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Thread: Stanton and the Preacher
Board: Beneath Wild Skies
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"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Relaxed 
on Tue 10 May 2016 @ 8:15 PM (PBW Time)

The preacher notices that the tense standoff he left is now a rather easygoing group. It's pretty easy to tell with the new goggles, as it lights up the entire scene as clear as daylight.

Wisely, he takes the time to tie off the gash and tend to his wounds while he watches from above.

He takes a little more time to see exactly how many of them there are, and watch their movements. When the next one decides to go take a piss or wander a bit too far away from the main camp, perhaps to go check on the "lookout", he'll make his move to go and "intercept" the man as quickly as possible. Years of listening to the confessions of murderers, and remembering his own first hand experiences, the preacher readies himself for continuing the bloody work that must be done this day.

They may be bandits and thieves, but they were still men, and men were to be forgiven....

The image of that ranch fire shoots through the preacher's mind.


The mental image of the main ranch building collapses to cinders while someone screams. god...but not by man... and no longer by him.

The preacher, collarless...and bloodied...picks the next man to die this day and leaves his perch to make it so. Now armed with a pistol and a handy mare's leg that he'll use as a last resort. The hatchet...a weapon given as a trinket in trade to local "Indians" will drink yet more blood as the weapon it really is this day.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Traveling 
on Fri 13 May 2016 @ 10:55 PM (PBW Time)

** EDITED May 13, 2016, 11:01 pm **

** EDITED May 13, 2016, 10:55 pm **

"I got a horse a short ways back ... was hopin to keep my wagon though. Lotta useful supplies ... more'n just snake oil goes into a medicine show, you know."

Stanton starts thinking through plans. I'd be a real coup if he could make off with The Flicker ... but there's a half-dozen or so guys that'd have a problem with that...

He could even the odds a bit. If the Sheriff's posse were to find them. Some fireworks would expedite that process, and Stanton happens to have a few in his pocket.

He can't exactly just set them up and light them off though. He could toss one or two into the fire surreptitiously, and wait for the right moment to set one off in Hogan's face.

Course, if the sheriff shows up, he'll either claim The Flicker for his own, or ship it back to what's left of the confederates ... That sheriff seems like the kind of guy who'd be loyal to the grays ...

He decides to change the topic while he formulates this plan. "So Dunson, you wanna bring me up to speed on this new gang you're running with?" Stanton hopes to gain information about Hogan and his goons. favorite methods of murder/crime, particular strengths or weakneses (maybe one of them is a booze-hound?), etc. He won't outright ask those questions directly, of course, but rather try to get Dunson to spill the beans without realizing what he's saying.

'Everet Dunson

posted... spilling beans 
on Fri 13 May 2016 @ 11:07 PM (PBW Time)

Dunson, like his usual lock-smart but people-dumb self, starts talking. "Yeah, you've probably guessed that this is the man in charge. Butcherblock Hogan."

The bald man nods - and the way he stays quiet while Dunson talks worries you. He's clearly the clever sort of bandit ... which is either the kind you want to work with or the kind you don't, depending on how sadistic they are.

"Met up with him back in Virginia right after he got the Flicker out of dry dock. Needed a lock-man, right?"

Stanton asks innocently, "So ... you always do it like that? Hit hard in the middle of the night?"

As Dunson keeps talking, Butcherblock motions to one of the three who brought you in to go back to his post on the ridge. Up in his hiding place, the Preacher watches with frustration: unlike the other lookout, this one is well within sight of camp.

"Well, mostly, yeah. The Flicker's got this bay door, see, and we ..."

'Butcherblock Hogan

posted... options 
on Fri 13 May 2016 @ 11:13 PM (PBW Time)

"Butch" cuts him off. "How far off is your wagon, Stanton?"

Knowing that Dunson knows where it is, there's no reason to lie, so you tell him. Butch ponders that for a moment. "It's getting dark. We're taking off real soon. Why don't you go with Ned and Dunson to get what's on your horse. Come back with that and then we can fly over to where your wagon is."

There's two good things about that and one bad thing. The good is, you'll be alone with two of these assholes: you've got your sword-cane and your pocket pistol, and the Preacher is sure to be nearby with that rifle. Plus, even if you don't kill them, you can at least grill Dunson for more information about this group, away from Butcherblock's shrewd and wary gaze.

The bad thing is, there are TWO horses tied up down the hill ...

Jergard Stanton

posted... Horsefeathers 
on Sat 14 May 2016 @ 9:58 AM (PBW Time)

"I don't think it'll take three grown men to get the saddlebags. Ain't got that much." Stanton gestures broadly, hoping the preacher can see him. "Horses are back this-a-way." He points with his cane in the general direction of the horses, but not quite directly there.

"Best get a move on so we don't keep Butcherblock waitin. I'd hate to find out first hand how he got that name!" Stanton winks and elbows Dunson in the ribs.

Stanton hopes the preacher gets the hint and either leads one horse away, or meets up with Stanton to take care of his escorts.

And by "take care of" he means to tie them up, unconscious and/or gagged. Maybe with some fireworks on hours-long fuses to draw the sheriff's posse toward 'em so they don't just die on the mountain side.

Then Stanton and the Preacher can work out a better plan about how to take The Flicker. Maybe Stanton goes back to camp, says he sent Dunson and Ned on ahead to get the wagon ready for travel and the'll pick them up with The Flicker when they get the wagon. Maybe the Preacher's wearing Ned or Dunson's clothes when The Flicker gets to the wagon, and Stanton points out the other one is probably just inside the wagon and they should load it up quickly.

Maybe the Preacher's just hiding in the wagon and no one is around it, so once they get it on board he slips out like a Trojan and starts murdering the thieves and murderers. Or maybe just murdering Butcherblock will be enough and the others will follow Stanton or the Preacher as their new leader, by right of the strongest?

'Everet Dunson

posted... The Tale of Butcherblock Hogan 
on Sat 14 May 2016 @ 12:35 PM (PBW Time)

Dunson is uncharacteristically quiet as you and Ned walk away from the camp. He waits until you pass the sentry on the ridge before saying, "You can't have missed his head, Jer. All them scars? They say Butch was attacked by a Comanche war party in eastern Colorado. Surrounded as he was, they got hold of him and scalped him, and were about to leave 'im fer dead.

"But ol' Butch is tougher than the devil's own coffin nails, and he survived. And boy if he didn't up an' grab the knife of the red man what scalped 'im! Stabbed the red bastard right in his heart, and sent the rest runnin' scared."

"Not what I heard," says Ned. "I heard he passed out from the pain, but when he awoke, he tracked that injun for three days afore gutting him in the middle of the night."

Dunson waved his hand. "Thirteen or baker's dozen, Ned. Anyway, when he got back to civilization, a doc fixed up the top of his head best he could, but ... well, you saw. Then some young buck laughed at 'im, sayin' the top of his head looked just like a butcher's block. Well Butch, he didn't like that even a little, and he dragged the young feller into a butcher's shop and gutted him like a pig for Easter dinner. After that, though, he decided he liked the name."

Meanwhile, the Preacher moves in the shadows above ...

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... A motion before Commotion 
on Sat 14 May 2016 @ 3:20 PM (PBW Time)

Jer's antics aren't lost on the preacher. With them getting all friendly and such pointing towards the horses. It's a bit hard to hear from where he moved to, but the preacher gets the message.

One man. Two horses.

Means one soon to be DEAD man.

If the problem with the posse showing up at an inopportune moment wasn't bad enough, this takes the cake. A posse can be blamed on luck, but even an id'jit knows one man can't ride two horses.

A mere dozen paces out from the camp, he's left with the conundrum. Does he go back up to the perfect vantage point and start shooting, acting as though he's a posse of one? Or...does he risk stumbling down the mountain and getting spotted while moving his horse?

The scramble up would take too long at this point, so down the mountain he goes. Racing to beat the men to the horses while at the same time trying his best to make as little noise and movement as possible. A nearly impossible combination. At least the evening breeze and shadows are on his side. When they get there...only one horse is going to be left or two with a very angry preacher in the shadows.

If he can get to his horse in time, he'll move ol' Pal to a shelter behind a rock and take position to watch what happens through the scrub a fair distance away.

'Everet Dunson

posted... unlucky 
on Sat 14 May 2016 @ 7:50 PM (PBW Time)

As Stanton walks and talks with Dunson and Ned, leading them the slow-and-careful way down the mountainside to the horses, the Preacher tries to move quietly down the quick way.

Unfortunately, part of that quick way means a quick scramble down the short rocky bluff that he and Stanton hid the horses behind. He gets about halfway down when his boot pushes down on a rock he thought was solid, and he goes tumbling the rest of the way, knocking his head on a the ground and dazing himself.

Only a little ways off, Dunson and Ned hear the noise. "What in Aunt Betsy's hand-basket ..." He pulls a sawed-off shotgun from its sheath on his vest, popping it open to load two shells that do NOT look normal. Ned readies his own Henry rifle, and they push ahead before Stanton can stop them. They come around the side of the bluff just as the Preacher collects himself. The Preacher looks up from the ground, over three barrels aimed his way and into the eyes of the heartless killers behind them.

Stanton arrives just in time for Dunson to chuckle. "Well how about this, Stanton? I do declare this situation is reminiscent of realizing that one is a cuckold. Care to explain what this man is doing here, and with a horse tied next to what I presume is yours?"

Ned keeps the Preacher covered, and Dunson starts to circle around him, hen the sounds of gun-thunder start rippling down the mountain, coming from the direction of the camp. Dunson looks like he's about to call you a double-crossing son-of-a-bitch, but Stanton has Improved Initiative and gets to go first.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Cutting losses 
on Tue 17 May 2016 @ 7:59 PM (PBW Time)

"Sounds like the sheriff ain't as dumb as we thought." Stanton raises his arms slowly, showing his hands are empty, except for the walking stick. He brings the stick down sharply on Ned's head (assuming Ned is closer than Dunson). In the same motion, he slings his right hand forward, drawing the hold out derringer on its slide hidden in his sleeve and levels the firearm at Dunson. The preacher has proven to be capable, and will probably roll away, and/or hack at someone's feet with his trusty hatchet.

"Only reason you ain't on the ground right now, Dunson, is I figure you still got a use."

Stanton still really wants the Flicker for himself. Current plan is to tie up and/or kill Ned (unless Ned can convince Stanton he's more useful than Dunson) and the four of them head back to the camp with the horses.

Dunson and/or Ned and Stanton lead one horse back while the preacher and his horse stay out of camp and the preacher watches from a distance again. Approach slow and see who's still standing. If Block and the gang are making good their escape, Stanton will throw in with them and look for ways to overthrow it from the inside (perhaps by throwing people over the side rail?). If the Sheriff is successful, Stanton will bluff his way through convincing the Sheriff to either leave the Flicker there for later retrieval by professionals, or for Stanton to fly it back to town for collection by later professionals. Stanton of course has no intention of flying it back to town, but he does still want to get his wagon.


posted... got 'em. 
on Tue 17 May 2016 @ 11:37 PM (PBW Time)


Ned drops like a sack of flour, nearly falling on the Preacher, who scrambles back and gets to his feet, now in full command of his faculties.

Dunson gulps once and slowly lays his sawed-off shotgun down, then raises his hands. He knows that Stanton knows just how many nasty explosive tricks he tends to carry around - everything from firebombs to shrapnel grenades to gas bombs, not to mention the wide variety of specialty shotgun rounds he carries in the bandolier around his waist - and neither of them want him "going off" right now.

"Okay, Stanton. It's your deal. What the game?"

With the capture of these two, Stanton and the Preacher has amassed a small armory:

What the Preacher is now carrying:
-The "mare's leg" sawed-off rifle the Preacher brought (which Stanton notes is new)
-The loaded Colt Navy (Also new to Stanton)
-His trusty hatchet, of course.
-The rifle you guys came with
-Some sweet new goggles (Stanton is now downright curious as to where he's getting all this)

What Ned had:
-Repeating Henry Rifle (loaded with 16 shots)
-Starr single-action model 1863 revolver (6 shots, serviceable, but a bit clumsy)

What Dunson had:
-Sawed-off shotgun with two rounds in it (no knowing what they do - Dunson never labels his home-made specialty rounds. If you check them, the casings are blue.)
-A bandolier full of shotgun shells of various colors (red, green, yellow, blue, and black, 4-5 of each)
-A vest full of pouches with different explosives in them. If you go through them, let me know, but that'll take time, and ...

... the shooting is still going on. Ned is unconscious and Dunson is at your mercy.

Going to assume here that you tie up Ned and disarm Dunson. At Stanton's warning that he has plenty of tricks, the Preacher checks him thoroughly and finds some ind of charge in the back of his glove, likely activated by the pull-cord on it. He also had a hidden knife with what looks like a fuse coming out of the handle, and his hat smells too much like gunpowder so you just throw it away. He also had matches ... like ... EVERYWHERE.

Even after that thorough search, the shooting is still going on.

(I fully understand your plan, just pausing here so you can make adjustments based on what you've found and divvy out the new equipment and such.)

Jergard Stanton

posted... Taking inventory 
on Wed 18 May 2016 @ 10:16 AM (PBW Time)

** EDITED May 18, 2016, 10:18 am **

Before heading out, Stanton asks Dunson to explain what the different shells are, and whether he wants to live to make more.

The plan is still the same. Head back to the camp and see who's still standing, which side is more likely to win. If Dunson can be made compliant, Stanton might trust him with a rifle to help clear the field.

Stanton lets the preacher re-arm himself however he sees fit, then Stanton himself will take the rest, with particular interest in Dunson's shotgun and custom shells. The bag of explosives and other miscellaneous items get tossed in saddle bags and tied down tight to prevent Dunson or Ned from getting in easily, if they're coming along.

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Also Taking Inventory 
on Wed 18 May 2016 @ 11:22 AM (PBW Time)

The preacher does his best to make sure the bonds on the prisoners are tight and not going to go anywhere one more time.

"Good as I can make it." he mumbles.

The pile of weaponry is a veritable buffet of bullets and cartridges each with it's advantages and disadvantages.

Without being asked and knowing how poorly Stanton's shooting has been, the Preacher nearly shoves the shotgun and shells bandoleer into Stanton's hands. "Who knows what these shells do, so I'll stick to something a might more conventional. Even at worst it should improve your aim."

The preacher selects the following from the armory:

Matches- a small fist full
Hatchet - he doesn't seem to ever want to leave it behind.
The Mare's Leg- as his primary.
The colt navy - loaded as a backup 1.
The Starr single action revolver - as backup 2.

After a brief discussion he seems to agree with Stanton's plan. Of course Stanton leaves out the part where they're going to Shanghai the Flicker, but he needed someone to go back and watch his wagon anyways.

Otherwise plan remains the same.

'Everet Dunson

posted... Not coming! 
on Wed 18 May 2016 @ 5:05 PM (PBW Time)

Here's what that leaves:
-The winchester you boys got back in town
-Ned's Henry repeater (functionally the same as the winchester, though the winchester is newer and more reliable)
-Dunson's sawed-off double-barreled shotgun and bandolier
-Dunson's vest full of explosives
-Dunson's unknown explosive glove
-Dunson's knife with the fuse sticking out of it
-The rest of Dunson's matches

Other notable gear:
-Ned's gunbelt (taken by Preacher with his ugly-but-servicable Starr revolver)
-Dunson's custom shotgun holster, which carries it in a cross-draw position on the left hip.
-Ned also had a big bowie knife.

Stanton takes what he needs and they put the rest either strapped to the saddles or in the saddle-bags. (You can tell me what you take and what you store and on which horse in your next post.) When you ask Dunson about the shells, he chuckles.

"Stanton my friend, you know that is a well guarded secret. You will just have to find out as you go. I can tell you the black ones are regular buckshot. Commonplace as it may be, it remains a useful round.

"Now what exactly do you have in store for me?"

You tell him your plan, that you're going to bring him up with you and see who is winning. He guffaws loudly. "Well I will tell you truly right now old friend, that if you want me up that hill you will have to bind or kill me and drag me up there because I am not walking into that gunfight with the back-stabbin', double-talkin' likes of you. No better than a carpet-bagger, you are, you son of a bitch."

Ned is still out cold, and tied up, by the way - so he's probably not coming either.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Crossroads 
on Fri 20 May 2016 @ 8:14 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton leaves Dunson tied up while sorting through his gear. He keeps the Winchester nearby, and straps the Henry to his horse. He settles Dunson's shotgun holster on his hips, taking a few experimental draws from the cross-draw. He's not sure about it, but doesn't have time to re-rig the holster right now.

"You ever make a deal with the Devil, Preacher?" Stanton adjusts the bandolier of shotgun shells and tucks the explosive glove and vest into a saddlebag. He pockets the matches and eyes the knives. (Are there sheaths for either knife? If there is, Stanton will strap a knife on as a last resort weapon, or more likely tool, if not the knives go in a saddle bag that doesn't have explosives.)

No matter what the Preacher answers, Stanton continues, speaking for Dunson while adjusting the gear. "I ask because this here feels like a crossroads. Last time, we was at a literal, physical cross roads, but I'm wondering if a more ... philosophical crossroads would suffice as well ... "

He turns and steps up to Dunson, winchester in hand, keeping the muzzle aimed to the side for now. "Been a long time since I killed a man in cold blood. Longer still since I killed a defenseless man. Thought I left that life behind, but here you are, givin' me what woulda been more'n enough reason back in the day..."

He takes a few steps back and brings the rifle to bear on Dunson. "I can't have you wandering around out here, spoilin my plans now, can I."

Stanton sighs and leans the rifle against a rock, or tree, or something conveniently near by while he picks up his sword cane again. "But I ain't gonna kill ya either." He gives Dunson a sharp whack to the head to knock him out, leaving him tied up with Ned.

He turns to the preacher. "You wanna see if we can take the Flicker together, or get the wagon ready for travel while I get the Flicker?"

The plan now is to leave Ned and Dunson tied up, maybe with a canteen of water if they have one, and move the horses somewhere else. Probably closer to the fight. In case the captives wake up, Stanton doesn't want to leave them with a quick getaway.

[ooc: I'm noticing also that Blondie has taken all the pistols and left Stanton with the shotgun and the long guns... And speaking of the long guns, do they have any sort of holster or sling?]


posted... into the fray 
on Fri 20 May 2016 @ 9:00 PM (PBW Time)

  (First, to answer questions: the Winchester has a sling, the Henry does not. Of note: the Henry and Winchester both use the same .44 ammo, and Stanton has the bandolier of 20x .44 rounds. Both knives have sheathes - Stanton takes Dunson's knife with the fuse.)

You quickly lead the horses off, and then Preacher goes one way while Stanton goes another. Stanton goes straight up the hill to where the sentry was originally standing on the ridge-line. The sentry is no longer there, so Stanton heads up, crawling on his belly for the last little bit, and looks down at the camp site.

It looks as though the Sheriff and his posse came up the draw that you and the Preacher decided not to take. It looks like he brought about 8-10 mean with him, and they are all bunched around the "mouth" of the draw (in other words, right where it begins) where there are still some trees for cover. It's hard to tell, but you can see one, maybe two, that are already down. They are shooting down at 'Block and his men, who have taken cover on and around the airship. One man is working the helium-generators to bring the canopy up, while the other four (Block included) are shooting at the posse. The canopy is slowly raising up, glowing softly in the fading light.

(Preacher, you're going to have to tell me which direction you approach this from).

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Flanking position 
on Sun 22 May 2016 @ 11:46 PM (PBW Time)

** EDITED May 23, 2016, 11:36 pm **

(OOC: Clarification. The preacher has indeed taken both pistols because they are not cartridge weapons. They are percussion cap based which given a stress filled situation like this one, reloading them is out of the question. If they are to be drawn and used, things will truly be desperate especially without knowing the grain count they're loaded with.)

(OOC: Edit. I have been informed that the Starr revolver has been aftermarket converted into a cartridge gun making my previous statement and actions appear more selfish than was originally intended. The preacher is not a greedy punk and would gladly have passed over the percussion cap pistol with no questions asked. To save ret-conning and preserve continuity I request that the preacher keep his current weaponry which will most likely change after this encounter ends.)

- The preacher doesn't say much while Stanton does his "I'm not going to kill you" act, But out of Dunson's most likely unconscious earshot he responds, "I've seen the devil. He tied me to that rock and laughed while he placed salvation just out of reach. If I remember his face, he'll be taking MY deal along with the other fellows that helped him. As for this machine, I don't know how it works, but I can make sure your wagon is ready to go wherever you want when we're done here."

Not wanting to cross the line of cross-fire, the preacher follows Stanton for a ways but breaks off to try and get around the camp and get a different angle on it. His weapon isn't meant for full ranged combat, but it's light and he's able to move faster and hopefully get a flanking position where he won't get hit by a stray bullet. To this end, the Preacher heads left, down the slope to get around behind the bandits before making his approach, using the stern of the airship for cover when he gets close.

There's no knowing what he'll find when he gets there, but Stanton's real keen on taking this flying gizmo. The preacher thinks for a second and decides to NOT get on the airship, the posse is shooting en-masse and they don't rightly know he's not shooting at them. Unless he has to do otherwise to save his skin, he'll try to stick to the ground while lining up his shots.

Jergard Stanton

posted... Taking shots or taking chances ... 
on Tue 24 May 2016 @ 9:22 PM (PBW Time)

Stanton makes his way quietly back up to the camp and assesses the situation.

Butcherblock is occupied, the sheriff and his men are occupied. In the confusion, maybe he could find his chance ...

If the guy prepping the Flicker isn't being shot at, Stanton will make his way up to him and ask how he can help, fast talking his way onto the ship and actually trying to help prep in for take off.

If he's under fire, Stanton will lay down with his winchester. He'll take shots at Butcherblock and the Sheriff as they present themselves. Presumably Blockhead has his back exposed to Stanton, making the shot easier. But shooting at Blockhead first would expose his advantage.

He takes his time and lines up his shots, waiting to fire with a volley from either side.


posted... to the ship! 
on Wed 25 May 2016 @ 7:48 AM (PBW Time)

  (I found a pretty good picture of an airship that approximates the Flicker:

She's 60 feet long (not counting the bowsprit) and 20 feet across. Big difference is, there are two masts, each of them covered in pipes that pump helium up into the canopy. Also, there is a MUCH bigger canopy - when fully inflated, it is half-again as long and broad as the ship, itself. The side-sails are still there, just folded in against the hull at the moment. Those silly little rudders you see at the stern, however, are pointless so they aren't on this ship.)

While the Preacher goes the long way around, Stanton makes a mad dash directly for the Flicker. Bullets hit the rocks around his feet, hauling himself up the starboard ladder and onto the main deck. The Flicker's port half is covered with the canopy, which is draped down from the masts over the side and onto the ground, making it look sort of like a lean-to. Stanton runs to the engineer, a skinny man with bushy brown sideburns and a dirty driver's cap, who is at the stern mast and asks how he can help.

"Oh thank CHROIST!" he says with a heavy New England accent. "I need to check the buntloine and mainsheets to make shua the canopy fraps like she oughta, then do a clearance blast t'roo the fo'mast befo' we get the helium goin.' Watch this - you keep the regulatah valve shut, loike this, see? Then you get a small buildup ..."

He keeps a firm hand on a turning wheel with a handle on it while pulling gently down on a lever. He indicates a dial-indicator with his chin before continuing. "You let it neah 250, then let ha' blow." He lets go of the wheel, which spins rapidly and a blast of air puff up out of the top of the mast, momentarily lifting the canopy. "The'ah. Awll cleah. Do that on the fo'mast," he points to the mast that is closer to the Flicker's bow, "and then listen on dis t'ing," he taps a wide brass opening that looks like a trumpet, "fo' me to give the signal, then haul back on this levah, "he puts his hand on the lever he was holding before, "and lawk it in place. Ya heah?"

Stanton nods, and the engineer begins running around the deck, checking lines. Stanton moves to the other mast, closer to where Butcherblock and his men are firing at the sheriff's posse, pretty much oblivious and looks down at the controls, trying to remember the crash course he just got in aeronautical engineering. He winds the wheel the wrong way at first, but then gets it right and holds the lever back, watching the needle carefully as it moves up the dial. It climbs too fast, though, and Stanton lets go just AFTER it hits 250. The blast of air puffs up the sail like before, but much harder. The line that was tied to the canopy's edge closest to the mast's helium nozzles rips right off and falls down to the deck.

The engineer looks up in horror. "Aw, CHROIST!" he shouts. He runs up, snatches the line off the deck, and shoves it into Stanton's hands. "Oi've gotta get to the engine room an' get ha hummin'! Get dis t'ing toied awf!" He points up the mast to where the canopy rests atop the mast, then heads down through a hatch to a lower deck, leaving Stanton with the rope to climb up a mast in the middle of a firefight ...


Meanwhile, the Preacher makes it to the stern of the airship - which is a good 20 feet tall from keel-to-gunwale at this end. With no way to see what's going on from here, he looks around the starboard side. It looks like the angle is no good from here to get any good shots at Butcherblock and his men, who are way up on the bow. Well ... he's got a good shot at one of them, who is taking cover back where the gunwale dips down from the forecastle and leaning out to take his shots. The other three are out of view.

If he wants to hit more than that guy, he'll have to get up on deck. Taking a look around, he sees that if he goes along the starboard side, he'll have SOME cover from the sheriff and his men, but not a lot. The OTHER side, however, would provide concealment in the form of the canopy which is draped over the ground. Neither side would see his approach.

(PS: feel free to shoot at that guy, if you want.)

"Blondie" The Preacher

posted... Gun testing 
on Thu 26 May 2016 @ 10:29 PM (PBW Time)

Finally standing near the Flicker, the preacher can't help but marvel at the sheer size of the thing. How it manages to get off the ground is a mystery to him, but that doesn't matter now as that bandit jumping out of cover is starting to get on his nerves.

The exposed side is a little too dangerous, that posse will shoot at anything moving, but the sail covered side, that's where the preacher will go once he's given this man his last rites read in lead.

He gives the sight on the mare's leg a quick rub to get the dust off. It really doesn't do much but make sure the sights are still aligned and make sure the barrel's clear. The weapon itself may be unfamiliar, but the preacher has seen these weapons many times before over the years. He jams the shortened stock into his shoulder and takes careful aim, waiting for the man in cover to jump out before shooting.


posted... I think I saw this in a movie 
on Fri 27 May 2016 @ 6:55 AM (PBW Time)

  The Preacher's first shot goes wide. Fortunately, he was erring on pulling to the right, so the bullet sails past, and the sound of his shot is lost in the sounds of the battle. Taking more careful aim, he waits for the bandit to come all the way around his cover to shoot at the sheriff's men and ...


The bullet strikes home at the base of the man's skull, and he falls without a sound over the gunwale and down to the ground. The Preacher rolls back around the stern of the ship and goes under the canopy. It is there that he notices something - a few portholes set in the hull near the base of the keel at roughly amid-ships (right around where you can see the keel curving downwards on the drawing above). They are closed at the moment, but it looks like they were put here so that someone inside could get a good look downwards while the Flicker is in flight.

With the shape of the hull the way it is, there is some space between the keel and the ground, so the Preacher looks down there as well. He sees what appears to be a set of bay doors - like what might lead down to a cellar. These, too, are closed ... but they or the portholes might be a way in. The other option is to try and climb up the hull and get on the main deck. There's no ladder on this side, but it's only about 10 feet up at the mid-point.


Back up above, Stanton slings his rifle, ties the rope to his belt, and starts up the mast. Fortunately, there are hand-and-foot-holds in it, approximating a ladder. Unfortunately, the ladder is on the side, exposing the climb to the posse's fire. As he nears the top, a bullet thunks into one of the pipes, leaving a small hole that was meant for his head, and when he gets there, another rips a hole in the shoulder of his fine jacket. Once at the top of the harrowing climb, Stanton quickly shifts position on the narrow little catwalk/crow's nest up there to take cover. He gets the rope and ties it off as best he can, forming a self-tightening loop and tugging two big handfuls of the canopy through it. Looks like it'll hold real well.

Before he starts down, though, Stanton hears the rate of fire pick up. Glancing down, he sees that one of Butcherblock's men has been taken down, leaving just him and two others. Not only that, but the sheriff and his men are all focusing their fire on the bow, keeping the remaining bandits pinned down while one of the posse goes running from the cover of the treeline. He's heading straight for the canopy, carrying a jug of kerosene in one hand and something that looks like this in the other:

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