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on Sun 9 Sep 2018 @ 7:49 PM (PBW Time)

The format I'm using for this game is borrowed from a friend of mine who has used PBW in the past. This thread is for anyone's use, but should be limited to important information from the game, if players feel they'd like to keep track of something here.

I will be posting a reply with the rules that I'm also borrowing from said friend as I really liked the way he ran games here.


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on Sun 9 Sep 2018 @ 8:18 PM (PBW Time)

Stolen from my good friend:

"Most RPGs are a collection of action-reaction and so forth. While dialogue and description are an important element, the fun and exciting parts are the actions. While online, I tend to like taking a free-form approach to actions but I do not like having to 'undo' actions that aggressive or overconfident players take. As such, I have developed a system where there are two distinct ways to take actions... these are called 'Asking' and 'Stamping'.

The first (Asking) is the simpler of the two. You just clearly state what you intend to do and I will resolve the action in an Admin post or the reply of an NPC. Example:

Player: Nyveria runs up the log, attempting to leap the gorge while firing an arrow down at the ogre within... she aims for the eye.

Admin: The ogre reels back as Nyveria's sharp projectile pierces it's eye and blindly swings it's club, catching the elf midair and bringing her down into the gorge with him.

In this example, the player asked if they could A: Jump the gorge and B: Wound the ogre. They technically succeeded on both but the ogre ALSO succeeded on it's counterattack, thus canceling the jump success.

In this format, any action can be attempted and I will use dice and logic to determine the outcome. The second form is a little more complex.

'Stamping' is to pre-approve an action and then 'Stamp' it with a (GMAA) to let everyone know that this is a "Game Master Approved Action" Example to follow...

Player: Nyveria gracefully ascends the log, leaping high into the air while notching an arrow. A quick snap places the arrow in the ogre's eye, causing him to reel back in pain! (GMAA)

Admin: Swinging blindly at his attacker, the ogre feels his club catch flesh, pounding it down into the gorge with him!

In this example the player asked if they could make the jump and attack the ogre, I approved the attack but told them to leave themselves in the air for a counterattack.

I tend to prefer if the player asks versus stamping this allows a natural action-reaction progression to the game. However, I include and allow the stamping because it gives a lot of literary power to the players and allows them to better describe and narrate their own adventure."

For our game, I am sure there will be moments where I will ask you to make certain rolls if you're asking to do specific things. Feel free to ask me /contact me about that kind of stuff as well! Since we're just sort of testing this out, I'm not going to be super stickler about what we're doing unless I've got to be.
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