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posted... Part One! 
on Sun 9 Sep 2018 @ 7:54 PM (PBW Time)

What started out as a fairly typical delivery to The Forge for Shinobi Apprentice of Steam Nessho, has set the Master Artisan of the Makai’s Third Level’s main city on the move. A tortoise apparition rumored to be a descendant of the ancient World Turtle itself, when Kame has a purpose, it seems as if the entirety of the earth moves to assist him.

Attention caught by the strange, smoky crystals that Tōya, Shinobi Master of Ice, gave to Nessho that afternoon, Tetsu, the Head Apprentice at Kame’s forge and an apparition of Metal, has found himself caught up in Kame’s wake as the old demon leaves The Forge…


posted... Part Two! 
on Sun 9 Sep 2018 @ 8:07 PM (PBW Time)

Upon their arrival at the Shinobi's main training building, Master Tōya meets up with Kame, Nessho, and Tetsu and it is revealed that the three crystals Nessho was meant to deliver to The Forge are in fact part of a larger set that were left behind at Mount Jiggarashi, the location of mining operations mainly done by apprentice members of the Shinobi for training purposes.

These strange smoky-white crystals have so far reacted to the Elemental Manipulation of Steam--a la Nessho--as well as Metal--Tetsu's doing--and subsequently the Ice and Wind powers of Tōya and Jin, Shinobi Master of Wind, respectively.

When Kame expresses a desire to journey to Mount Jiggarashi and unearth the other pieces, he also enlists Nessho and Tetsu for going along with him and they set off presently...


posted... Part Three! 
on Sun 9 Sep 2018 @ 8:13 PM (PBW Time)

The three travelers began their journey Westward, towards Mount Jiggarashi, finding themselves little surprised to encounter no others along their way. The least intelligent of the beasts of the level had long ago made their trek upwards, towards the portal they could smell opening to Ningenkai/Human World, and there were few left behind.

They crossed the river not far from the city over a stone bridge, one which looked old, but strong, and continued into the wilder area beyond, where the trees grew more closely together, though their path was still clear, tread upon often by pilgrimages much like their own.

While Nessho is aware that their journey is occurring at a much faster rate that it should, Tetsu realizes this speed must be Kame's doing, though even Tetsu is incapable of sensing exactly how.

The pair of them knew when they first left the city that they were being followed, though once in the wilderness it is only Nessho who catches the scent of the energy signature of their follower(s) on the wind, though whoever they are seems content for the moment to simply follow and not draw any closer than necessary.
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