Name: Grier
Public description:
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My name is Nyrwold Grier. Just a Dragonborn Wayfarer (1). I tend to think of myself as Lawful Good. I am 27 years old, just shy of 7ft tall, and weigh over 300lbs.

I am descended from Brass dragons, so my scales are a dull brown-gold and my head has the distinctive axe-shaped cheek frills. My eyes are usually hidden in my hood or helm, but they are red when visible. I bare many scars from my days in the fighting ring, the largest of which being a jagged red swathe starting beneath my left eye and carrying down to the bottom of my chin. I most often wear dark garments, black and green and red. I cover my face as much as I can at all times. I hate being stared at. I wear a crimson dragon scale fragment on a leather chord about my neck.