Name: Alexi
Public description:
A young and attractive woman. Well not quite yet a woman. To be honest still just a teenager. Much to her own dismay Alexi finds herself a hit with the guys, and sometimes with the ladies. At times she appears haunted and distresses, others quite cheerful.

That's not her only self. Sometimes she is forced to do battle for the cause of Right. At those times she is different, oddly hard to recognize as Alexi Biggins.

Her hair is done up in the cutest pigtails with vivid pink satin ties. The ordinary outfit she had on is replaced by a red blouse. It is skin tight, but not revealing. The neckline is a plunging V, and the collar/cuffs make her look vaguely like a rose. Her skirt has shortened and is forest green. She has on knee high deep green boots, and light green fishnet stockings on. On her back are silver objects that looked a bit like butterfly wings. They seemed to be a natural part of the outfit.