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posted... Candy Cane Issues[Jarlath] 
on Sun 30 Dec 2018 @ 11:37 AM (PBW Time)

  Mercy Hospital like much of the town has the appearance of a home. Large and fancy though it hosts much high tech and very advanced machines and procedures.

When Jarlath arrives at the hospital he is greeted by the Head Nurse a woman in her sixties who looks like she tolerate zero crap under her watch. "Good evening, Doctor Shanahan." she greeted "I have been instructed by the Director to bring you to him strait away. Welcome to Mercy Hospital. I have heard only good things." she walks as she talks indicating he should come along. "I am supposed to give you a tour of the hospital, after the surgery." she explained. "I am the Nurse in Charge of the Hospital, so you won't have me in the Operation Theater but Nurse Van Suel is very good and she knows how to take direction." she explained.

She led him to the elevator meant only for the doctors used a key to open it and than handed him the key. "While your here you will need this, there are many floors here." she explained. "You have been told I am sure about the situation with Mr.Zillion and have his file ?" she asked.

The elevator made small dings as they touched floors but did not open until they reach the floor they were needed on. "Do you have any questions for me ?" she asked "I am versed in his condition."

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... Candy canes? How sticky 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 2:15 PM (PBW Time)

  What had happened to call Jarlath here was, in short, disturbing. Knife wounds were, sadly, something that he had seen quite a few times, what he had not dealt with before was a situation that came from the pages of a horror book with the victim being stabbed with confectionery and bound to a tree. There had been a few cases that seemed to be ritual based where he lived but those had gone to the morgue rather than the hospital. The candy canes might be a concern but he was going to treat them as embedded knives unless it was apparent that it was enough of a change that he would need to modify his approach.

He greeted the Nurse, he could well appreciate a deal with no crap attitude, "Good evening, I have heard good things about this hospital and the staff who run it." He fell into step with her, well versed in walking and talking in such matters, "I will happily take the tour and I am sure that the staff will work well with me." While he knew he was good and it wouldn't be a boast to say among the best, he knew also that what he did was a team endeavour, the surgeons were just most often the better known for good or for ill.

He nodded as they reached the elevator, "I have Mr. Zillon's file and have read it on the way over." He nodded as she asked if there were any questions, "While I believe based on what I have that I know the way forward unless dealing with candy canes rather than knives makes things awkward, are there any underlying conditions or developments since the notes were given to me that may complicate matters?" While he was pretty sure that what he had would be all he needed it never hurt to be sure.

D100 Medical diagnosis (vs 98%) 69


posted... It's Not A Sweet Treat 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 3:46 PM (PBW Time)

  It was something that no one was aware was going to happen in fact the cause of such thing wasn't even known. At least not at the moment. It had indeed been something from the pages of a horror novel. The confectionery attacker had clearly been of the mind to turn the would be Santa into a reindeer as the scans would show. The sheer strength required to do that was above normal by all imagination.

"It is good to hear it." she said "Some people think they come here to socialize." she said her tone disapproving. "This is a job, now don't get me wrong Doctor Shanhan. I believe its good to know the people around you, and be friendly. However, socialize on your own time." she explained. "It's how I run my floor." she gave him a smile Not that I think your anything but professional, I have heard all good things about you, its good to have a doctor who cares." she added. "I'll be glad to show you around." it was factual. " The cafeteria is on the second floor, gift shop on the first. There are nurses stations located close to exits or emergency stairs, this is in case we get little kids visiting causing some issues, or people trying to escape out into the stairwells." she gave him a knowing look. "Usually when they have had pain medication or have just come off of their anesthesia we want people located where they can keep them safe."

"You've had a candy cane before I am sure, you know how brittle the candy can be ?" she pressed forward "Not in this case." she stated "It is the damnest thing." she opened her own file to flash a couple of the pictures. "Clearly here it was jammed in, and here it cracked the skull, Candy should crumble under such blunt force, this did not." she waited for the doors to open and stepped out "He's under heavy sedation currently. A sample was taken and its actual candy cane when it was tested, but never seen anything like it before and I have seen some weird things, in my forty years here." she made a mmmmph. sound. "You'll be in the Theater Four for your surgery." she pointed out. "If you need me page me, I am always on one of the floor. My name is Florence Whitman." she considered his last question as they came to the door of the Director who'd walk him to his station. "I want to say no, but Doctor you strike me as someone who understands there are other things out their. My daddy use to talk about em, he worked in the Morgue here and died there." she didn't hesitate a moment when she said "He was talking nonsense, talking to his wife, bless his heart he doesn't have one, never did. He also mentioned their eyes, their terrible eyes..right before he was sedated."

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... Santa should not be a reindeer 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 6:16 PM (PBW Time)

  Jarath had read the notes collected so far in great detail, the best he could think of currently was to treat it as if someone had left knives embedded in there, as a doctor he knew well enough not to lose himself to the horror of the thing.

He nodded, "When we are here we are here for the benefit of those who need us, anything outside of that has its proper time and place." Having been a scholarship student and waiting only for age to catch up to allow him to take on practical learning in his medical course he was no stranger to hard work and knew that the work came first. He listened to what she said of the layout, storing it away for a time he had leisure time, nodding as she spoke of then nurses' stations and the reasons for them, "People on that level of medication can make poor decisions or be unsteady on their feet so certainly you would want people close by." They couldn't stop someone discharging themselves but they could advise and they could stop someone killing themselves while on the hospital grounds since stairs under the influence of medication could be a hazard.

He looked at the pictures that were presented to him, yes it was indeed the damndest thing. He nodded as she told him which theatre he would be in and that he could page her, "Thank you for your assistance." He listened and nodded as she said that he struck her as someone who understood there were other things out there, "There are stories with enough credence that I believe it to be the case." He tried to put together all that she was saying and fit it into anything he had researched but that was more a thing for after the (hopefully successful) surgery.

Lore demons and monsters (vs 73%) 23


posted... Not the strangest thing 
on Wed 2 Jan 2019 @ 10:01 PM (PBW Time)

It seemed like this sort of thing happened her frequently with how nonchalant she was or she just had a damn good head on her shoulders. Could even be both.

"That is something some of the younger ones don't understand." she said as they walked. She gave a nod of her head "Its not just that, you know." she lowered her voice "People sometimes disappear." she stated "No explanation just gone out of their beds." it was trying some time. "No one knows what happened to them, the nurses never see, and even the hardware here tends to pick up nothing." she pointed them out. "Like this, one night we had a brown out, three patients gone, this was back about four months ago, but the weird thing is most people just accept it as normal "

She was quiet for a few more seconds as they headed to the Director's office. "Oh of course. Its what I am here to do." she assured him. "Oh doctor, there are plenty of stories to go around. I suggest you head to Krampus's Kitchen if you want to hear more" she tapped on the door.

"Director, Doctor Shanahan has arrived." she called


posted... Answers 
on Wed 2 Jan 2019 @ 10:05 PM (PBW Time)

There really isn't a lot to go off at the moment to make a decent go of the skill. So judging by what you have read and gathered it could be a number of things. It mentioned awful eyes ...
It could be a medusa, but that wouldn't work as he is not stone.

It could be some sort of fey, but your not really sure. (that's its own lore)

It could be a vampire.

In general it seems to be something scary to behold, you are gathering what ever did it has a horror factor.

Sorry I couldn't give you more, you had a great roll, but your going off of very little information at the moment.

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... There is always something stranger 
on Thu 3 Jan 2019 @ 10:15 AM (PBW Time)

  Jarlath had come from Ravenrook which was its own brand of weird, he also knew things so certainly he had come to take it in stride just as Nurse Whitman was doing.

“Ravenrook is fortunate to have a head nurse, like yourself, that doesn't accept that kind of foolishness as being the standard to stay at, so there is hope that at least in these two hospitals some of the younger ones pick it up.” He nodded, ”I have seen the like also, it is something that is most curious.” He was looking into it and collected any old book that he was able to find that might be tangentially relevant. ”When people can't explain things at that level of strange sometimes the brain just rationalises it.” In his experience it ook a will to reject that as the norm.

”And I thank you for it.” He nodded as she mentioned Krmapus' kitchen, that was a thought for later perhaps.

”Good evening director.”


posted... Director Jack Owens  
on Mon 7 Jan 2019 @ 12:01 PM (PBW Time)

The door opened and the man in the office is tall and stately. Dressed in a suit and mute tie. He is wearing dark framed glasses and a warm smile. "Thank you, Doctor." he greeted and nodded to her Nurse Whitaker." he said looking to the woman. "You may get back to your rounds I will walking the good doctor to the theater."

The nurse gives the man a curt nod. "Yes, sir." she said and turned to Jarlath. "Remember Call if you need me." she reminded and she made her way back towards the elevator convinced Jarlath was in good hands.

The director held out a hand to shake Jack Owens he introduced himself. "I won't ask if you've seen the files I am sure you have. It is a delicate situation to be sure." he agreed"This is the first time I have seen a candy cane used as a weapon." the man indicated the file. "We have had some terrible animal attacks, but this is a whole different level of strange. The theater you are in will record the procedure mostly so other can learn from your technique. We aren't going to bar out it happening again as it's happened once." he chuckled but it held no mirth.

He opened the door to the prep room "I will leave you to it. Best of luck in this." came the well wish. The Director having introduced himself and welcomed him to the hospital leaves Jarlath to get ready for his surgery.

You may make your surgery roll, you have +10% from excellent equipment to your surgery roll.

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... Surgery 
on Tue 8 Jan 2019 @ 10:39 AM (PBW Time)

  ** EDITED January 17, 2019, 12:59 am **

Jarlath nodded as Nurse Whittaker reminded him to call if he needed her, "Thank you." He had a good idea of what he would need to do, it would be a matter of maybe inducing a burr hole to allow easier access, inching the candycanes out, both for the man's care and because Jarlath was sure the police would like to see the candy canes, and hopefully using mesh to help heal, plates if not if the latter were the case the man would sadly never get through an airport security scanner first time again.

At least, hopefully, he would be alive to have that latter concern.

"Yes, it is most odd, especially as candy canes should not have been able to do this." Though Jarlath would not say as such in this company, something unnatural had clearly done this. He nodded as the Director said they would be recording the procedure, hopefully this would be a recording of Doctor and team giving the man a better quality of life rather than fighting against, and ultimately losing to, the odds, Jarlath had been the opperating surgeon on examples of both.

"Thank you, Director." Jarlath got himself ready for surgery, greeting the team as he met them, "Good evening, let us see what we can do for this gentleman." He got himself into a focussed state of mind, a Doctor must trust himself, trust his team and trust the equipment.

Surgery vs 98% 99

With all of his skill and with all of the equipment, Jarlath could feel it going against him, hoping to not draw the attention of the nurses or do anything the camera might pick up, Jarlath muttered what may have seemed a prayer and threw in his last roll of the die.

Casting heal wounds for 10 PPE


posted... Team Effort 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 4:15 AM (PBW Time)

The Director was practical in this situation and said as much. "We knew of your reputation for being able to do near miracles, and we had hoped that you would be able to do something here, we have hope. Only because you will be on the surgery team. " he stressed "We don't have much in the way of expectation that he's going to live." it was blunt to the point.

"Good luck in there and thank you for coming.".

With that he allowed the man to get prepared to do his surgery.

You have a team of four working with you. All seem to work together regularly and they are on point about taking directions when you give them. They know the lingo, and as the saying goes they can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Its when he codes on the table the first time that its clear something more might be at work there. Jarlath notices that the candy canes are stuck in their rather firmly.

Still this is a normal occurrence in such a situation. The healing is the first time that he gets a very good response. Since he gains color and he seems to be more lively. In fact he sits strait up on the table, his eyes flying open and he looks around though he doesn't seem to be seeing the room he's actually in.

He looks directly at Jarlath "THE BELLS ARE RINGING...IT IS COMING." than he falls back onto the table. The team rush to stabilize him. They do well, and the man's vitals even out.. He notices one of the nurses doing something similar to what he had done. Only because he's perceptive in his work.

She places two fingers on the man's forehead and he can't miss the glow. "Hopefully, the surgery will go better from here out." she said glancing to him. "We as a whole don't like using anything but normal means, draws attention to ourselves." she explained quietly. Nodding to his team which are stoically organizing things as well.

"All of us are in the know in one way or another." she looks more troubled by him saying IT IS COMING. Still she doesn't loose her cool maintaining her professionalism.

Nurse Ross used Induce Sleep to make sure Mr.Zillon was not awake or feeling pain. The team as a whole is preforming well.

He may attempt another surgery roll.

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... This confectionary offends me 
on Tue 15 Jan 2019 @ 9:14 AM (PBW Time)

  Jarlath nodded, "I am not foolish enough to believe that everything is fixable, I will give him as much a chance as I am able." Items stuck into the head were tricky, and there was something weird about apparently preternaturally hardened candy canes.

Jarlath can tell that this is a good team, certainly used to working together and in taking directions under pressure. Jarlath, ideally, would be able to be gentle with withdrawing the offending, and to be frank the rapidly getting offensive christmas confectionery but it was very firmly stuck in there.

Jarlath helps to stabilise the man, being in the know about such he does not miss what the nurse does and she of course speaks up on it. He nodded, "Understandable, I am of the same mind." He also tried not to use such means too often, it was hard not to as much as it was a necessity in not drawing attention nor coming to use it as a crutch, but something was already cheating in his view.

IT IS COMING was certainly worrying, Jarlath set his mind back on the operation, they could only see where it went from here.

Surgery (vs 98) 74


posted... Results 
on Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 2:20 PM (PBW Time)

  After a near death experience Mr.Zillon is stable. Jarlath is able to slip the hardened confectionery from the man's skull which lead to another complication, there were cracks in the skull where the candy had been jammed in there.

Nurse Ross turns her attention to him once the man is stable. "This sort of thing does happen, its the first time I admit that it was candy." she paused "However, the whole town itself is not much better." she cleaned the man's face up. "These holes aren't likely to close on their own ?" it was a question. She had never studied brain surgery.

"Also, no. I don't use it regularly. Sparring is always best. I don't want to introduce a foreign element into the man's healing." she explained. "I worry mostly about them getting use to it and making it harder for the body to heal itself, not a lot of research on it, but than those that have gifts tend to be quiet of it." she admitted.

It is up to him what he'd like to do. If he wants to induce bone into the mess. Use mesh to help it heal over or maybe find someone like the nurse who can help. Though the later is likely harder than it seems.

Jarlath Shanahan

posted... Better than expected 
on Thu 17 Jan 2019 @ 12:56 AM (PBW Time)

  Jarlath made very sure to place the confectionary in a dish and cover that in a plastic bag which he would label for the police, he was sure that they would want to look over this. The procedure was as smooth as ever it was going to be, Jarlath had opened a burr hole to help remove the object.

"Yes, candy is a new one on me as well." He considered, "When fractures are mostly linear then mesh can help the bone heal, it is preferred, I would want to check in on him after a course of antibiotics then every couple of months after to make sure all is well, the other option when there has been large scale surgery to open the brain is putting bone, preferably the bone that was originally there, back and screwing in titanium plates." If mesh to heal was all that was needed, Jarlath would be willing to make the trips down here needed to see the poor man.

"I will be honest, in most cases I wouldn't because we just don't know enough. Someone was already cheating with hardened confectionary, however, the best I could do was give him the chance." Also, frankly, the person who did this needed to be caught if possible. "But yes, sparing is best." Jarlath had not made his reputation by using gifts and it was not important enough that he would use them as a crutch.
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