per personal space.

2. Your income
Both of you earn 2 gold pieces a month. Remember when your work day is over, it is your time. On your day off, it is your time. More money can be earned. The main thing is to be productive for your Lord. If productivity increases good, if it stays steady, par for the course, if it falls could and most likely will draw attention to you and not the good kind.

3. Food
There is one hot meal served during the evening time in the village by 3 serf families. It is their job. During this time a small sack of fresh dried rations is given to tie you over until the next meal. It is not much, but if you want more you have to get it yourself. Although the evening meal is plentiful as you have a good Lord.

4. Questions
They are good questions. It gives good visuals for role-playing and it is not nit picky. As I see it, these questions helps me a lot, so thanks.


posted... Visions of great adventurers 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 2:00 PM (PBW Time)

Gm What happens if you pay off your lord when it comes down to your house?

Hey great sticky fingers Jak looking forward to this adventure with you.

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posted... Sry took me so long to answer 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 2:10 PM (PBW Time)

Answer about paying off Lord & housing
1. If you pay of your Lord, you are free and clear. At this point you can continue to work for him, but as a free man and your task is limited only to what is agreed upon. Also, lesser hours.

2. About the house, it is still your if you desire to keep working for the Lord as a freeman, but you will now have to pay rent. And yes your salary could increase, if you negotiate for hire wages. It is mostly it will be granted based on three major factors:
a. you already worked for him
b. he is a good man
c. you are footing a lot more expenses that were paid as being a serf

Thank for the questions. Hope this help you as much or more than it help me.
Again I apologize for not answering sooner. I re-posted your questions here so that it would be easier to find.

Jakinda and Sotoro
Once you get your character's starting items purchased you can pick 3 and only 3 items you brought with you when you went to investigate what fell from the stars. Yes, you have all your clothing and money pouch with coins. I will also say you have with you a dagger if your character purchased one. But no more than the 3 additional items. Everything else is in your home.


posted... No problem 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 4:28 PM (PBW Time)

Now a few more questions--what's surrounding the area? I am seriously thinking about a hunting dog if there's woods with small game (squirrels, rabbits, etc) in the vicinity. Basically trying to get a feel for her "before the adventure" life.

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posted... Answer 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 4:54 PM (PBW Time)

I think the starting thread titled Village of Benzer should answer your question and a little more.


posted... So wanting a dog 
on Fri 15 Feb 2019 @ 5:43 PM (PBW Time)

How amenable is he to giving permission? Or getting far enough on her day off to get something?

Anyway--Catahoula Leopard Dog, can help her herd an errant sheep, good guard dog, etc.

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posted... The Dog, Hunting & more 
on Sat 16 Feb 2019 @ 2:24 AM (PBW Time)

1. Jakinda
Sorry, I cannot answer that question. It is an in character situation. The best I can say is you know your lord is a good man or half-elf. You also know it is not unheard of that a noble has given permission to people under their charge for different things. Your character knows to whom to speak too for such a request. As to having a herd dog, it would be a great asset. Most cannot afford them. The more your dog knows the more that dog will cost. But being a groomer, you know how to care for it well above most.
The dog without costing more than you already paid of it has the ability to help herd and guard. Anymore skills than that, it will cost more.

2. Jakinda and Sortora
Please post the three items you are bring with you when you go search for what fell out of the sky. Once this is done the game will begin.
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