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posted... Candlelight T&T 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 11:11 AM (PBW Time)

  Here we have the details on the airship trading company owned by Jergard Stanton and Father Nessuno: Candlelight Trade and Transport.

Current Pay Arrangements
-30% to Owners
-60% to Crew
-10% to Improvements

The Flicker
-Current Fuel: 223 miles
-Cash-on-hand: $7300


posted... The Tradeship Flicker 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 11:12 AM (PBW Time)


The Flicker measures 65 feet from stem to stern, 25 feet from rail to rail. She looks similar to this, but with a second mast up near the forecastle.

Engine: Helium Generation Engine
Propulsion: Sails
Speed: 16 knots cruising, (for an average of about 430 miles a day), 20 knots in battle.
Hold: 29 feet by 18 feet, 4000 pounds.
Berthing: 15 (8 in open bay, 6 in 2-man cabins, 1 in Captain's Cabin)

Changes to the image above:
-The compartments marked as "Crew Quarters" are not as drawn - they are an open bay that sports 4 sets of double-stacked hammocks, plus air-chests for the crew's belongings. This area can support 8 crewmen (or passengers willing to slum it for a cheaper ticket).
-Each Passenger Cabin has a double-stacked hammock, but there is more space and privacy. Each room can host 2, for a total of 6.
-The Captain's Cabin is the only true "room" as landlubbers would recognize it, having a desk and a single hammock. It is, however, only about half the size - the other half of that space is the Flicker's galley.
-There is a second mast on the forecastle. There is a massive canopy-sail that holds the ship aloft when filled with helium from the engine. When full, it sits over the Flicker not unlike a massive clam-shell.

Further information:

-Engine: The Flicker uses a central Helium Generation Engine that pumps lighter-than-air gas into a massive canopy-sail that sits over the ship in a shape not unlike a clam's shell. She also has two out-rigger sails to port and starboard that are used to catch the wind and move the ship. Her speed depends greatly on the winds, but she can usually average 16 knots over a day's travel (for an average of about 430 miles a day). She can top out at around 20 knots in battle.

-Hold: Her hold is about 29 feet by 18 feet - a watercraft of her size could carry 16000 pounds of cargo in that space, but as an airship the Flicker's capacity is just under 4000 pounds.


posted... The Flicker's Crew 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 11:20 AM (PBW Time)

  The Flicker needs a crew of at least 4 - an Engineer, a Helmsman, and two ABAs (Able Bodied Airmen). The positions necessary to fully man an airship are:
-Captain: HMFIC
-First Mate: SMFIC
-Helmsman: Steers the ship
-Engineer: Keeps the engine in good repair
-Quartermaster: Speaks for the crew and maintains order among them
-Boatswain (or Bosun if you want to say it right): Keeps the ship provisioned and inspects its hull and rigging to ensure it is in working order
-Sailing Master: Navigator and keeper of the maps and charts
-Master Gunner: Oversees maintenance, repair, and use-in-battle of the ship's armaments. Keeps the crew trained on the ship's weapons and maintain's the ship's weapons locker.
-Carpenter: Makes and oversees repair and maintenance of all wooden parts of the ship.
-Rigger: Makes and overseas repair and maintenance of the rigging and sails. On an airship, is trained to actually walk and climb on the canopy sails to watch for leaks.
-Surgeon: The ship's doctor.
-Cook: Master of the ship's galley
NOTE: "Mates" are assistants to any of the above. A "Gunner's Mate," then, would be an assistant to the Master Gunner.

Bear in mind, many of these can be doubled up. Here is your current crew and the roles they fulfill:

-Adam Leskie (Captain): A Negro Freedman who served in the US Air Force during the War of Southern Secession, Adam signed on in Denver.

-Connor Byrne (Engineer, Quartermaster): The Flicker's engineer came with the ship, formerly a part of her sky-bandit crew under Butcherblock Hogan

Filip Zaleski (Surgeon): A handsome young doctor from Poland who just finished his apprenticeship in the office where Marshal Lucian was treated. He's gotten a bug for adventure and travel, and is excited to be on board!

Freddy Jarbank (Helmsman and Sailing Master): A hefty specimen - wide gut, a double chin, and powerfully thick arms - and one of the best helmsmen you can find. You just need to keep him away from booze - which is a lot easier in the air. He also knows his way all around the US skies, having been a helmsman's mate aboard several US Air Force airships when he was a boy during the war, making him a perfect candidate for Sailing Master.

Cheng Mei (Bosun and Carpenter): Cheng Mei has been on airships around the world, getting her start on Chinese trading vessels working with her father. Her father died, though, and she was taken to America by her uncle to work on the railroad. She's tired of that nonsense, though, and wants to get back in the air. She learned about ships from her father, and honed her craft as a carpenter working on the railroad.

Amara Freeman (Merchant): a former house girl in the south, freed by a wealthy Yankee before her 16th birthday. Stanton ran in to a few times on his snake oil travels. He usually had poor sales after she'd been in town. Eventually Stanton talked with the townspeople and realized staying in town after she'd been through was a losing proposition, so he'd move on and after a few towns caught up to her. she nearly talked Stanton out of his cart but before signing the deal he started thinking with his head again and instead worked out non-competing routes with her. He was surprised to see her - thought she was still farther East. Turned out she lost her cart in a game of cards and she's been taking odd jobs trying to rebuild her business. She readily joined the crew of the Flicker to help as the crew's salesman.

-Roberto Manez (Pronounced, "Manyez", Cook and Rigger's Mate): "Able Bodied Airman" and skilled Mexican cook, learning to be a rigger under Adam Leskie's firm hand. Signed on in Denver.

-Kenneth Grist (Gunner's Mate and Rigger's Mate): "Able Bodied Airman," learning to be a gunner and rigger under Adam Leskie's firm hand. Signed on in Denver.


posted... The Flicker's Armament 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 11:22 AM (PBW Time)

  Current Armament:
-Bomb bay doors with two drop-bombs
-Three fireworks launchers mounted to the rails. One is at the aft and two are at port and starboard about halfway to the stem from amidships.

Other Equipment:
-Rappelling lines for dropping off or picking up crewmen in a hurry
-Smoke-screen generator, mounted aft with controls at the helm and in the engineering room.

Small Arms Arsenal: 4 rifles and 3 revolvers recovered from the previous crew, one Cap-and-Ball Colt Navy Revolver, Assortment of simple melee weapons (axes, clubs, knives, and the like)


posted... The Flicker's Cargo and Passengers 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 11:22 AM (PBW Time)

  None right now ...


posted... Reaper Ward 
on Thu 8 Jun 2017 @ 10:19 PM (PBW Time)

Standard Warding

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Candlelight T&T holding 
on Wed 25 Jul 2018 @ 8:04 AM (PBW Time)

As per SEC rules, no stock can be left unattended at the exchange and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Any and all unattended stocks or securities will be reaped at the end of 15 business days unless it's owner comes forth to claim dibs by licking the "abandoned" security thus contaminating it with cooties. This prevents any and all reapers from coming in contact with the stock or security for 15 days at which point, the stock or security once again becomes eligible to be reaped.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Reaper Ward 
on Mon 7 Jan 2019 @ 5:26 PM (PBW Time)

Standard Warding


posted... Reaper Ward 
on Thu 23 Jan 2020 @ 12:39 AM (PBW Time)

  Standard Warding
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