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How To Get An Account
About Terms of Use
Reporting Copyright Abuse
Forgot Your Password?
Changing Your Password
Changing Your Email
Stop Sending Me Spam!
How Do I Get A Copy Of Every Post Emailed To Me?
Saving Your Login
Submitting A Portrait
How Can I Prove My Age
Donating To Play By Web
Where Can I Get More Help

How to get an account

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Terms of Use

Please take the time to read through the Terms of Use. It's not there just to be annoying. It is important that everyone understands the position of Play By Web on these issues and agrees to the TOU. Violating the terms will result in PBW taking action against those responsible.

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Reporting Copyright Abuse

If you find content which violates copyright law or any point within the terms of use, please do not attempt to police the situation yourself, but rather bring the matter to the attention of the directors of Play By Web Inc. []. Be sure to include sufficient information for the directors to find the problem.

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Forgot your password?

**Note: Be sure to keep your email address up to date!

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Changing your password

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Changing your email

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Stop sending me spam!

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How do I get a copy of every post emailed to me?

*** This will also send NOTES to you.

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Saving your login

Getting tired of entering your username and password each time? The next time you log in, check the 'SAVE' checkbox before you click the 'LOGIN' button.

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Submitting your portrait

Currently there is no longer a way to submit a portrait to Play By Web. You can always link to a portrait hosted on another site by using the HTML tag:
<IMG SRC="path to image" WIDTH="size" HEIGHT"size" ALIGN="left | center | right">

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How can I prove my age?

Some parts of are restricted to players who are at least 18 years old. The PBW moderators patrol those areas and sometimes come across members who appear to be underage. If we THINK anyone MIGHT be underage Ė we will ask them to quit games that are in the age restricted sections.

Sometimes we will get it wrong - and we may finish up banning someone over 18 from the age restricted section. However - we know we can get it wrong sometimes, so there are ways for you to PROVE to us that you are 18 or over.

The first thing we need is an email address from an identifiable source. It can be from an ISP, a school, a workplace - somewhere where people know you and deal with you - and it needs to be in your name. That email address MUST be assigned to your User ID and we will mail you (at that address) to make sure it is you. We will not email anyone else associated with the organisation - without your permission. That lets us get some sort of positive ID on who is logging in. Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN etc are just too easy to pack with false details.

After that you have three options:

  1. The easiest way is to have some one vouch for you. However, that isnít quite as easy as it sounds, because the person has to be someone we can trust. It has to be a member of school staff, personnel officer where you work, police officer, local doctor, basically someone in authority who can be identified. We must be able to contact them at an official email address that we can check is associated with the company/school/organisation.
  2. The middle one is to make a PayPal donation from a credit card associated with the email address shown above. Nope, its not a sly way of getting donations out of you - a donation of $1 will be enough to prove that you have a credit card and are therefore over 18. I am afraid we canít refund the $1, because PayPal cost will use up a fair part of it :{
  3. The most difficult way is to scan in some sort of official photo ID with an age on it and email it to us. Again we must be able to see some sort of connection between your ID and the Email address you are using.

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Donating to Play By Web

If you would like to make a donation to Play By Web, just click on the 'MAKE A DONATION' button found on the main page and on any of the game boards.

All transactions are handled by Pay Pal.

Unfortunately, Pay Pal is currently the only way to send money to Play By Web at this time, hopefully other methods will be available in the future. If you are interested in volunteering to Play By Web, send an email to and join the FAQ Forum in the ~PlayByWeb~ category off the main page.

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Where can I get more help?

If you havn't found the answer to your question in the FAQ pages there are two more sources for help. The public forums section (available from the main page), has sections to request help on both Role Playing and PBW technical issues, or you can join the Member's Forum (found in the ~PlayByWeb~ category on the main PBW page).

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