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Returning Souls
Returning Souls

Cast: "Angel" - Abby True - Admin - Indra - Sean Balin - Tony Nomad

 Academy awakened
 School days
 Group Growth
 Digging Truth
 First Adventure
 Jengal keep
 forming bonds
 Seperiate Paths
 Family gathering
 Finding roots
 Finishing Lessions
 Eternal Aeons
 The Unknown
 Eye of the storm
 Out of the eye
 Colecting Doodads
 Come the Spring
 Building leads
 Strenght of the clans
 Lost Pieces
 Inside insider
 SS: Damsels in Shining Armor
 Unmoving foundations
 Problem Solving
 apart but working together
 Home coming
 New Growth
 Strenght of Purpose
 Memory retreval
 Shadows of the Past
 On Guard
 Time of Peace
 Winter warmth
 Last Witch
 Spring thaw
 Good Byes
 growing up