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posted... Research Woes[Sam] 
on Sun 30 Dec 2018 @ 9:26 AM (PBW Time)

  As Sam understood he was going to have to put in the leg work if he wants to actually have a full picture before he goes to investigate the Bells he finds himself in the Ellis & Kent Public Library.

The building itself is old and has been apart of Abbey Grace for many, many years. It was once an Old Victorian House that was donated to the city upon the death of its former owner Matilda Ellis. She has dedications to herself all over the city as she was one of the wealthiest woman in the history of the town. Her family still lives here and donates frequently to the library and town.

The library has wall to wall shelves, their is a coffee nook for the town book club and there are meeting rooms for people to get together as well. A cafe sets in the corner of the Library and it serves Breakfast and High Tea.

This is all familiar to him, as he enters in there are people milling about, there are always people here. He knows he wants the third floor archives though, so that is his destination.

You may roll Research and ask three questions per Research roll, keep in mind each research roll is an hour of your time.

Sam Regan

posted... Hitting the Book 
on Sun 30 Dec 2018 @ 6:58 PM (PBW Time)

Sam had managed to settle in and get into a town history book. He had a lot of questions since he had been asked to investigate this. He knew that there was a lot of rumors and lore on it, but what was speculation and what was truth ? He hoped to discover through his research.

With notebook and pen in hand he began to outline everything that he could on the following subjects.

Hour One- Questions
1. When was the Bell First Seeing in Abbey Grace ?

2. Who Brought the Bell Over ?

3. What was the Location(s) of the Bell through the City Originally ?


posted... Research 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 3:04 PM (PBW Time)

  The Bells were originally brought over in 1899 by Lance Devonshire and his new bride Lucy Devonshire from their travels abroad. Some say it was gotten in Germany though he finds a smaller article that was written by Lucy Devonshire herself.

There has been much speculation about the bells we hung out this Christmas . As well as much envy you can imagine my surprise at this. They are originally from Patara, and Lance tells me that is current day Turkey. They were said to be created by the monk St. Nicholas. They do sound lovely when they jingle. You will have to have a closer look at them Izadore, when you visit for tea Monday.

Your dear friend,
Lucy Devonshire.

He can gather from the information that he has read so far that Lucy & Lance Devonshire brought the bells over from over seas. The original Location of the Bells was once the Devonshire Mansion. Which has long since been torn down. If you want to know more about that you'll have to research that as well. On the old city map, the Devonshire Manor, is where the Mall now sits.

Sam Regan

posted... So Much 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 7:22 PM (PBW Time)

It was so much to take in and he was working his way through the information he found. He thought he would research a few more things. Than dig more deeply into owners.

The three questions he would have gone with.

Hour Two-Questions

1. Who was the last known owner ?

2. How many people died in the tragedy ?

3. Other Locations the Bell Has Been.

Research: 100


posted... Answers sorta 
on Wed 2 Jan 2019 @ 9:50 PM (PBW Time)

  Sam finds himself distracted by the letter its really the only explanation for a clean line of thought being derailed, since who was Izadore ?

As he's sitting there he sort of drifts and he imagines being in front of a old Victorian House, there is a lovely woman in green at the door talking to another woman in a pale peach gown. The two seem to be speaking its hard to make out any details, but the closer you get to speak to them the weirder things become.

Suddenly both woman turn and look directly at you. You see their faces are skeletal empty eye sockets baleful seeming. Both say in unison. Some people should mind their own business."

He snaps awake when the chair he had been leaning back in falls all the way back and he has a excellent view of the ceiling fan which is not on. As the weather is too cold.

Sam Regan

posted... What Was That ? 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 3:19 AM (PBW Time)

So what was that ? Sam wondered as he was looking upwards praying one of the librarians wasn't going to show up and give him a fussing. Flashes of his childhood spent in these very rooms came to him as well.

Sam, sat up and now he was most certainly intrigued about this woman and who the hell was her friend ?

Sam moved from this area to another spot he was looking for the microfish now, and the old obituaries.

"Okay ladies lets see what we can find out." he murmured


one. How long did Lucy Devonshire live ?

two. Cause of Death ?

three. Any files I can find on Izadore since the name is fairly unusual I can maybe start there.


posted... Updates 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 11:21 AM (PBW Time)

  He finds Lucy Devonshire's Obituary which covered both of his question.

Local Socialite Lucy Devonshire died on the twenty -fourth day of December in the year of our lord nineteen o eight. Her husband the esteemed and well regard Lance Devonshire came home to find her unresponsive in the front parlor, as though she had been about to entertain guests.

Devonshire is reputed to say that his lovely wife's mental health had begun to deteriorate after she had lost their first child together. (Likely miscarriage). He goes on to say that he humored her because he loved her, and allowed her to have her tea parties with--no one. The article goes on to say that her funeral will be private and that she will be buried in the family graveyard. Rather than flowers send donations to the Healing Foundry on Monroe and Elm Street.

Looking for Izadore is a peculiar thing, as there seems to be no residence records or birth or death certificate for her. There appears to have never been an Izadore ? Yet, he did see another woman quiet plainly in his vision. Could it have been something more or was it his mind filling in the for thought.

He can follow the lead with Lucy if he would like. He certainly notices that the date of Death is clearly interesting as December 24th. Many of the deaths related to the bell have been within the 12 Days of Christmas.

Sam Regan

posted... once more 
on Tue 15 Jan 2019 @ 9:31 AM (PBW Time)

"Well, that's some weirdness." he said in a low voice and took down some information into his notebook. Seeing as they asked to send donations to the Healing Foundry..."Wonder what that's about." he said as he gathered his things.

He would have to come back to the library but he'd been there for hours and he needed to get up and stretch his legs, maybe grab some taco's or something to eat. The whole mess with Izadora had him curious since...well..hmm. If people said she wasn't around who was the woman ?

Okay this will be his last round of research as he's been here awhile. The questions are as followed.

one.: What information can he find on the Healing Foundry ?
two.: Other names that can be shortened to Izadora.
three: And Lastly a list of people who died around Christmas from say Dec 24th - 25th for now ?


posted... Info. 
on Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 2:54 PM (PBW Time)

  The Healing Foundry was founded in the 1800's as a place of healing for the mentally infirm. It was ran by a local family. The DeWitts and it has never changed hands surprisingly.

It briefly closed in 1901 due to an outbreak of what people called the Black Death, as people began to break out in black sores, and they died within two weeks of it. It was never explained. The whole building was put under contamination, and it was no small penny that the DeWitt's spent to have it purified and cleaned up.

In 1923 it was briefly a TB research lab, as the disease had broken out in Abbey Grace. It returned to its normal capacity in the 1940's and had an influx of people when the stock market crashed.

There are only a few that counts, though what he does find out about the name is..Izadora means Gift of Isis. Other spellings are Isidora, Isadora

He learns their is a twenty or so year gap, where several people died.
in 1908 there was 12 deaths.

Derek Manuel - 49- electrocution
Eli Willams - 26- Death from falling from his roof
Fiona Greene - 17- was found murdered (her case was never solved )
The Reese Family - Died in a fire (7 claimed)
Timothy Jones - 6- Had santa's sleigh fall on him, when it broke off the top of the Five to Dime store in Downtown Abbey Grace.
Lucy Devonshire - 26- unknown found unresponsive and died at the hospital.

There were random death's here.
Todd Simons - 40- drunk driving
Ramon Hill - 21- was killed by a girlfriend when he cheated.
Yohan Ingles - 27- hit by drunk driver
The Elliot Children ( Wendy, Corey, Frank and Della ) were killed by the Santa Slayer.
Reese Donalds - killed by the Santa Slayer
Quinn Evans - 11 - Santa Slayer
Todd Roberts - 18- Santa Slayer
Yevonne Ren - 10- Santa Slayer
Omar Plank - 49- Santa Slayer (Omar was the Police Chief at the time and he traded his life for that of 5 year old Hattie Greene).

No Deaths

No Deaths

Current Day
It seems to him that something might have triggered the bells, that had not sounded in so long.

(I excluded the murders from the 20's because you already know about this from the history.

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