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Games That Succeed
Creating A Board
Deleting A Board
Customizing Your Board
Lurker Friendly Boards
Adding Characters
Editing Characters
Changing A Group To Private
Linking Your Game To An Outside Site
Sending Notes
Where Did All My Moves Go?

Games that succeed

If you've been running a successful board, you don't need to read this.

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Creating a board

Once the board is created, the first thing you should do is to post an introduction.

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Deleting a board

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Customizing your board

Log in and click on your board. Click on the 'SETTINGS' link.
With this form you can:

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Lurker friendly boards

Some boards have story lines every bit as good and suspenseful as a good novel. Why not share your adventure with the Lurkers? Lurkers are people who like to read adventures but not participate.

Lurker friendly boards will use a private group only when necessary and when it's no longer necessary will change the private group back to public.

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Adding characters

There are two ways to add characters. You can do it through the 'GROUPS' link on your board. Or, when the player emails you his 'REQUEST TO JOIN' form, there will be a link in the email you can click on.

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To add them via the 'GROUPS' link,

If there is more than one character with the same name, you'll have to include the player's username like smorg@jake where 'smorg' is the character and 'jake' is the username. It's much easier using the email link to add a character.

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Editing characters

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The vast majority of you won't need groups. Just accept the defaults. Groups are hard to understand and harder to explain. Briefly, you, the admin place moves, dicerolls, or players in a group. If someone, player, admin, or lurker does not have access to that group, he can't view it or post.

Groups are used to separate your players or to add and remove admins. Most admins will never use them. Here is a couple of examples where groups are useful, say you want to run a tournament, you could create a group for each team. That way, one team couldn't cheat by reading the posts of the other team. Say you're tired of running your game; you could pass it on to a player by moving their username to the admin group.

When you create a board, two default groups are created. 'ADMINS', and 'PLAYERS'. Put all new characters in 'PLAYERS'. If you put them in 'ADMIN', they can do everything including deleting your board. You can create as many groups as you need.

If you place a move in the 'ADMIN' group, only admins can see it or post.

Besides posts, groups also affect whether or not players can view dice rolls or pass notes to other players.

EXAMPLE1: Say your players split up. GroupA goes down to the docks while GroupB searches the castle. Create two groups and name them GroupA and GroupB. Move players into their respective groups and set the groups to private. (see below) When you post a move select GroupA or GroupB. Now, GroupA can't see GroupB's posts and visa versa.

EXAMPLE2: Say your board has an adult theme. Say all your players are in the private 'PLAYERS' group. When you post a move, select the 'PLAYERS' group. Now, lurkers can't view your posts.

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Changing a group to private (or public)

You can change a group from private to public and back again. When a group is set to public, anyone can read the posts. When a group is set to private, only the members of the group can read the posts.

To make a group public or private,

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Linking your game to an outside site

You can link your game, at any time, to an external website by selecting the 'SETTINGS' link on the left side of your game page and filling in the address in the appropriate textbox. An icon will appear on your main page with a link to the address you provided.

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As an admin, you'll post in two places: moves and replies. You'll first need to post a move so that players, and you, can reply to it.

Enter in your move, review it and you're done.

To reply to the move you just entered, click on the move's link. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click on the 'REPLY' button. You can't pick a group here--a move can only have one group--but you can post for yourself or a player.

*** Note that you (as an admin) can edit or delete posts. Only admins can delete posts. If you delete the top post, the entire move is deleted.

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ASCII maps

Sometimes a map can really help your players figure out what's going on. try using letters to make up a map and surround the map with the <PRE> and </PRE> tags.

For example:


   o           o
     T  o

  i     T     k

o=orc; T=tree; i=Isacc; k=Keldorn; U=Urox


Now the players can get an idea of how close they are to the monsters or if there is some cover nearby. The tags won't show up in your post when you use them, a trick has been used to get them to show up here. A more detailed map can be made by using a coordinate system so that players can specify were they want their characters to be.

b wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwDDDwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
c        g  
d                     g  g
g    k
h       L

k=Kyle; L=Laso Havrim; g=Hill Giant; w=wall; D=big door

Now, a player can tell you which giant he wants to attack. For example, 'Kyle attacks the giant at Hc'. To find were Hc is, take the first letter 'H'. Come across until you find an 'H'. Now come down until you reach row 'c'. If you did it right, you'll find the giant closest to Kyle. Players can also use the coordinate system to tell you where they want their character to be. Before I used the coordinate system, they would get mad because I put their characters in the worst places--or so they thought.

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Sending notes

Here you can read, edit or delete your notes. To send a note,

You can only send Notes to characters in the same group. Admins can send a note to any players and are always sent a copy of each note sent by characters in thier game, regardless of who it was addressed to.

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Where did all my moves go? Don't Fear the Reaper!

The Reaper is a housekeeping bot on PBW that scans over every board and looks for old and inactive moves. If you have a board that is too old (somewhere between 30 and 60 days), The Reaper will automatically delete it.

*** There is no way to retrieve a lost move/post after it has been deleted ***

If you have boards set up for campaign information or some other long term use, be sure to post to it at least once a month to keep it active. You can always delete this new post once you receive conformation that it has been added to your board. Simply posting is enough to keep the board 'Reaper Free'.

The best way to avoid losing your long term information is to upload it to an off-site page and use the 'GAME WEBSITE' link from your main game page

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