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on Tue 4 Dec 2012 @ 10:14 AM (PBW Time)

It is a dark evening in the city where you have been for about a day after long travels. You hear a commotion near the city gates. As you get there you notice a crowd gathering and through the crowd you see a man, you deduce that he is a guard from a small village not to far away the city guard begins calling for a healer, but before any can get through the crowd to help you hear the man breath his last breath.

-Ok, this is going to be a high power game that will be lots of fun.

-starting at level 5

-stats will be 1d20 keep anything higher than 10 (like I said high power your heroes everything should be above average).

-all 3.0 and 3.5 books are available even non-WOTC stuff. If you are thinking of something out of the norm (homebrew) talk to me we may work something out I have a lot of homebrew stuff already saved I will look at everything on a case by case basis.

-All HP will be maxed no need to roll it, like I said high power you will need the HP.

-Don't try to build Pun-pun.

-Any questions just ask I will happily answer. I want this to be fun.

-To buy equipment you will start with 27,000 GP (or approimately that much if you go a little over I will figure you just have no pocket money and just equipment)
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