Name: Candi
Public description:
Seductive and sensual Candi is a party girl who loves having fun and the company of men. Her powers mostly center around being able to change her appearance any way she likes but she is also much stronger and tougher then she looks and has mild pheromones that can't control a person but do make them open to suggestion.

Street smart she has little former education and seldom talks about her past in any way preferring to live in the here and now. Men tend to desire her but women tend to admire her. Her charms seldom getting her enemies; her temper on the other hand sometimes will. She doesn't suffer bullies and despite saying otherwise she can be quite defensive of the weak.

Candi has no known family and despite having many lovers rejects the idea of being in love. She has grown close to and protective of Nari who she shares a room with. She and Lori clash mainly because Candi can't resist pushing her buttons.