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"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Hell Bent 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 3:05 PM (PBW Time)

Holstering the Mare's leg so he doesn't accidentally break it and swapping to the hatchet, the Preacher fends off the Clockwork corpses for a second before charging after Stanton. Using his trusty hatchet to knock limbs, hooks, and twisted claws out of the way, the Preacher has got Stanton's back while they make their forward retreat after the not-so-good Doctor.

Too focused on his task of staying alive, the preacher doesn't say much except the occasional grunt of exertion. He continues in this fashion until Stanton and himself are clear of the Dead.

(Aid another, Fighting Defensively. The goal is not to defeat any of the dead, just keep them from doing any damage.)

'George Nevill

posted... breakout 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 3:43 PM (PBW Time)

The Preacher switches weapons while Stanton reloads, then starts swinging back and forth, warding the walking dead away from himself and his partner. He shoves, chops, and knocks them back, making room for Stanton to fire -


- and blast a hole through the chest of the monstrosity between them and Ubermeier's escape route. It falls away and the two men rush through the gap. The remaining cadavers reach out to grab at them, but the Preacher's swinging hatchet keeps them at bay.

They reach the cloud of gas and pause as they realize that if they stop in it, they'll be incapacitated in the same way Ubermeier was. They also come face-to-face with the reanimated corpse of their bounty - George Neville. It raises its metal arm and clubs it hard across Stanton's shoulder. Stanton reels to the side, landing against the wall of the tunnel, then snarls and shoots Neville in the chest with his acid round.

Neville's corpse jerks up short, green liquid bubbling over his chest. The Preacher shoves it back with the head of his hatchet, and then he and Stanton cover their mouths and sprint through the gas. Stanton sees that Ubermeier must have picked up his weapon before leaving, because it's not where he dropped it.

(Stanton takes 7 VP of damage. I've noted it on his sheet.)

'Doktor Olso Ubermeier

posted... showdown 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 3:55 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton and the Preacher follow the corridor, the only way Ubermeier could have gone. You go around a curve and see him standing up ahead in a chamber where the mine opens up into a wide, dark natural cave. There is a rusty metal walkway bolted to the left-hand wall of the cave, with the only thing between the walkway and a steep drop into the dark to the right being a decaying metal-pipe railing. A single, flickering electric light shows the jagged floor of the natural cave a good 20 feet down ...

Ubermeier stands on the walkway about 50 feet from you. He snarls unsteadily through the mucous and tears covering his face. The Preacher notes with satisfaction that there is blood staining the left arm of the Doktor's lab coat - at least one of his shots hit home. He hits a few button and throws a switch on his weapon and pulls the trigger, releasing a cloud of inky, dark, grayish-green gas that obscures your vision (yes, even the Preacher's goggles). "Kommen-ze!" he shouts defiantly. "Let's see who meets whose end in ze dark!"

Jergard Stanton

posted... Just crazy enough to work 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 5:32 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton makes some quick hand motions to Blondie to indicate the preacher should stay where he is.

Stanton then does the reckless, foolhardy action of firing his grapnel bracer toward the ceiling of the cave so that it hooks into the stalactites before he dives off into open air and swings across to the other side of the german.

Hopefully this places Stanton and Blondie on either side of the cat walk with clear firing lines to Ubermeier. Or at least, where he was before the gas cloud obscured all vision. Stanton draws his sword cane and prepares to stab whatever comes out of the mist.

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Winds of the Wastelands 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 7:55 PM (PBW Time)

Before he can object, Stanton is off to the other side of the cloud.

"Aw..nuts," he mumbles under his breath as he hits the deck. If someone's going to be shooting, staying upright is probably not the best move.

Not wanting to stay there, especially with those Clockwork Cadavers shambling this way, the preacher tries for some boldness of his own. The drop is obviously too far to jump, but what's this. He wouldn't have noticed it while standing, but a few coils of black rubber coated cable are draped off the edge of the walkway.

Making sure the coil is quickly secured to the walkway in a two cord strand, the preacher shimmies down the bottom of the cave. He might not be able to see where Ubermeier is, but he will be able to move out and provide some cover fire against the Cadavers when they enter the room.

(Reload the Mare's leg and provide covering fire for Stanton.)

'Doktor Olso Ubermeier

posted... Erol Flynning 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 8:45 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton fires his grappling line up through the smoke at the stalactites he saw in the ceiling. He hears the hook bite into something, gives it a tug to test it, then leaps out over the railing. He swings out around the cloud and sees Ubermeier on the other side of it - the mad scientist growls, turning a knob on his weapon and plugging in a canister from his belt before firing a green-and-purple beam of light at Stanton. It hits him as he's sailing through the air, and Stanton feels his strength ebbing, his limbs growing heavy with weariness.

He still manages to land on the walkway, on the side of Ubermeier opposite the cloud. He draws his sword from its cane and lunges. The point is about to drive home, but it glances away at the last moment, deflected by some unseen force.

"HAH!" Ubermeier guffaws. "My magnetic deflector field verks!"

'George Nevill

posted... Covering fire 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 8:53 PM (PBW Time)

The first of the Clockwork Cadavers comes lumbering into view as soon as the Preacher climbs down to the cave floor. He whips out his mare's leg and fires, blasting its head clean off. It falls away, but a steady stream of them shamble their way onto the walkway, which begins creaking under their weight.

The next one the Preacher sees come into the chamber is George Neville's walking corpse, a molten hole in his freshly dead chest. The Preacher draws a bead and fires the last round in his weapon, hitting Neville solidly in the hips. Neville collapses and falls off the walkway, landing nearby with a gut-wrenching sound of breaking bones and twisting metal ...

... then gets up and starts moving towards the Preacher. Before the Preacher can switch weapons or start reloading the corpse of his bounty is on top of him. He starts waling away with his metal arm and lands several heavy blows.

(These amount to 8 VP in damage. I've adjusted your sheet.)

'Doktor Olso Ubermeier

posted... Bringing it down. 
on Sat 8 Apr 2017 @ 9:01 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton grits his teeth against the heaviness in his body and takes up a stance. Ubermeier fiddles with his multi-ray gun again, throwing his lever back the other way and clicking a switch, giving Stanton an opening. He takes it, compensating for the "deflector field" this time and sinking the point of his sword into Ubermeier's leg. Ubermeier cries out and stumbles back as he pulls his trigger, firing a burst of brilliant blue right past Stanton and into the wall behind him.

Stanton chances a glance over his shoulder and sees the bolts that were holding the walkway to the cavern wall have been melted. He looks back and hears the walkway groaning under the weight of him, Ubermeier, and the clockwork cadavers that have surely caught up to them, by now!

The cavern echoes with the screeching sound of rusty metal wrenching away from the wall. It lurches sideways, and its all Stanton and Ubermeier can do to stay on it.

"Nein! Go back!" Ubermeier starts yelling to the monsters of his own making.

But it is too late. Too many are already on the walkway. It is moments away from ripping away from the wall and crashing down.

(for clarity, the Preacher can tell that it's about to crash down, as well.)

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Double Danger 
on Sun 9 Apr 2017 @ 12:19 PM (PBW Time)

The preacher thought that the worst sound he had ever heard was the sound of gears and bones falling 20 feet to a hard stone cavern. That was before he heard the scream of overloaded metal and the pops as every secondary support bolt gets ripped out of its mooring.

Any second now and it'll all come crashing down on top of him unless he moves, something he fully intends to do. One problem. The animated corpse of Nevill, flailing it's giant metal limb at him is a problem. Without any ammo he's forced to improvise with a solid kick to the dead man's knees in an attempt to make it fall over, followed by a quick jump out of the way of the falling railing with a roll to cover.

All the preacher can do for Stanton is pray that he'll be able to move fast enough to keep from falling.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Swingin' on a Star 
on Sun 9 Apr 2017 @ 9:53 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton is glad his encounter with Ubermeier was too quick for him to disengage the grapnel line from the stalactite. It let him lean on the rock's strength after the blast from the mad doctor's ray gun, and now it might save his friend's life.

"Blondie! Head's up!" Stanton lets out some slack in the line and dives off the catwalk, aiming to slow his descent near the preacher, then grab him and reel them up into the air.

Stanton leaves the sword cane in his free hand to threaten the shambling dead should they draw too near. If need be he'll toss the sword toward the cave exit, intending to retrieve it later, rather than taking the time to sheath it before drawing Dunson's shotgun and giving Nevilll another blast.

'Doktor Olso Ubermeier

posted... a smashing end 
on Mon 10 Apr 2017 @ 6:34 AM (PBW Time)

Stanton pulls out some line and dives off the catwalk to swing down towards the Preacher.
Ubermeier claws at him as he goes, catching only the briefest grip on Stanton's coat-tails before he slips away.


The Preacher, for his part, ducks under Nevill's sweeping arm and delivers a powerful kick to the corpse's leg. A bone crunches, and Nevill tips backwards, landing hard on the dark floor of the cave. Then he starts backing away, watching as the walkway tears loose of the last of its supports ...

Just as it begins to crash down, Stanton lands next to the Preacher. "Hang on!" he shouts, and no sooner does the Preacher wrap his arms around Stanton's shoulders than Stanton turns the knob to reel them up. Not a moment later, the walkway pulls loose and falls with a deafening, squealing, wrenching crash - yet somehow, you hear over all this the sound of Ubermeier's terrified scream.



posted... Surveying the wreckage 
on Mon 10 Apr 2017 @ 6:46 AM (PBW Time)

  The falling walkway destroys the single light that was in this room, plunging the cave into darkness. Fortunately, you are both prepared for that: by the light of Stanton's mining helmet, and with the Preacher's goggles, you are able to safely get back down to the cavern floor to see what remains of the Doktor and his ... work.

You find Nevill's body, first, crushed under the fallen walkway. You remove him without too much difficulty, then begin picking through the bodies of the other cadavers. Before long, you have Jonas Picket, Gilly Reed, and Ken Brass as well. It looks like Ubermeier turned Nevill and his whole gang to the purpose of his mad experiment. Ubermeier you find unconscious but breathing, impaled through his stomach on a piece of the railing. His multi-ray gun and head-harness are both smashed on the ground around him, broken ... just like the rest of his experiments.


posted... More to see? 
on Thu 13 Apr 2017 @ 9:51 AM (PBW Time)

  The other thing you notice is that the far passageway - the opening the walkway led to, opposite the one you came in through - has some light coming from it.

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... The Way of a Man 
on Tue 18 Apr 2017 @ 7:25 PM (PBW Time)

After shaking the dust off their clothing and taking stock of their situation, the unlikely partners take a moment to discuss their findings, "Well, " says Stanton as he hears the groaning of Ubermeier, "I'm thinking of taking his broken toys as trophies and leaving him there ..." He stares at one of the unmoving Clockwork Cadavers. "I'm also not sure how much of the bodies we need to bring back for the bounty."

The preacher finds himself at a crossroads, on the one hand he thoroughly agrees with his even closer friend Stanton, but on the other, the pull of the cloth is too strong to ignore completely. Yes this man has done horrible things, but where did he come across the ability to twist flesh and metal in this way? Surely he couldn't be the only one to have thought of this. With times changing as quickly as they have been, someone else is going to discover the secret and loose it upon the world unless smarter men than he could take precautions for it. Imagine the chaos if these were the soldiers fighting that war a mere 20 years ago. Uncaring, marching onward, mindless and fearless. "No," the weight of the preacher's words drag down his voice, "Terrible men must pay terribly for their crimes. Besides, I wouldn't believe our story if I heard it. We need him alive."

"Are you nuts?! He tried to twist me into one of those things!"

"Stanton my friend, we need the law on our side. If it isn't, how long will do you think we'll be able to hold onto that flying toy we've 'acquired?" This man is more valuable to us alive. The Marshalls will have a field day with him, so they might overlook our side venture. Anyways try and get some more light in here while I try to make sure he doesn't die on us."

"I hope you know what you're doin' Preacher."

"So do I, Stanton, So do I."

With that, the preacher sets to work to heal the dying Doctor, taking extra special care when dealing with the large wound. While not a surgeon and more familiar with cuts, scrapes and gunshots, the preacher does the best he can.

Plan: Save Ubermeier if possible, make sure he's tied (bandaged) up so that he can't do anything tricky after stripping him of all unnecessary items, then begin taking stock of things. Tally the bodies, gather the parts of the weapons and machines (away from Ubermeier) then see where that walkway was supposed to lead.


posted... the high road 
on Wed 19 Apr 2017 @ 8:05 AM (PBW Time)

  The business of saving a life is a messy, desperate business - especially when you don't have the right tools on hand. Using strips of clothing from the crushed cadavers, Father Nessuno tries to bind the railing stuck through Ubermeier's chest in place and staunch the blood that's flowing freely down to soak the rocky floor of the cavern. The blood doesn't stop at first, so the Preacher takes the strap from the doctor's broken ray gun and wraps it around his patient's chest. Grunting with effort to buckle it as tightly as he can, the Preacher uses it to apply more pressure to the bandage. Finally, the blood flow slows and stops. With a sigh of relieve, the Preacher steps back and asks Stanton to hold Ubermeier as he takes out his hatchet to try and break the rod free from the rest of the wreckage. Steel rings on rusted steel, sending up sparks each time the Preacher strikes at a weak point on the railing, and finally it comes free. Stanton lowers Ubermeier to the ground.

Ubermeier is sorely wounded and will need much more serious medical attention, soon, but he's stable for now. Weary, sweaty, and covered in the blood of the man who just tried to do worse than kill them, Stanton and the Preacher make their way up the rock wall to see where the walkway was leading.


posted... motherlode 
on Wed 19 Apr 2017 @ 9:16 AM (PBW Time)

  The passage way curves to the left a little ways in, and a few yards later opens up into a chamber that has been outfitted as a small workshop. It's different from the larger workspace that Ubermeier held Stanton captive in - more suited to small-scale tinkering. Most likely, this is where Ubermeier perfected his designs before putting them to their gruesome purpose.

There is a workbench with a few unfinished projects and a scattering of tools and measuring devices - beakers and scales and the like. On one corner is a pile of books and notes - probably the notes he took from the smaller study that you found earlier. There is also a shelf with bits and parts, and this is what you are drawn to. The lower shelves are full of mechanical body parts, but along the top there are a few complete works. Most obvious is a set of boots that look like this:

They are set next to a handily labeled instruction manual: "Dr. Ogdonavic's jump-boots." Nearby are a few other prosthetic limbs, as well as boots and gloves that may, at one point, have been meant to enhance the wearer somehow. Now, unfortunately, all but the boots have been scrounged for parts or pulled apart for study. Perhaps Ubermeier was learning about limb enhancement from other inventions.

There is another shelf across from the first, this one occupied by all manner of jars and vials of strange looking liquids. Some seem to glow with their own luminescence, and others swirl and churn of their own accord. Most of these have labels scribbled in German fixed to the glass. Only two things appear remotely safe.

The first is a little injection gun, set in an under-arm holster rig. Opposite the holster (so, where it would go under the right armpit) is a set of six blue vials secured in individual pouches. The vials are full of a friendly-looking blue liquid marked, "Elixir Vitalite." The fact that it's in French and that the label is actually worked into the glass of the vials is probably what is most encouraging - they look mass produced, and therefore not likely made by Ubermeier.

The second thing that looks safe is a set of three vials of green liquid in a leather carrier:

These, too, are labeled: "Eau de Celerite." Like the Vitality Elixers, they appear to have been mass-produced. Closer examination reveals that both the Vitality Elixers and the Celerity Draughts share a symbol worked into the glass, like a maker's mark: a stylized "IA."

There are some scribbled notes near these vials - in German, of course. From the few cognates you can pick out, it looks like Ubermeier was trying to figure out how to use this stuff to revitalize the dead flesh of his creations in the same way it works on living tissue.

While Stanton examines the vials, the Preacher notices a small hole behind the workbench - and that the floor is scraped up as if the workbench is moved back and forth often. The two men pull the workbench away and find a small strongbox. It's locked, but the key isn't hard to find: the Preacher found it on Ubermeier while he was treating him. You retrieve the key and open the box to find a little more than $3000 in paper cash and gold coins.


posted... One last thing ... 
on Wed 19 Apr 2017 @ 9:34 AM (PBW Time)

  The final objects in here that might be of use, you find hanging on a set of pegs near the way out. It's a pair of masks that cover the lower face - looks like they're meant to protect you from the sort of poisonous gasses that can be found down here. One is brown leather, the other is black and looks made of finely woven metal mesh sealed with rubber or something. Right now you feel like putting them on to protect you from the smell ...

The pegs they hang on are set in the wall over a wall-plaque that looks like it's meant to hold that big ray-gun Ubermeier was using to shoot at you.

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... The Plunderer(s) 
on Thu 20 Apr 2017 @ 9:28 PM (PBW Time)

The smell is pretty awful and anything that might help to decrease it will only serve to help things.

Not one for fashion or style, the Preacher lets Stanton take his pick of masks, not even bothering to see which is which.

Whatever the case, that still leaves loot to divide and search over. After a minor debate which included more than a few words passed between the duo, it was finally settled that they would take their time exploring and packing up what they found.

Upon the discovery of the boots, Stanton felt a touch of the spirit and generously decided that the preacher should have them. "Maybe next time I won't have to give you a lift," He mused.

The boots it seems were made for a man with feet the size of a buffalo and were more than a little oversized for the preacher. Luckily the boots were easily worn OVER the preacher's soft shoes, which provided more cushioning against the metal studs that poked his toes. Dr. Ogdonavic may be a mechanical genius, but he is also an orthopedic nightmare. With this small change, the boots were quite comfortable and surprisingly light for their materials and make.

That settled, the next focus was on the rest of the items, of which nearly everything in here had some value. The trick is finding someone that would be interested in it and that's more Stanton's forte, than the preacher's.

Finally the question was what to do about Ubermeier, without immediate surgical attention the man would die, but moving him would also prove nearly fatal. The question was answered before the preacher noticed that Stanton had taken one of the mystery Elixirs and injected it into Ubermeier. "Don't look at me like that, preacher, you know as well as I do with that hack job you did, he'd barely survive to morning. At least this stuff might give him a chance. If it truly is an Elixir Vitalite," he slips into his snake-oil routine, "a most potent draft capable of curing all ills and restoring constitution, strength, intelligence, agility, and all ailments to charisma. Every disease from Anthrax to Consumption to Hydrophobia will flee in terror at the sight of Elixir Vitalaite. Yessir the wonder drug of the ages! At least, I hope so for our sake."

The preacher can't really argue so instead elects to watch over Ubermeier while Stanton liberates the place of it's valuables. Depending on how Ubermeiers condition improves, the preacher will tie the man up much better, (using what he can pull out of those thick cables) and help to move things with Stanton. As it is, this is going to take a while and those boots need to be tested out, preferably away from sharp rocks.

Plan idea: This is going to take a while, so gathering the items up and moving them closer to where the minecarts are so that things can be moved more efficiently out of the mine. After getting the carts loaded, either Stanton or the preacher (Stanton's choice) will go and retrieve Stanton's wagon using the Preacher's horse to get back to town. Everything will get loaded down and then they leave for Denver, hoping to not run into Buckshot or the filly.


posted... Die Booten 
on Fri 21 Apr 2017 @ 9:28 AM (PBW Time)

  First thing's first ...

The boots seem clunky at first, but after perusing the manual, the Preacher is able to figure out how to adjust them. Also, apparently they were supposed to come with a padded liner ... which is nowhere to be found, so it's a good thing he has those soft shoes. Nevertheless, by adjusting the straps and some of the screws, he's able to make the jump boots fit perfectly and even look pretty good.

Which is probably a good thing, considering the warning in the manual that improper fitting can lead to serious leg and foot injuries ...

At any rate, the manual explains that the boots should allow you to add up to 10 feet to your high jumps and 20 feet to your long jumps, as well as absorb the force of falling up to 20 feet. The amount of force released in a jump is modulated by how much you bend your knees and flex your ankles, so it doesn't HAVE to be a full-strength jump every time. They can also be used to add enough spring in your step to increase your base speed by 10 feet.

Using the boots is, understandably, fairly loud and imposes a -4 to stealth checks. Fortunately, little switches near the knees deactivate the boots' functions, though - so you can turn them off and move quietly without having to actually remove them.

'Doktor Olso Ubermeier

posted... Physician, heal thyself 
on Fri 21 Apr 2017 @ 9:56 AM (PBW Time)

Stanton injects Ubermeier with a shot of the Elixir Vitalite, and he's shocked almost immediately awake - eyes wide open and teeth bared ...

However, the shot of adrenaline seems to wear off almost immediately, and Ubermeier slips back into unconsciousness. Before the heroes can worry too long that the elixir is a sham, however, you see the bullet wound in his arm slowly stop bleeding and close up. The wound in his chest starts to look better, as well.

Watching the effects of the elixir means I can tell you the mechanical effects: you gain 1d8 Vitality Points (not Wound Points) immediately, and Fast-Healing for one minute (ten rounds) that will heal Wound Points first, then Vitality Points.

The Preacher gives Ubermeier a cursory examination, and sees that he's now stable to be moved, (he's at 7 Vitality Points and 1 Wound Point and still unconscious) but you decide to tie him up just in case.
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