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Sheriff Dalton Howell

posted... Meeting Sheriff Howell [Sasha] 
on Sun 30 Dec 2018 @ 9:01 AM (PBW Time)

  He was set on the edge of his desk talking to her there was no I am in charge here you will do as I say stance or disposition. He knew he was in charge and did not need to reinforce this. He spoke to her in a low tone.

"So that is the whole of the situation." (in regards to your plot hook )he stated as he leaned over his desk and brought file from under his planner and offered it to her. "This is what I have on the case, mostly it is two people who were out. One was a young couple heading home from the movies, thought that Mr.Zillion was acting drunk so stirred clear of him, It was snowing and they just wanted to get home. The other report is from Mrs.Brown, she lives on Mr.Zillion's street and said she heard some screams and so she called us." he paused "The weird part was she said she saw people, in expensive clothing around Zillion's house which is fairly odd." he explained. "Since Zillion's neighborhood isn't know for its wealth, he's a blue collar worker you know." having said his peace he waited for the young woman to respond,either with affirmative or that she had questions.

Sasha Knight

posted... this is the beginning 
on Sun 30 Dec 2018 @ 7:58 PM (PBW Time)

** EDITED December 30, 2018, 8:01 pm **

Sasha sat in the chair fairly relaxed. She kinda preferred Howell's quiet command disposition. She was not one to stand on authority and had known bosses that tried to lord there position over her, it didn't usually go over well. She'd always been like that, problem with authority, hothead, chip on her shoulder, troublemaker take your pick. She' supposed they were all a bit true. But Howell was tough but fair and problems with authority or not she was able to give respect where respect was due so followed his lead, granted grudgingly at times and maybe tweaked a bit but followed none the less.

When he hands her the case file of Bill Zillion, she was a bit shocked at the viciousness of the attack. I mean what kind of sick bastard attacks someone with goddamn sharpened candy canes. But what really drives it home for her and starts her blood boiling was the fact that he sounded like a decent guy, rare in her experience especially considering his work with orphanages. Rare indeed, and this alone was enough to make her vow to find the scumbag that did this.

"So how do you want me to play this? Keep it quite or shake the hell out of the damn Christmas trees? Presumably I'm not going undercover anywhere unless we have leads that are not here. If heads towards fancy pants people I think we can both agree I'm a poor choice to mix it up with that crowd."
Either way I'll find this sick bastard, am I getting a handler or am I flying solo on this?"

Yeah either way it looked like her first stop was the hospital. Flipping through the file she also looks for any next of kin and both the victims home address and witnesses contact information.

She did grumble a bit about the fact she was going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, God she hated winter.

Sheriff Dalton Howell

posted... weird shit. 
on Mon 31 Dec 2018 @ 2:42 PM (PBW Time)

  He did not lord his position he was Sheriff to make a difference not to gain the extra accolades that came with it. He found her rap sheet to be quiet effective. Not to mention that she dared to question the different, she broke the status quo. It was refreshing. She wasn't corrupt and she seemed to dislike it. This was the type of person Dalton could use more of.

Sure she was hot headed and had a temper sometimes that was called for. People were either defiant of the law or thought themselves above it and wanted to be a big man seen standing up to cops. He'd seen it in New York and Chicago. It was why he had come back here. It was home.

The reaction to the case file had him nodding his head. "Yeah, it was brutal." he stated "I was the Officer on Scene when it was called in." he chuckled. "I mean ya could shake the tree, but I doubt it would give up much more than some leaves.." he replied "Not undercover, not yet anyways." he stated "I may station you where he worked at the mall." he said quietly. " I'm not sure it wasn't something that happened there, but you know how technology is, its 1983 and you'd think it was 1970 since they tape over events every thirty or so minutes. I confiscated the tapes, and watched em. Nothing to be seen because the majority of it was taped over. There is a picture of him walking the back way out of the mall, and a shadow behind him, but than we go to Macy's hallway and the next thing I can tell you is the movie going couple encountering him."

"No I'll partner up with you on this one." he said "I got a bad feeling about this whole mess." he added. "I am not going to leash you, but avoid the type of people that would make you act out, report em to me I'll talk to them. I just really want an extra set of eyes on this. You do know about Abbey Grace's history-yeah ?"

Dalton nodded to the case files "If your heading to the hospital, his doctor is a Jarlath Shanahan, who's likely in surgery because we haven't lost Mr.Zillion yet, were hoping he'll pull through. The Doc is likely the only one who can achieve this and Mr.Zillion is an outstanding member of this town. So deserved the chance."

As she flipped through the report she found the information she was looking for.

Andrew Barry
1232 High Road Apt A1

Chastine Folle
170 Carpenter Way

(this would be the couple who saw him)

Dionna Zillion
East Main & Golden Way
(next of kin -his sister )

1744 Willow Lane (this is Bill's Home Address)

Penny Brown
1746 Willow Lane ( the address of the neighbor who called the cops )

"I have an extra squad car if you want it, you'll just have to go through standard procedure and fill in for it. " he was sure she knew the drill.

Sasha Knight

posted... wondering 
on Tue 1 Jan 2019 @ 1:31 PM (PBW Time)

Well this would be a first, partnering with the boss. Her mind wandered a bit and she looked him over a bit more critically. He was a definite maybe, but was sure he was one of those stuck in the mud types that didn't like to mix business with pleasure. Too bad.

With a small sigh she brings her attention back to the sheriff and the business at hand.
"Gotcha not under cover but stay on the down low and stay away from the yuppies. Report findings back to you. Yeah I can do that. Is it possible to get the lab guys to work on the tape maybe retrieve something?"

She paused when he asked her about Abbey Grace's history, she knew some of the weird stuff for the area but wasn't really sure what he was asking about. "Abbey Grace's history?" she says, a bit. "You should know me and history ain't on real solid ground, seriously boring stuff in school. Anything specific I should be concerned with?" Fishing for some info.

"I'll grab the squad, and head out to the hospital first. Find out if the victim is still with us and if the Doc was able to save these candy canes. He should be using gloves maybe the perp wasn't and we can get some prints. I'll work down the list from there and call you if I have any problems." She grabs a pen and scribbles the name of the Doctor into the file after asking Howwel how to spell it...twice. Stupid weird names.

Sheriff Dalton Howell

posted... well 
on Wed 2 Jan 2019 @ 9:44 PM (PBW Time)

He did not seem alarmed to be given a once over. He sat flipping through his file as he was clearly mentally organizing himself for what they did next. He glanced up at her sigh and raised a brow.

"Pretty much just that." he agreed. "Yuppies seem to be bad for you, from your own file." he chuckled. "Trust me, it took some years to get myself to the point where I am not going to toss them in the car and into a cell." he gave a nod "I am having them go frame by frame and print it out, with any luck when they are done we will have something more solid."

He gave a solemn nod "I am not surprised not to many people do know. Its a place where weird shit, is sometimes the dish of the day. Two months ago I had something that I am pretty sure was a wendigo eating people over in the Silvertint Woods." he seemed to be gauge if she knew of the supernatural before he plunged right in. "Lady over on fifth said goblins took her dog." he added "So, its weird. I wasn't sure your view on the X-File's stuffs." as in did she believe, skeptic or understood.

When she said she'd head over to the hospital he gave a nod. "Sounds like a plan, I am going to start with casing the mall see if I can catch anything that the camera might have missed." a second nod followed "They handle the weird shit all the time." he assured her. The hospital should be fine with evidence. "Hopefully, the guy won't die in surgery, his injuries were pretty bad." when she asked how to pronounce the name he answered Shan-A-Han. He's Irish." he considered "You might have to wait a bit, as he's from Ravenrook, so I am guessing he only got in recently, if so talk to the nurse see if he said anything and get the things found on him, might help ." he was tossing out ideas to.

Sasha Knight

posted... a test? 
on Thu 3 Jan 2019 @ 3:54 PM (PBW Time)

Wait Wendigo? Was he testing her somehow? Did he suspect that she was a bit psychic? She'd never told anyone and except for that old lady in that summer fair that one year she'd never know another one. She worked undercover a lot so she tended to see the seedier side of civilization and while most cops probably have touched the weird most of them just laughed it off as working to hard or some prank. She'd personally only ever ran into one weird thing and even then she wasn't sure. Still she believed that there were more than a few "weird" things out there, hell in some ways its what made sense of some things, even if she can't see it directly. It was clear that he wanted some kind of response but there was no way she was going to make herself look crazy. She'd worked to hard to get where shes at now without the trouble of having to be sent to the police shrink for a eval.
"I think.. she says treading carefully, and for one that might know her this is a bit out of character. "that its a bit more likely that it was a bear attack then a mythical bigfoot like cannibal running around. And goblins? Most likely a bunch of kids or some PETA members "doing the right thing" she air quotes that last part. "I'll admit that there are some strange things out there, hell people themselves can be sometimes outright weird to explain. But, if there was anything to all that hocus pocus I'd be willing to bet the vast majority of that weirdness doesn't want to advertise its presence."
There who said she couldn't tip toe around touchy subjects, well just about everybody but she wasn't really counting anyway.

"Yeah, I hope he makes it also, though getting stabbed with candy canes kinda ranks up there on the whole weird meter. I'll check in with the nurse and go from there."

She gets up and heads out unless Howell has anything else. She gathers her coat a very heavy one, gloves, stocking cap and a scarf. All of which went on before she went out to the motor pool. For about the 20th time today she wondered why she lived in this god forsaken tundra.

Heading out, she stops by to to check out a squad and waves at the corporal in charge of the motor pool when he says that she should be in uniform when driving one. B;owing a kiss his way as she drives by. She turns the heater on high and doesn't even think about lowering it for the entire drive over. Letting it get nice a warm in the car, almost bearable in fact before she got to the hospital. Once there she parks close to the door but out of the way of anything major and heads inside. Getting directions from the receptionist, she heads up to speak with either the Doc or nurse.

Sheriff Dalton Howell

posted... Weirder Things. 
on Mon 7 Jan 2019 @ 12:09 PM (PBW Time)

He didn't seem to be testing her at all. He seemed to be dead serious in fact. Had he noticed her abilities it was hard to say. Did he have his own another excellent question. One she might have to wait until later to find out. "I see." he said and tipped his hat to her as he slipped from his desk. "I think you might find out that Abbey Grace is a bit different from normal places." is his reply. Though he did have a laugh about PETA. "I am not sure PETA even knows what its doing half the time." he pulled on his coat and paused for a moment "You got warm gear right ?" he asked and if she acknowledged she did he was fine if she said no, he set her up with warmer clothes from the shelf of his office.

"Its got to be the weirdest thing to date to have happened." he agreed as he held the door for her and followed through. "Good idea, I'll radio you if I find anything important, or need back up." since a good cop never thought they were above needing a partner, no matter what his title was.

He heads for his own car and takes off heading to the mall.

She is able to get a car fairly easy even if she leaves the guy sulking about her lack of uniform. It's likely why he's on detail duty anyways.


posted... To The Hospital 
on Mon 7 Jan 2019 @ 12:15 PM (PBW Time)

Mercy Hospital isn't to far from the Station. It is on Marigold Circle and it has the appearance of a manor house. Which is to say its huge and fancy. Yet, it looks to be well tended and if you believed the talk. They had some of the most advanced technology and techniques.

When she arrives she see's a typical busy hospital. There is a woman working behind the main desk. A long hallway with elevators to either side and the sign is set out that indicates the direction to the chapel and the other is to the Gift Shop. Beyond that is a hallway and signs that indicate Restrooms.

As she is in day to day clothes the staff is not immediately drawn to her. Though she does get a few appreciative glances from men heading to the elevators. The nurse behind the counter finishes with the call she was taking and asks "Can I help you ?" assuming she was looking to visit family or needed direction somewhere.

Sasha Knight

posted... Off to see the doc 
on Tue 8 Jan 2019 @ 6:42 PM (PBW Time)

She didn't want to admit it but what Howell said had her a bit rattled. Did he know or suspect what she could do? What she REALLY could do. Would he consider her an asset or a liability? She'd only ever met one other person who could tell on sight for sure she was psychic. And truth be told that old lady at the state fair telling people bogus fortunes scared the crap out of her. It was like she could see right through her or something. As for the other things, Wendigo? Goblins, oh she believed in that stuff all right. She'd run across a few, even torched a few that got to touchy feely when she could be normally she couldn't those creepy crawlies anymore than a normal beat cop. BUt if this place was as weird as he alluded to maybe there will be a need for her special skills.

She tried to think if she had done anything that would have given her away. Nothing really came to mind though but it was so easy sometimes to forget that heat didn't affect her the same as others. Hard to explain why you had no problem taking that baked potato out of the oven without a oven mit and not get burned. Yeah she might have to be more careful in the future.

Thought for another time as she parks gets out and heads into the hospital reception. The looks of the few that walk past her are not lost on her and she smiles a little bit at the attention. As the nurse asks her how can she replies.

"Yes I'm looking for a Dr. Uh.." He pauses and fumbles removing her gloves and then getting her notepad out and finding the name. "Ah, Dr. Shanahan. Pretty there is a good chance he may be operating on a patient at this time. If you can direct me to his office or his nurse I'd appreciate it."


posted... A Little Help 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 4:47 AM (PBW Time)

  Abbey Grace was most certainly one of those places the things that went bump and rawr in the night. Did Howell know, maybe it was hard to say. It could be that he was just experienced with dealing with things he encountered or he might have been a touch gifted himself. She would have to talk to him more to draw more than a guess. Just looking at the place would make one think it was just beautiful but there was something else there.

Thinking back nothing she had done would alert someone to the fact that she might be special especially not the Sheriff. Than again he had requested help and she had been sent. It could be assumed maybe fate had a hand in it, or was it something else ? It was anyone's guess.

On her way in she seems another ambulence pulling in and people rushing to get the person inside. Another one behind it. This time of year seems to be very busy at the hospitals.

Another woman a small rotund woman with a sharp look, but warm eyes holding a chart in her hand comes to the desk. Since even in normal clothes something about Sasha stands out as someone who has authority. Even when she is down playing it.

"Go on your break Sofia, I will take care of this." she tells the other woman who nods. Not one to just be rude Sofia looks to Sasha, "This is Mrs.Whitman. She is the Head Nurse chances are she can help you better." she offered.

Mrs,Whitman turns her attention to Sasha. "Dr.Shanahan is in surgery currently, we don't expect him to be out for a bit. How can I help ?" she asked. "He doesn't have a office of his own as he was called in from Ravenrook. " the woman explained. "Are you here about the candy canes ?" the woman doesn't even bat an eyelash, since Sasha, hadn't shown a badge. "If so a little credentials would be a must, as this is an ongoing investigation with the local police." she said politely. Also as to not give away to much on the patient.

It was standard procedure to not give information on someone in Mr.Zillion's condition.

Sasha Knight

posted... intros 
on Fri 11 Jan 2019 @ 7:08 PM (PBW Time)

As the woman is relieve by Mrs. Whitman Sasha turns her attention to her. She nods polity to both and at the mention of credentials she digs out her badge from one of her spacious pockets. One of the few things she likes about winter is the coats with the big pockets to put things in.

She pulls out the little carrier with her badge and credentials in it and hands it to her. While she looks at it she unwinds her scarf but leaves it still draped around her neck the ends dangling down her front. she does not make a move to remove the hat.

"I here to get some further details on the case and speak with the doctor if I can. How is the victim doing?"

She wasn't about to make any waves for this woman, this woman controlled this little kingdom she had no doubt of that. Oh Doctors and administrators may think they do, but nurses were like secretaries. They were the ones that really got things done and they knew everything.


posted... well 
on Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 2:30 PM (PBW Time)

The nurse takes a quick look over the id. Seems satisfied and than promptly answers her questions. "We had him brought in by you good folk." she said as she slipped in front of the computer to check matters for Sasha. "He was in critical condition than, he has stabilized, but with brain surgery who can tell, we have the best in with him." she added. "He was in and out of consciousness while we were getting him situated but the doctors here chose to sedate him since the pressure had to be unbearable. We are hoping for the best, its rough when its someone you know from the mall or school. I personal fear there may be brain damage." Florence says.

She gave a pause and she leaned forward keeping her voice down "I know Abbey Grace if full of the weird, those that believe in the supernatural and those who scoff at it like its myth." she stated "I am undecided, I have seen some things on gods green earth I can't explain." she added "The man did say something about its terrible eyes, its terrible eyes. I don't know if it means anything to you all, or if it means something to the case." she gave a shrug. "Ah, here. Well, the good news is he survived the surgery." she spun the computer screen around for Sasha. There was Mr.Zillon's name blinking on the screen.
"He's still under sedation and will be until he's stabilized enough for his second surgery. I believe they were able to extract the objects from his skull. There is a note that no doubt you will want those. From the Doctor. Give him about twenty minutes to get himself back in day to day clothing, and I will have him talk to you." she said. "Until than, if you have any other questions for me, I am glad to answer them." she said though Sasha was taller and petite Florence did seem to exude the air of authority of someone who knew how to be in charge.

"I think I can find you the tapes from when he came in.", she added "I told the guard to pull them, not to tape over them." that might be something that interested Sasha.

If there is any questions in particular that Sasha wants answered from Florence, she can ask. Florence is helpful to the boys and girls in blue and will give strait answers

Sasha Knight

posted... more weird talk. 
on Thu 17 Jan 2019 @ 6:52 PM (PBW Time)

Sasha listened to the nurse attentively. Brain damage, shit that was harsh but he was alive so maybe not to terrible. She didn't know enough about brain trauma to know if being in and out of consciousness was a good thing or not. She held no illusions about being able to talk to the victim, that sort of thing on TV was all BS. Reality was way way harsher.

She eyed the nurse while she went on and started talking about the weird in Abby Grace. What was this? Granted she was actually just as likely to see the occasional odd thing as a cop but damn. What was weird was two people in authority and there was little doubt that Sasha recognized this nurse as a person of authority, that mentioned weird things going on in Abby Grace in less then an hour. THAT, in and of itself, was weird. With a capitol "W". No there was either something that has people really spooked or there are some serious rumor mill trying to ramp everyone up. Yeah, well if this all turns out to be a punk the new gal set up they may find out this girls bite maybe a bit to hot to handle.

She does respond to the terrible eyes comment though, "Terrible eyes? Do you know if he mentioned an context or other features. Though I can imagine we are lucky he said that. I expect he's just referring to the attackers eyes."
At hearing the news that he had survived the surgery she was honestly happy to hear that. The man seriously sounded like a nice guy, though she would have to check more into his background for sure.
"I didn't really expect to speak to the victim, but yeah forensics is going to want to examine the... weapons. I'll also need a list of people that touched them so we can remove them from possible finger prints. Sure I can wait for the Doc, Looking over the tapes sounds a heck of lot more productive then waiting in an emergency room waiting area. Do you know if the paramedics are still around?"
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