Name: Tiffany Heart (Heroes unlimited)
Public description:
Tiffany is the oldest child of three from a middle class family. She went to college on a gymnastics scholarship and saw some minor success in the college circuit. She maintains her fitness now that she is out of school.
Due to the experiments that had been performed on her her height and weight fluctuates from a base of 5'7 at 120lbs, to 8'7" 210lbs with a light blue skin tone. She shoots up again if she uses her bio armor topping at nearly 10ft 9'4" and 273lbs Her hair color normally a dark brown will shift into the blue spectrum when powers are used.

The bio Armor is shiny cobalt blue with the arms legs and face lighter blue there are no markings or symbols on the suit, the the appearance has known to shift it appearance depending on her mood, though the colors are always the same. (for reference google Ironman stealth suit)