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posted... OOC  
on Sat 5 Jan 2019 @ 1:24 PM (PBW Time)

  Out of character discussions


posted... Invite 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 4:30 AM (PBW Time)

  If there's anyone you know who might be interested in playing, please invite them. We're almost at a minimum to start.


posted... Minimum plus 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 6:20 AM (PBW Time)

And we can always come across others, later, who survived the shipwreck but goty separated from us.


posted... Notes 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 5:21 PM (PBW Time)

  I'm still keeping the game open to additional players, but we now have the minimum to get started. If you know someone who is a solid player who would enjoy the game, feel free to invite them.

I work Tuesday through Friday (10 hour days), so I'm off from now through Monday. I would like to get all the characters finalized over this weekend.

I would like descriptions in the public box--it doesn't have to be drivers' license "height, weight, hair color, eye color", but just a brief description of what the character looks like. Preferably, a portrait from the galleries here, too.

Work through the character sheet, and write up something in the background: what island did the character come from (if it's one of the smaller ones, if you want to suggest a name for your character's home, that's fine, too). Include any family (if living), friends/enemies, pets, etc. If you feel you need more space, just write it up in the private thread or a series of notes. Feel free to ask any questions along the way.

If you need info filled in (rule book stuff), just let me know and I'll insert what's needed.

Based on the answers to the frequency question, I think that 3-5x a week sounds like a good target pace for posting. If that's too fast/too slow, let me know.


posted... How to Get Ahead ... 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 10:06 PM (PBW Time)

  It's probably fair to tell a little bit about myself and my style of games. I've been playing since the 1980s and made my first foray into actually running a game here on PBW back in 2002. That game ran for nearly a decade, until my life imploded in a most spectacularly awful way.

The world that I have set the game in is one of my own design. This came about because of some of my thoughts when I first started playing in what I now call the world of Generica. It wasn't Greyhawk, it wasn't Forgotten Realms, it wasn't any published world, there was no cohesiveness, and it was fun enough at the time. Then when I started playing in online play-by-post games, I got mightily frustrated as a player when the game was set in Forgotten Realms and the DM would state that it was year whatever DR and all the rules-lawyering of "this can't be so, because in supplement Y, this town was destroyed 10 years ago DR" ... Good grief! I think I've had more fun getting my blood drawn for labwork.

So this world developed to make me satisfied with some of the "why is this so?" questions like why dwarves can't use arcane magic, coupled with my interests in history, language, culture, and so forth. That's why there's some matrilinear and some patrilinear races, and also some that are monotheistic and others that are polytheistic, and other things that satisfied my nerdy tendencies. (The reason dwarves can't use arcane magic in this world is as a result of a eons -ago event in which the dwarven-mages reached a level of hubris that nearly destroyed the world. Consequences are that dwarves now style themselves as ablach/ablachi and the term "dwarf" is seen as "fighting words". Also, there were terrible earthquakes and destruction that resulted in no large land masses at all. The largest islands in the world are around the same area as the island that holds England, Scotland, and Wales.)

Now, as a player, I've also been in games in which other players characters would basically sit around and wait for the PlotPoint™ to hit them in the nose, but they wouldn't try to do stuff. It drove me crazy.

In my games, I do not often bring out the PlotPoint™ I'll lay out the problem you're facing but it's up to your characters to try stuff to solve the problem. XP is awarded for trying things that your character would reasonably think of (don't play a lunatic), even if it doesn't actually succeed.

Of course, killing bad things and taking loot is standard in the AD&D game, it's just not the only, nor even the best, way to progress here.

Also note that, since you're starting out as 0-level characters with few skills, you are getting some breaks where trying something can lead to acquiring a proficiency (either non-weapon or a weapon proficiency). Don't be afraid to try things, even if it starts you in a different direction than your original thought. Your character never planned to be an adventurer, either, so just have fun.


posted... Having Fun 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 10:25 PM (PBW Time)

  In fact, one of the most important rules is to have fun. There's honestly no point in playing if you feel like it's a chore to check in and bang out a post.

When you do write a post, I prefer that it is written in 3rd person, past tense. It gets really jarring for me if it's written in 1st person because the "I" keeps changing perspective. I can live with present tense before 1st person.

Also, I prefer to use the standard conventions of written English. That means that speech can be designated simply by the use of quotation marks (no bolding, no need to change colors). I prefer posts that are at least a paragraph (combat excepted).

I will provide knowledge that characters would have, so if I describe something as "the banner of Baron thus-and-so" you can conclude that your character knows who that baron is and roughly where his holdings are, or other such things that might come up during the course of the game.


posted... Language - My understanding? 
on Sat 12 Jan 2019 @ 8:07 AM (PBW Time)

To determine if you can learn the language, roll against INT for speech and separately for literacy. You don't have to roll for native tongue, and any demi-human whose native tongue is not Calandian will be able to speak Calandian at an "acceptable" level without rolls.

1. My character is elf. Thus he speaks one of the elven languages at minimum of acceptable. Is this correct?

2. Then I roll and the results are added to acceptable to see where he is actually learned at. Is this correct?

3. He also get Calandian at acceptable and the roll is done the same? Is this correct?

4. With all other languages, there has to be a roll to see how the character can relate/speak the language? Is this correct?

a. These languages cost language slots. Is this correct?

5. To go up in any one language it cost 1 language slot per level. Is this correct?

6. Can languages be improved during game play with the cost of language slots from the character's intellect.


posted... More on languages 
on Sat 12 Jan 2019 @ 9:58 AM (PBW Time)

  1. The native language doesn't need to be rolled for, and will be at native fluency.
For elves and right-side half elves, the native language will be one of the elven dialects.
For humans and wrong-side half elves, the native language will be Calandian.
Gnomes (which I don't actually have anyone playing a gnome) would speak Gnomish as a native tongue.

2. Knowledge of one language may give you a bonus to learn another. For example, an elf who is from the Tanasi clan will have a bonus on chance to learn and fluency, if learned, for the Neroli dialect.

3. A demi-human whose native language is not Calandian will automatically speak Calandian (do not have to roll for INT to determine whether it can be learned). Roll normally for ability (include the INT modifier), and if the level is below acceptable, just move it up to acceptable.

4. For all other languages, and for literacy in all languages, a roll vs INT is needed to see if the character can learn the language. Roll for ability with the language for any learned language. No slots are required for any language learned at character creation.

5. To improve in a known language after the character is created, a NWP slot is used. One NWP slot will improve ability by one level. Spoken languages cannot be improved in this manner beyond Excellent.

6. Language may be improved over the course of the game. NWP slots may be used when available, or we (DM and player) may agree that the character has been using a particular language so much that fluency should be improved.


posted... A post about posts 
on Sat 12 Jan 2019 @ 5:42 PM (PBW Time)

  EvaSo I always write in third person, but I tend to write in present tense in all my other games. I will try to remember to use past tense here... but I may slip sometimes.

I get super picky about the portraits I use for characters, and playbyweb doesn’t have many I like. Do you mind me using the embedded image like this for posts?


posted... Communications 
on Sat 12 Jan 2019 @ 6:12 PM (PBW Time)

I delete the information from the dice thread since you transferred it to my private thread.

I agree with you about pics Eva. I will be looking for a better picture for my character later :)


posted... posting 
on Sat 12 Jan 2019 @ 8:49 PM (PBW Time)

  OK--I can glide over present tense vs past, as long as it's in third person.

I'd prefer pictures from the galleries, but that in-line picture is fine. I wouldn't want any pictures inserted that are larger.


posted... starting 
on Sun 13 Jan 2019 @ 7:58 PM (PBW Time)

  OK, except for Zien, everyone's character looks ready, so I'm going to go ahead and start.

Zien (who may or may not change names) will either have been with the group all along or I will introduce in another opportunity, depending on how the character creation wraps up.


posted... Opening question 
on Mon 14 Jan 2019 @ 10:45 AM (PBW Time)

In our Wrecked intro, are we all still chained, or is that for each of us to say?


posted... chains 
on Mon 14 Jan 2019 @ 10:53 AM (PBW Time)

  Still chained, but you may find the bunk got damaged, allowing you to free yourself. Notes sent if that's possible with your bunk.


posted... Wrecked 
on Mon 14 Jan 2019 @ 11:36 AM (PBW Time)

Is this our introduction to begin or is there more. Also, what starting equipment/clothing are we starting with?


posted... Yes 
on Mon 14 Jan 2019 @ 12:31 PM (PBW Time)

  Intro to start posting.

Standard undergarments are a chemise for women; for men it is drawers and a shorter chemise (hip length). That's the starting equipment--no socks, shoes, etc.

It is cold and rainy -- maybe 44° but feels a bit colder due to the wind and rain.
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