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Beyond The Supernatural(1sted)

Beyond The Supernatural(1sted)

Cast: Acheron Graves - Admin - Artemisia Graves - Jarlath Shanahan - Sam Regan - Sasha Knight - Sheriff Dalton Howell

 One. Read First Creation i (Reap in 3 days)
 Two. Pre Generated Characters i (Reap in 3 days)
 Three. Abbey Grace, Maine i (Reap in 3 days)
 Four: The Plot i (Reap in 3 days)
 Ooc i (Reap in 9 days)
 The Dice i (Reap tonight!)
 The Main Cast i (Reap in 3 days)
 The Background Characters i (Reap in 3 days)
 Meeting Sheriff Howell [Sasha] i (Reap tonight!)
 Research Woes[Sam] i (Reap tonight!)
 The Mall[Artie & Ace] i (Reap tonight!)
 Candy Cane Issues[Jarlath] i (Reap tonight!)
 XP chart i (Reap tonight!)