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"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... A Fistful of Dollars 
on Thu 27 Apr 2017 @ 3:13 PM (PBW Time)

Back in the library to be, Fr. Nessuno grapples with the decision on which one book would be most valuable to the future. Carefully he gathers the 4 and stares at them.

Knowing that these tomes aren't exactly common makes even guessing their worth difficult, but the preacher decides to give it a shot, especially since the West has gotten. He takes a book belt from one of the other stacks and uses it to hold the 4 together. It's easier to carry them this way and holds them separate from the others. With care he pens a note "Reserved for Nessuno" and stuffs it under the strap.

Knowing it's now quite early in the morning, the preacher searches for Mr. Dana among the stacks of books, unsure what hours the man keeps as a project like this one is too much for a single man to perform. Yet there he is, tirelessly working away among the books, cataloging and shelving away.

"Mr. Dana," the preacher starts, his voice disturbing the silence, "It seems that I fell asleep at my work. I hope that isn't a problem. I have found 4 unique tomes amongst the volumes that I've gone through and each has merits I find invaluable. I'm willing to pay, both in coin and in effort, for at least 3 of them. I've only managed to go through a little more than a third of the stack, but would like to continue in case other volumes or copies present themselves. I also happen to know that I'll be waiting in the city for at least a
few days with not much else to do. If my work so far is acceptable, I'd like to come back after breakfast and continue. Here is my selection. I will need more time to choose, and I understand that each one is special. If 3 is too many could you bear to part with 2?"

(Choices in order of preference. #1 Exorcists Field Guide, #2 De Grammaticá Agenda Animæ, #3 Uncommon Creatures, #4 Monstrous Tales from Around the World)

"It is not my intent to monopolize this information, which is why I'll be spending time trying to make personal
copies so that the originals can be safely returned to your care or to whom you designate. First though, I really need to go find my associate, our last time in this fair city was cut short by gunfire aimed at our heads and I don't want him thinking an ill has befallen me."

After listening to Mr. Dana, the preacher would be true to his word and track down Stanton starting with the friendlier places they've been to. Not knowing how much Dana would ask for these books, should the price be too far out of his range he'd like some collateral and input from someone far better at bargaining than he.

Stanton's a salesman after all, maybe he'd be inclined to help in this venture, even if there's no profit to be had in it. Although if Mr. Dana would need some "special" items, perhaps Stanton would be the right man to ask.


posted... wrapping it up 
on Thu 27 Apr 2017 @ 8:55 PM (PBW Time)

  Mr. Dana agrees with Father Nessuno that if he works to help catalogue the library while he's still here - and that means more than just the books on mythology - as well as makes a donation of $100, he may keep all four books. With that money, he can expand his selection on subjects that will be of more interest to the rest of Denver.

"I'm not sure there's anyone else in the city who would read those books, Father," Mr. Dana says. "And I would hate for them to remain unread on my shelves."

(OOC: At the start of the next adventure, you'll have a four-book library that has a manual on making incantations, and three books on strange monsters you can use to determine the traits and weaknesses of various creatures, with a +1 to the Investigation rolls.)

That done, the Preacher goes to catch up on other business, first to retrieve his axe.

The blacksmith presents your new hatchet. It's been polished - both blade and shaft - and a new grip made of tightly woven bear sinew put on it. He explains that he also treated the edge with something he doesn't want to say much about - only that it should help you when chopping rocks and steel. He asks for $20 for his services.

(OOC: Your axe is now Masterwork and can ignore 2 points of hardness or damage reduction.)

That done, you catch up with Stanton at the Apollo, who informs you that the two of you have a room for the next nine days, which should be enough for Connor Byrne and the Flicker to catch up with you.

You should both level up your characters, now, putting the new stats in your sheets.

'Connor Byrne

posted... First Flight of the Flicker 
on Fri 28 Apr 2017 @ 7:32 AM (PBW Time)

... okay, not its first flight, but its first under you.

The next ten days are spent waiting in the saloon or cataloguing books. On the fifth, Socrates Poole sends you a telegram explaining that he has started making moves to secure possession of the Flicker for you. He warns in the telegram that there will be some expenses - including payment to him for his services - but that nothing is due right now.

On the tenth day, the Flicker makes port at the Denver docking tower. You meet Connor Byrne with Adam Leskie - the experienced older airman he hired - at the dock with enthusiasm. Connor looks pleased, and is carrying a fairly large satchel. "Our earnings," he says with a grin. "We should go somewhere safe."

You go to your hotel room and Connor tells you about the trip. "It was touch and go there for a bit ... having to pay for the fuel for our next trip out of the earnings of the last. But w caught a lucky break in San Francsisco, picking up a shipment of fine china for a merchant here in Denver. He met us when we docked to pay us, and Ken and Roberto are offloading it as we speak. With that payment, here's what we've made."

He and Adam lay out $8,488 on the small table in your room. "I had to recheck the books, but after all expenses - fuel, supplies, repairs, and the like - that's a profit of $1,188. Given our 60/40 deal, that means $475 goes to you and $713 is to be split among the crew."

Connor pulls those shares aside and puts them in two separate piles - one in front of you and one in front of Adam. "That leaves $7300 as an operating budget. Not bad - but if we keep up this deal we'll only ever have the same amount of cash to work with. So Adam and I - we came up with a new arrangement we'd like to propose."

'Adam Leskie

posted... the good ship Rock Ridge 
on Fri 28 Apr 2017 @ 9:12 AM (PBW Time)

Adam speaks up. His voice is deep and pleasant.

"First, we'd like to start allocating some of the profits towards enlarging the operating budget. Say, the first $100 of profit. That, or we can renegotiate the shares - I feel that %30 to you, %60 to the crew, and %10 to the improvement of the ship and its budget is fair. I know this cuts into your shares, gentlemen, but that leads me to my second point.

"I don't want to reduce the share to the crew because ... well, we need a larger crew. We had some close calls out there, and the four of us were just barely enough. Since we can only fit eight, that means we'll need the kind of men who can pull double duty. At the very least we need a surgeon, and it would help a lot if we could get another helmsman. After that, anyone we can get that frees up me or Connor to do other things would be great - a carpenter, a master gunner, a sailing master, a bosun ... any of these would help. We can train Ken and Roberto to fill in the gaps, depending on who we find. But what we REALLY need, if we're going to turn coin, is someone who knows the markets. A good merchant who can haggle and fight for the best deals. I suspect that'd be you, Mr. Stanton, when you're around, but I'm pretty sure you won't always be. Might be hard to find a good merchant who ALSO knows his way around an airship - since we can't afford to have anyone on the crew who ain't there to help her sail - but there it is.

"I mention this because the Flicker doesn't have a Captain. We muddled through, but really, as owners you two need to designate one. I think it should be either Connor or myself."

'Connor Byrne

posted... a black captain? 
on Fri 28 Apr 2017 @ 9:16 AM (PBW Time)

"And I say it oughta be Adam here," says Connor. "He held the helm AND kept the crew moving. He was an airman in the war, and now that I've seen him in action with my own two eyes, I know there's no better man for the job."

So, to sum up:
-The Flicker needs a new financial arrangement if there's ever going to be potential for growth
-The Flicker needs a larger crew, at least one of them a skilled merchant
-The Flicker needs to have a captain named

If you think this is a lot of work, just remember: YOU stole the airship.


posted... Candlelight Trade & Transport 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 7:24 AM (PBW Time)

  (OOC: Posted after extensive real-time discussion with the owners)

The meeting with Connor and Adam goes long into the evening. The four of you have some food and whiskey sent up so that you can discuss the future of the Flicker properly ...

-First, you agree to the new terms: From now on, 30% of all profit goes to you, 60% to the crew, and 10% into the operating budget of the Flicker.

-Second, you determine that the Captain is best suited to choosing more crewmen, and agree that the Flicker can have up to its full capacity of 8 crewmen. Adam and Connor explain they need help finding a good merchant, and Stanton provides; he knows a freedwoman named Amara Freeman, another snake-oil salesman who consistently out-did him wherever they met. She even happens to be in Denver, having lost her cart in a card game. Adam and Connor are a little leery about having a woman who loses big at cards as their merchant, but they agree in the end.

Third, the owners readily agree to naming Adam Leskie as the new captain of the Flicker, probably making him one of the first African American airship captains in the USA.

Then, the owners have some of their own business: what to name their new company. Stanton comes up with one everyone loves: Candlelight Trade & Transport (CT&T).

'Adam Leskie

posted... Next Mission 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 7:43 AM (PBW Time)

"As for our next job, we have a lead on something we can do starting in Salt Lake City. There's this Baron, y'see, and he's bought himself some land up in Montana. He's got some high-end horseflesh from Europe and he's plannin' to start himself a ranch up there.

"Spoke with one of his men who says they're stocking up and looking for guides, guards, and scouts. Adam and me, we're thinking we could command a high price as airship scouts, and you two have that gatling gun with your wagon, so we could provide the whole package.

"What do you say, bosses?"


posted... Final Stuff 
on Tue 2 May 2017 @ 9:13 AM (PBW Time)

  Fortunately for this mission, Stanton has been getting his wagon upgraded by getting the gatling gun installed. The fold out stage has been altered to split the cart's cover in half so it folds down, revealing the gatling gun on a swivel and compete with armored cover for the gunner. The whole package cost $2000 and took several days, but it's been worth the wait.

... you guys should probably also purchase some ammunition. Your personal stores are running low, and you've only got 100 rounds for the gatling gun.

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Utah 
on Thu 4 May 2017 @ 4:47 PM (PBW Time)

(ooc: No joke, the above IS a movie title.)
The owners of the CT&T company believe that their newly elected captain is correct and they should head off to work with this venture. Before they go, some extremely key supplies are needed.

Fr. Nessuno takes the initiative to find some appropriate places to pick up some high quality (albiet cheap) ammunition, even going so far as to turn in what used brass he's picked up. To make things easier for him, he made sure to drag Stanton along with him.

"Between your obsession with books and bullets I'd merit a sane man would think you were a preacher possessed. Good thing I know better!" Stanton couldn't help but exclaim as Nessuno pulled the small carry-cart they borrowed from "The Depot".

They didn't know why such a place existed, it's sign wasn't run down, it was simply so full of holes it contained more sky than actual sign. At one point the symbol used to be a bulls eye, until savvy gunslingers started shooting at it to prove their accuracy. Over time their aim carved more and more of the sign until almost none of it remained. Aside from the sign, the place was extremely well stocked, with rounds in every caliber and reload kits for nearly every firearm ever made.

When given the request list, the Owner, a squirrely looking man in his late 40's with an extremely bad comb-over haircut nearly fainted. His fast acting young protegee was his only salvation. A young...boy in what appeared to be his late teens really turned out to be a young woman in disguise when her mustache slipped. "Can't be too careful in these parts," she explained while describing how it was almost customary for customers to shoot a few newly acquired rounds at the sign or worse. Both Stanton and the Preacher promised that though they would test the ammo, they would use the little range outside of town. A few minutes later, after placing the passed out form of the owner in a comfortable chair, she started bringing out box after box of ammunition, until their whole order had been filled. Well...almost their whole order. They were able to purchase at least 4 boxes of ammo for each of their weapons and a couple small barrels of powder and shot,. It was enough to reload their stores and keep the Flicker supplied for more than just a brief skirmish. What was considerably harder and more expensive to get turned out to be ammunition for the gattling gun. They only had a single box and they were the last place in town that had any of this restricted ammo. Someone else had recently gone and purchased the rest of it.

Although they didn't say it, both Stanton and Nessuno knew who made the purchase and how close they came to eating those rounds.

After some haggling by Stanton they settled on a price and "The Depot" was even friendly enough to lend a carry cart to bring the ammunition up to the skydocks nearby where the Flicker was berthed. Sadly the area was too narrow and too crowded to bring Stanton's wagon.

Reloaded and ready for action, they return the carry cart and proceed to Salt Lake City and destiny.


posted... Bill of LEADing ... 
on Fri 5 May 2017 @ 11:52 AM (PBW Time)

  Get it? GET IT???

Here's what that purchase looks like.

For your weapons:

Preacher's ...
-.45 Starr: 200 rounds
-.30 Mare's Leg: 200 rounds

Stanton's ...
-.32 Derringer: 100 rounds
-.44 Merwin-Hubert: 200 rounds

Communal ...
-.44 Winchester: 200 rounds
-.38 Henry Repeater: 200 rounds
-Sawed-off 12 ga. Shotgun: 50 rounds
-Gatling Gun: 500 rounds
-Barrels of Powder and Shot
-Reloading Tools

Flicker's Arsenal ...
-Assorted calibers for 4 pistols and 4 rifles: 1500 rounds

It costs $160 to load up. I've added the totals on your character sheets and in the Haul.


posted... Reaper Ward 
on Thu 23 Jan 2020 @ 12:38 AM (PBW Time)

  Standard Warding
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