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Game Guide

posted... Building your Character 
on Sun 10 Feb 2019 @ 9:18 AM (PBW Time)

There are 7 Aspects for character creation. But beyond that there is more listed below to help give you a more exact description of your starting character.

1. Characters start with the following base ability scores.

11 - Strength
11 - Intelligence
11 - Wisdom
11 - Dexterity
11 - Constitution
11 - Charisma

2. All players have 5 points to divide up and add, as they see fit, to their character's ability scores.

* Bonus points for your character's ability scores are granted to the character by the player picking one or more of the following:

3. Party Loyalty Traits
a. Character will not steal from another party member. - 2 pts.

b. Character will not rat out information to others outside the party member group that could potentially used against any party member. - 2 pts.

c. Character is highly protective of his/her party members. One, two or all of the listed below can be picked. The listed below action/s against another party member will cause your character to immediately respond with enough force to stop the action listed:
* Cruel or Demeaning words from non-party members - 1 pt.
* Getting into fight with non-party member - 2 pts.
* Getting into a weapon and/or magical combat - 4 pts.

4. Annoying Traits
Bonus points for character ability scores are granted to the character by the player picking one or more of the following listed below. exception a and b pick one or the other, (cannot be both):
a. Minor Farting - 1 pt.
After eating for the next 2 to 5 hours (1d4), the character farts. The farts are rarely stinky and even the stinky ones can be tolerated by anyone, but each time the character farts it is heard by anyone within 5ft of the character. Farts on average are 12 per hour.

b. Major Fart - 3 pts.
After eating for the next 2 to 5 hours (1d4), the character farts. The fart is silent and very stinky. Anyone within 8ft of the character and/or in a small room with poor air circulation will smell it. Farts on average are 1 per hour. Reaction to the smell roll (1d4) on the table listed below:
1. Most people make horrible faces and at least 1 person leaves the area if possible.
2. Somebody makes a rude comment directed at the person who farted even if they do not know whom it was that did it.
3. Everyone in the area moves at least 5 feet distance from the person that farted. Player characters make a will power check (wisdom) to remain next to the character.
4. Same as number 3 along with someone throwing up (NPCs only). If only one person is present that person will puke before moving way.

Note 1: NPC responses does not apply for combat situation and saving throws applies during other (lesser hostile) conditions.

c. Snoring - 1 pt.
The character snores once into a deep sleep. Anyone within 5ft of the sleeping character has to make a will power check (wisdom) to get some good sleep themselves or a non-sleeping character try to ignore the distracting snoring. Being distracted causes a -2 to all rolls. Only 1 check per day is necessary to be immune from the snoring once it started. The other way is just to move out of range.

d. Special - 2 pts.
The character feels he/she is special in some way and when that particular situation occurs, that person will insist on being first. If not first, fights or worst will happen. Although the reaction will not override loyalty traits and/or game rules of getting along with party members. The character feels they are special in one of the following listed ways. (pick one)
1. party treasure, the division of
2. being in front of the line
3. picking and having best place in his/her mind
* this could be a sleeping space, a chair or stool, food or drink on the menu etc. etc. Only one thing is picked to gain this bonus.
Note 2: This is something that is obtainable - not like wanting a place reserved for and/or taken by someone above his/her station.
Note 3: Party members cannot have the same special thing. If someone already has it the next player has to pick something different for his/her character.

Game Guide

posted... page 2 
on Sun 10 Feb 2019 @ 9:18 AM (PBW Time)

5. All characters will start out at first level serfs. Every character has their own little village house that belongs to employer of which they sold themselves into serfdom.

6. Your debt is 1,300 gold to your Lord. Although your character has already saved up (whatever your character rolls for starting money), minus what is purchased for starting equipment, to pay off his debt, nothing has been paid back as of yet. But, remember your character does not have to worry about this debt. It is never due and will never come due because of your obligated to serve your Lord until it is paid back.

7. Roll a d100. This will determine what knowledge your character has to such a degree the local Lord paid you for your serfdom to him.

Game Guide

posted... More about your character 
on Sun 10 Feb 2019 @ 11:29 AM (PBW Time)

I. Your starting home
Although the house and land belongs to your Lord, the house is yours to do as you see fit, with the exception of making major changes and/or destroying it. The house came along with your serfdom.

II. Your Lord
He is a small country knight or minor noble with some influence. His lands are a few hundred acres. He is a good man that believes in taking care of those under him. He trust his underlings to do as they are instructed to without a great watchful eye. But he does follow the law to the strictest degree if this trust is betrayed. You know he has minor betrayals all the time, but he knows nothing of it, as his lands are profitable. This gives him no cause to micromanage.

III. Your Character's Job
You are skill at whatever random skill your character possess by rolling the d100 asked earlier. More description of your character's obligation to your Lord will be explained after your skill set is known. As you know and the others that serve your Lord in this village he owns knows. You lord is not always looking over your shoulder, but if a section of his estates falls below profitable standards, or shows a lose of profit, or something brings bad attention to his estate, it will draw his/her attention. Most jobs consist of 10 to 12 hour days with 1 day of a week. The rest of the time is yours to do as you see fit.

IV. A Family & Background
If you desire your character to start with a family, then so be it. As for the background I will make it up according to your character's rolled skill set.
Note: One spouse and as many children as is reasonable which zero is a number. Think medieval.

V. Your Debt
The 1,300 gold you received in exchange for serfdom to your lord was spent on getting the training as an individual with a class. (i.e. your character class). You had plans on becoming an adventurer one day.
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