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Thread: Tome I - Wave Saber II
Board: Search for the Dragon Lord
Group: Players
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posted... [18 Keev 16:00:0] Event 3 
on Tue 9 Feb 2021 @ 4:21 AM (PBW Time)

Since no one except Myre found interest in the tanglefoot bag, he will consider it his. In addition, Brianne takes a look, but has no idea of what it is worth..

After a quick meal and whatever preparation can be considered, the group leave the hunting cabin and follow Chothur as he guides them towards the abandoned building.

Upon entering the woods, the see that the ground has become more rocky with the trees clustered closely together. But once they are within the woods about 200 yards, they find a easer trail heading in the direction of the abandoned building. Chothur never knew that this trail was here, but its as if his father had considered the need to easy travel. The trek through the woods is easy, but the land undulates up and down, but seems to be going mostly upward.

As they climb, the trees begin to thin out until they reach a high bluff that looks over the ocean. Chothur looks around and mentions that on a clear day you can make out one of the many small uncharted islands throughout the Itwibs to the north. Though he has never been then, his father told him, that nothing lives there.

The trail turns and heads inland towards a dark foreboding looking structure. Its an odd shaped structure for a warehouse with a pitched roof. The trail becomes a barely recognizable overgrown road. As they approach, it doesn’t take an engineer to see that he building has shifted on its foundation and was dangerously leaning to one side. From this angle, the exterior boards in many places have falling off, with gaping holes in the roof. The window shutters on most of the windows are missing. The road approach ends at two large doors, one off the hinges and laying rotting on the ground. Over to the right is a side door closed. A quick look at this door shows that it is stuck fast, because of the shift of the building.

[* DM: How would the group like to progress from here? *]

Astolph Amastacia

posted... Warehouse 
on Wed 10 Feb 2021 @ 4:41 AM (PBW Time)

“Why would a pirate store his booty so high up and away from the ocean? For easy access, you would think it would be placed at sea level at a dock or something?” Astolph muses.

Astolph asks to see the pearl, he is untrained, but he has some idea of what it might be worth. If not, he asks if anyone else knows how to appraise its worth.

Once at the warehouse Astolph suggests, “I would suggest that we scout around the building to see if there are any entrances or possibly inhabitants nearby or in the structure.”

Myre Moonshadow

posted... Survey 
on Wed 10 Feb 2021 @ 4:42 AM (PBW Time)

“I agree with Astolph,” Myre mentions, “But let’s stay together for now.”


posted... Building Condition 
on Thu 11 Feb 2021 @ 4:44 AM (PBW Time)

“Place looks worse than ever,” Chothur states, “I don’t recall it leaning that much when I was here last. Of course that was a number of years ago.”

About surveying the area, Chothur looks about, then starts off around the structure clockwise, looking for anything that might be out of the ordinary.


posted... Haunted? 
on Thu 11 Feb 2021 @ 4:45 AM (PBW Time)

Looking up at the structure Rigoletto mutters, “This place looks like it could be haunted.”

Syd' Ny

posted... Haunted? 
on Fri 12 Feb 2021 @ 11:23 AM (PBW Time)

Not liking the idea of tangling with undead, Syd’Ny decides to stay nearby Brianne and Chothur. Being the religious type, they should have some defense against them.

Brianne Goodwin

posted... Bring up the Rear 
on Fri 12 Feb 2021 @ 11:24 AM (PBW Time)

Follows the group, watching their back and the surrounding territory.


posted... {SDL} [18 Keev 16:30:0] Event 3 – Wave Saber 
on Mon 15 Feb 2021 @ 4:56 AM (PBW Time)

The surrounding terrain around the warehouse is rugged and unkempt. Thick grass and undergrowth, a few trees growing in the clearing. Looking at the structure, they see that the far right corner from the double door entrance has collapsed, with a huge gape in the roof area, showing beams and rafters still holding together. For the group to enter through this area it would take about a 8 hours of work, and may cause more of the structure to collapse.

Continuing the survey, they are able to get close enough to some of the windows. The windows where designed small, too small for anyone of normal size to fit through. Syd’Ny might be able to squeeze through, but it is unnecessary at this time, since one of the two double doors allows direct access. Looking through the windows into the chambers beyond, one can see that remains of furniture, crats, boxes, barrels and garbage left by treasure hunters, squatters and possibly monsters. Even so, there are no sounds of movement or activity from inside.

During their survey, Astolph takes a look at the pearl and smiles, handing it back to Brianne reporting with some confidence that it is worth about 120-gps.

Eventually the group again arrives at the main doorway. Off in the distance to the west, the sky is dark, looking like it might rain in a hour or two.

Myre Moonshadow

posted... Thoughts 
on Wed 17 Feb 2021 @ 4:48 AM (PBW Time)

After walking around the structure, Myre looks at everyone, “Well, it’s about 4:30 right now, we have a couple of good hours prior to night fall and prior to rain. We can either looks for some place to camp out here or we can see if we can find some place dry inside. Thoughts anyone?”


posted... Preference 
on Wed 17 Feb 2021 @ 4:48 AM (PBW Time)

Though bad weather and staying outside is his norm, he knows that the others are not of the same mind as his. “I have no preference.”

Astolph Amastacia

posted... Shelter 
on Mon 22 Feb 2021 @ 4:53 AM (PBW Time)

“I say we take advantage of the structure against the weather and see what is inside,” Astolph remarks, “If we can find a dry and protected area, it would be best for any studying that I might need to do.”


posted... Inside 
on Mon 22 Feb 2021 @ 4:53 AM (PBW Time)

“I have to agree with Astolph,” Rigoletto adds, “I am curious to see what is inside. We also need to find clues for the next step.”

Syd' Ny

posted... Taking a Look 
on Wed 24 Feb 2021 @ 4:30 AM (PBW Time)

Taking a look inside through one of the windows, Syd’Ny is not feeling any better about the possibility of undead. Ever since that night ghasts had broken into her family’s home, killing her parents and nearly killing her before she escaped, she has always felt anxious about them. She doesn’t say anything to anyone, but does move closer to Brianne, even trying to make small talk to not look like it is on purpose.

Brianne Goodwin

posted... Friendship? 
on Wed 24 Feb 2021 @ 4:31 AM (PBW Time)

Accepting Syd’Ny small talk as they survey the structure and enjoying the camaraderie it offers, Brianne being a priest and typically seeing the dark elf fill with confidence, she can tell something is bother her about the structure. But she figures, if Syd’Ny wants to talk about Brianne will wait until she is ready.

Myre Moonshadow

posted... Caution 
on Thu 25 Feb 2021 @ 4:27 AM (PBW Time)

“Alright,” Myre starts, “I will go first followed by somebody with a light, possibly Chothur, since he has been here before and knows how the rooms are placed. Since Syd’Ny and Astolph can see in low light, it think one of them would be next. Then if Brianne is OK with bringing up the rear, we should be ready.

If something is inside, we need to be careful, no destructive type magic for instance that might cause the building to fall upon us. I also don’t think we should split up to search…not until we are sure the interior is safe.”

Syd' Ny

posted... Let's Go 
on Thu 25 Feb 2021 @ 4:28 AM (PBW Time)

Syd’Ny shrugs her shoulders at the line-up, but when it comes to entering the building, she waves Astolph to follow Chothur. This way, Syd’Ny will be between Astolph and Brianne. Even so, Syd’Ny does take out her two swords and prepare for a fight.


posted... Layout 
on Mon 1 Mar 2021 @ 4:43 AM (PBW Time)

“Well,” Chothur mentions, “I might as well give you an idea of the layout from what I remember.”

He grabs a nearby stick and sketches in the ground a rough outline of the warehouse. “The general layout, is a huge main space in the center of the building. Except on the entrance wall, the other three walls have chambers. On the right are offices for accounting or scheduling of shipments. Not really sure, but one did have a busted up desk and the rooms are small. That door,” he points to the one that is stuck, “Opens into a hallway that leads to those offices. At the end of the hallway, which is now the collapsed area we saw earlier, might have been a record room or a library for books. All the back wall opposite from the main entrance my best guess is where they stored the rum or other liquid drinking items, because of the busted casks and barrels. On the left from the main entrance are three more chambers. One is the quarters for the workers, because it had a busted up large table in the center, and sleep quarter up in a loft. The next chamber must have kept some of the more valuable items, since the door had been busted off its hinges and the place looks completely ransacked. The is some kind of wood working shop. Possibly to make barrels or crates.”


posted... {SDL} [18 Keev 17:30:0] Event 3 – Wave Saber 
on Fri 5 Mar 2021 @ 4:35 AM (PBW Time)

Hearing no additional comments to Myre’s plan, he takes out his sword and shield and steps into the dark building, followed by Chothur. Next is Astolph, with Syd’Ny waving Rigoletto forward follow Astolph. Then Syd’Ny and Brianne bring up the rear.

Though it is darker within the structure, there is natural light filtering through clearstory windows and holes within the roof. Through this gloom, remnants of barrels, crates, and other containers are littered throughout. Large puddles of water, with vegetation growing out of the pools, such as grass, mold, and stunted trees, because of the lack of light. The air is musty smelling with rot, vegetation and mold. The air feels damp and clammy, while the dirt floor feels firm. The sound of the place seems quit, though drips of moisture and the creaks of the building as if it was ready to fall apart and from loose parts being moved by the mild wind outside.

Staying together, the group move into the large chamber and begin their search from chamber to chamber following Chothur’s map. As they survey the main area, they come upon a 6-inch wide crack in the floor that runs from diagonally across the building from the front left corner to the far right, where the part of the structure had collapsed. Though those who live on the island for some time do not recall any seismic activity, this was obviously cause by the shifting of the ground and earth.

Continuing their search of the structure, they move on to the right offices and find that they are small with no desks or chairs remaining. Anything that could be moved or burned was removed, and only dirt and dust remain. Though they did find in one office with the remains of an old fire. Near the ceiling on the outside wall, a board is missing to allow the smoke from the fire to escape. At the end of the hall that along the offices is completely blocked by the remains of the roof and walls in this section. Vines weave their way through the debris. Returning to the main chamber and working across to the other side, the first chamber they entered must have been the workers gathering, sleeping and ready room. The loft that Chothur mentioned had collapsed and it remains cover the back area. The table he mentioned was still there, but one leg had been removed, possibly to add to a fire. The next chamber was totally empty. The last is the workshop, though no equipment was still there, the tables and shelves and marking of old equipment was still visible. In one corner was a kiln of some sort, rusted and falling apart. In the back room where the liquids where stored, was a row of old large casks. Out of the six, two had busted open from the rusted bands that held it together. Even though none carried any liquid the air held a distinct smell of old ale and wine.

The group found nothing alive or undead.

As the group returns to the main chamber to discuss the next step, off in the distant a crack of thunder can be heard and the wind begin to pick up causing the building to rattle even more.


posted... Hotel 
on Mon 8 Mar 2021 @ 4:44 AM (PBW Time)

“Though this is no Five Star Hotel,” Rigoletto remarks, “I have stayed at worse in my travels as a performer.”


posted... Original Search 
on Mon 8 Mar 2021 @ 4:45 AM (PBW Time)

Chothur mentions, “I have never stayed here overnight. All I did was search through the place, though I didn’t find anything of interest.”
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