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posted... The Haul 
on Mon 24 Oct 2016 @ 10:22 AM (PBW Time)

  I will use this thread to keep a running tally of your assets and where they are.


posted... Money 
on Mon 24 Oct 2016 @ 10:24 AM (PBW Time)

  Current: $3623 / $7300 ($10923)
-$3623 with Stanton and the Preacher
-$7300 operational budget for the Flicker

Gains: $21450
-$400 on Stanton's person when the game started
-$2000 from the initial capture of the Flicker
-$40 from the spades game played with Sam Kruger
-$500 for bombs sold to Sam Kurger
-$450 for bombs sold to Soapy Smith
-$180 for the bounty on Carl Rice
-$4000 up front to take Soapy Smith and his bodyguards from Denver CO to Skagway AK
-$3012 from Doktor Ubermeier's stash
-$2000 for the capture and return of George Nelson
-$50 for the capture and return of Jonas Picket
-$130 for the capture and return of Gilly Reed
-$200 for the capture and return of Ken Brass
-$8488 gross gains from the Flicker's first trade journey ($1188 profit; $475 to owners; $713 to crew)

Expenses: $10527
-$4 bar tab in Idaho Springs
-$10 spent on a hotel room in Chloride
-$60 spent on new weapons rig for the Preacher
-$180 paid to the crew
-$100 for foodstuffs and sundries to supply the ship for 3 months
-$5700 to fuel the airship from Denver CO to Skagway AK
-$1320 sent with the Flicker for travel expenses and to purchase trade goods
-$60 to purchase a pair of horses: Rocky and Bull
-$40 for your own 3-month supply of food and sundries (used 5 days)
-$120 bill at Fortman, Mason, & Purvey for three Gentleman's Guardian vests and an Adderbite Sword Cane
-$100 to stay in Denver for 10 days (includes hotel room, meals, and stable costs
-$100 for four books from Mr. Dana's unfinished public library in Denver
-$20 to improve the Preacher's trusty hatchet
-$713 payment to the crew of the Flicker
-$2000 to upgrade the wagon with an opening gatling gun fighting position
-$160 purchase of ammunition and tools from The Depot in Denver

Working for: $0


posted... The Flicker 
on Fri 4 Nov 2016 @ 8:09 PM (PBW Time)


For more detailed information on the Flicker, see the Candlelight T&T Thread.

The Flicker was stolen from Butcherblock Hogan, who stole it from the US Air Force. She 65 feet from stem to stern, 25 feet from rail to rail. She looks similar to this, but with a second mast up near the forecastle.

Engine: Helium Generation Engine
Propulsion: Sails
Speed: 16 knots cruising, (for an average of about 430 miles a day), 20 knots in battle.
Hold: 29 feet by 18 feet, 4000 pounds.
Berthing: 15 (8 in open bay, 6 in 2-man cabins, 1 in Captain's Cabin)

Changes to the image above:
-The compartments marked as "Crew Quarters" are not as drawn - they are an open bay that sports 4 sets of double-stacked hammocks, plus air-chests for the crew's belongings. This area can support 8 crewmen (or passengers willing to slum it for a cheaper ticket).
-Each Passenger Cabin has a double-stacked hammock, but there is more space and privacy. Each room can host 2, for a total of 6.
-The Captain's Cabin is the only true "room" as landlubbers would recognize it, having a desk and a single hammock. It is, however, only about half the size - the other half of that space is the Flicker's galley.
-There is a second mast on the forecastle. There is a massive canopy-sail that holds the ship aloft when filled with helium from the engine. When full, it sits over the Flicker not unlike a massive clam-shell.

Current Armament:
-Bomb bay doors with two drop-bombs
-Three fireworks launchers mounted to the rails. One is at the aft and two are at port and starboard about halfway to the stem from amidships.

Other Equipment:
-Rappelling lines for dropping off or picking up crewmen in a hurry
-Smoke-screen generator, mounted aft with controls at the helm and in the engineering room.

Small Arms Arsenal: 4 rifles and 3 revolvers recovered from the previous crew, one .36 Cap-and-Ball Colt Navy Revolver, 1500 rounds of assorted calibers, Assortment of simple melee weapons (axes, clubs, knives, and the like)


posted... The Wagon 
on Fri 4 Nov 2016 @ 8:51 PM (PBW Time)


Probably looks a lot like the above.

Stanton's snake-oil wagon has a few tricks up its axle.

-2 fireworks launchers
-Several secret compartments
-Changeable signs (one is "Sedgewick's Miracle Cure-All!" - the others are currently blank, so it functions as a means of hiding the sign)
-Gatling Gun installed in a "false top" under the roof; the roof opens up and the halves form cover on the left and right sides, revealing the gun which pops up on a collapsing swivel mount, as well as a hatch that leads into the wagon. Currently has 600 rounds of ammunition in 100-round drum magazines.

-Powder, Shot, and Reloading tools for reloading spent casings.

Currently hitched to either Rocky or Bull.

Lost Horses:
-Pal and Petunia, both stolen by Everet Dunson. Pal belongs originally to a miner in Chloride.


posted... Arsenal - Communal 
on Sat 10 Dec 2016 @ 12:13 PM (PBW Time)


.44 Winchester Model 1873 repeating rifle. Taken from a dead bank guard in Chloride

.38 Henry Repeating Rifle. Taken from "Ned" when Preacher and Stanton ambushed him and Dunson.

Everet Dunson's Sawed-off 12 ga. shotgun with custom cross-draw holster, plus bandolier with special shotgun rounds.
  • Blue: Taser-spread (20 ft cone, RDC 15 vs 1d4 electricity damage plus FDC 15 vs paralyze for 1d6 rounds)

  • Red: Explosive (10 ft blast radius, RDC 12 vs 2d6 fire damage)

  • Green: Acid (1d6 acid damage with splash 1)

  • Yellow: Pepper-spray gas (5 ft/10 ft/15 ft radius by rounds, disperses in 5 rounds, FDC 15 vs Blind and Stunned for 1d6 rounds)

  • Black: Standard (2d8 Ballistic Damage)

  • Everet Dunson's vest full of pouches with different explosives in them

    Everet Dunson's strange trick-weapons: a glove with a pull-cord on it and a bowie knife with a fuse coming out of the bottom of the hilt

    Gattling Gun

    Injection Gun with 5 vials of Elixir Vitalite (Heals 1d8 VP and gives Fast Healing 1 for 10 rounds)

    3 Vials of Eau de Celerite (affects unknown!)

    Jergard Stanton

    posted... Stanton's Equipment 
    on Wed 19 Apr 2017 @ 9:27 PM (PBW Time)


    Masterwork Adderbite Sword Cane (1d6 Slashing Damage; 18/x2 crit, has 4 reservoirs for poisons or other liquids)
  • Rattlesnake venom: FDC 12, , 1d6 Con initial, 1d6 Con secondary, injury poison

  • Masterwork .44 merwin-hubert revolver (2d6 Ballistic Damage; 15 ft Range Increment; 20/x3 crit; 6 round cartridge cylinder)

    .32 Derringer with wrist-mounted slide holster (2d4 Ballistic Damage; 10 ft Range Increment; 20/x3 crit; 2 breech-loaded cartridge rounds)

    Grappling hook bracer (Spring-powered launcher has a maximum range of 50 feet; coiled wire is 100 feet long; winch can lift 300 lbs or be set to let out slowly; grappling hook's tongs can be released with a switch)

    Gentleman's Guardian Vests (+2 Prof Bonus, +1 Non-prof Bonus, -0 Check Penalty)

    Gas Mask (Protects against inhaled poisons)

    Blessed Rosary (Any weapon held in the same hand as this rosary ignores the natural armor bonuses and damage reductions of Undead and Evil Outsiders and does an extra 1d6 damage to such creatures)

    Need to add: Gentleman's Guardian vest images

    "Blondie" The Preacher

    posted... The Preacher's Equipment 
    on Thu 20 Apr 2017 @ 7:05 AM (PBW Time)


    Masterwork Trusty Hatchet (1d6 Slashing Damage; 20/x2 crit; ignores 2 points of DR or Hardness)

    "Mare's leg" shortened .30 Henry repeating rifle (2d10 Ballistic Damage; 20 ft Range Increment; 20/x3 crit; 7 round internal cartridge magazine)

    .45 Starr single-action model 1863 revolver (2d6 Ballistic Damage; 15 ft Range Increment; 20/x3 crit; 6 round cartridge cylinder)

    Ogdonavich Jump Boots (Add 10 feet to high jumps, 20 feet to long jumps, 10 feet to base speed. -4 to Stealth checks when active.)

    Night vision goggles (Provide 60 ft Darkvision)

    Gas Mask (Protects against inhaled poisons)


    posted... The Library 
    on Fri 28 Apr 2017 @ 9:39 AM (PBW Time)


    The Preacher's collection of books is kept in the wagon. It includes ...
    -books that allow him to research creatures for traits and weaknesses at +1.
    -a guide for Incantations.

    Currently held books:

    Uncommon Creatures, by Magdelena Summerhill, is a study mythical creatures from various folklore traditions that compares them to "normal" animals either still found today or extinct. This book allows you to make research checks to learn the general traits of a given creature, such as its type, subtype, and common abilities.

    The Exorcist's Field Guide, by Father Dante O'Malley, is a quick-and-dirty guide to what kills what. It's also apparent evidence that studying the enemy is NOT heresy, as Father Nessuno first worried. This book allows you to make research checks to discover a monster's weaknesses.

    Monstrous Tales from Around the World, by Duarte Barbosa, translated by S. O. Lemmins, is a collection of short stories and folktales, each regarding a different kind of monster. This book allows you to make research checks on either basic traits OR weaknesses, but at a -4 due to the fact that these are folktales and not scholarly studies. However, if used with a more complete scholarly study, it provides a +1 to the overall check.

    De Grammaticá Agenda Animæ, or "The grammarian's rules of living", by Apple Snicket. Those who speak Latin recognize the pun right away, as the title has a double meaning: "rules of living" could also mean "agenda of invoking life." Perusing the pages, it's clear that these are rules for how to use language to harness magical power in rituals and incantations. This book allows you to develop and cast incantations.

    "Blondie" The Preacher

    posted... Not taking our hard earned goods 
    on Tue 6 Jun 2017 @ 8:19 PM (PBW Time)

    Corn Pone
    Egg Pone
    Chicken Pone
    Beef Pone
    - aw shoot, they put the Corn Pone on top of the Egg Pone. Now it's all ruined.

    "Blondie" The Preacher

    posted... HOOOOO DOGGIE 
    on Wed 25 Jul 2018 @ 8:06 AM (PBW Time)

    Look at all dem der numbers. What'cha think they mean? Is dey good, or is dey bad?

    At least none of them are crushing the egg pone.

    Jergard Stanton

    posted... Reaper Ward 
    on Mon 7 Jan 2019 @ 5:26 PM (PBW Time)

    Standard Warding


    posted... Reaper Ward 
    on Sat 13 Apr 2019 @ 8:48 PM (PBW Time)

      Standard Warding
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